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My Little Bird (Masterpost Of All Current Chapters)


Louis Tomlinson, a 21 year old owner of a pet shop in the heart of New York, comes across a small, beaten and dirtied body in an alleyway on his way home. It’s the body of 18 year old Harry Styles, who had just run away from his life with an abusive step father and found himself with no money and no where to go. Louis takes him in and soon, their relationship begins to grow as well as the signs that Harry may be having seconds thoughts. When Harry up and leaves suddenly, will he make his way back to Louis again, or leave him forever, broken-hearted?


Chapter 1: Muddy Moonlight


Louis let out a soft sigh, doing one last walk through, twisting the locks on all the cages to make sure they were tight; he crept past his favorite cage, smiling to himself as the small yellow Labrador puppy looked up at him with soft sleepy eyes through the metal bars, letting out a long whine.

“G’night Abbey, I’ll see you first thing in the morning.”

It was almost as if she gave him a small nod as she settled her head back down on her paws, closing her eyes once again.
Grabbing his bag from where he had set it next to the door, he fiddled with his ring of keys, finally grasping the right one between his thumb and index finger and nudging the door open with the toe of his vans.
And with a click, the door was locked and he hitched his brown leather bag up his shoulder, making his way down the lamp-lit street.

Meet Louis Tomlinson, owner of Feathers and Fur Pet Shop on the corner of Emerson and Main Avenue in the heart of London. The shop itself is fairly popular, at least for the young children that run by after school, pressing their noses against the glass windows to peer in at the kittens playing in the display box. He always enjoyed watching the young ones squeal with excitement when he invited them in and let them play with one of the kittens or pups in the adoption corner, in which laid a huge rug for them to roll around on.
The shop also attracted the young women, who mostly came to ogle at him over boxes of dog treats and large crates as if he couldn’t see them. One girl had gotten so bold as to drop her bag, and when Louis bent to pick it up, reached out and ‘accidentally’ squeeze his bum.
He managed to spit out a snarky insult before kicking her out.

Other than those off moments, Louis thoroughly enjoyed his work. He loved seeing the same children run by each day with their parents to play in the shop, and the squeals of delight that would fill the store when a mother or father finally caved and bought them the kitten or canary or puppy they wanted. Sometimes a couple would come in, curled up against each other with hands intertwined and adopt one of the puppies as a new member to their family. It always managed to make him smile even when he was having a bad day.

Louis tucked his hands into his pockets and let out a breathy chuckle, smiling down at his feet as he walked.
There were a few moments of peace, until Louis heard the slapping of feet on pavement and he looked up, a pair of black hooded men running towards him, heads down and blood obviously staining the broken skin on their knuckles. Louis stood frozen, chest contracting and fearing the worst, but the men pushed past him, knocking him to the side and taking off down the street.

With heavy breath, Louis shuddered, and forced himself to keep walking, wanting to get home before it got any darker than it already was. A low, pained whimper filled Louis’ ears and he looked about, till his eyes found a shaking, bloodied body in the alleyway to his right; he rushed forward, dropping his bag at his side as he stooped down, laying a hand on the person’s shaking shoulder.

They flinched.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt yeh. S’alright.”

Louis realized as they turned over, that this was in fact a young man, a very young man. The boy’s piercing green eyes met his and he gasped low in this throat, eyes flashing over his dirt stained cheeks and bloody gash on his forehead which was partially covered by his mop of sweaty curls.

“What’s your name, kid?”

“Hh-” Curly coughed, clearing his throat, but it did nothing to get rid of his raspy voice, “Harry.”
“Harry. Come on, let me help you up, yeah? My name is Louis, by the way. Common, give me your arm.”

He let Harry wrap his lanky arms around his neck and hooked his hands under his arms, heaving him up a bit too fast, causing them to fall back and Louis suddenly found himself pressed against the brick wall.
It knocked the breath out of him, but not because he was heavy. The boy was slightly taller than him, well, scratch that, he towered over Louis with a heavy musky aroma and toe curling warmth that radiated from him, lighting up Louis’ body like a hot poker.

“My flat is up the street. You gotta walk for me, okay? Can you make it? I can carry you.”

“My foot….”

Louis turned and bent down in front of him, picking his bag up and slinging it back over his shoulder, his heart still pounding in his chest.

“Come on up Curly. Your chariot awaits. I’ll help you clean up at my place, okay?”
He felt Harry’s arms clasp around his neck and wrapped his hands as much as he could around the insides of the young boy’s knees, hauling him up onto his back.

Louis had Harry sitting in a tub full of sandalwood-scented bubbles, his nimble fingers working through the sleepy and now relaxed boy’s soapy hair, smiling to himself.

“So Harry, what happened?”

“Got jumped. Didn’t have money so they beat me up,” he hummed through a groan as Louis moved his hands to massage into the tight knots in his shoulders, leaning his now clean face up to look to the ceiling.

“Where are you from?”

“I lived in Dublin but I ran away. I spent my money on a plane ticket.”

“At your age? Why would you need to run away, how old are you anyway?”

“I had my reasons. I’m 18, but I’ll be turning 19 in a couple weeks.”

Louis stayed silent for a little while, helping Harry sit up and wash the soap out of his hair, combing his fingers through it slowly till he was sure all the suds were gone; he had to bribe Harry to get him out of the warm tub and wrapped a towel around his head, fluffing his curls into a nearly dry mess as the tub drained out the dirty water.
In fresh bandages and a set of Louis’ pajamas, Louis settled the young boy into his bed, nodding softly as Harry murmured a very drowsy thank you. Slowly, shuffled out of the room, fixing himself a warm cup of tea on the stove and sipping it slowly, letting the heat from the mug warm his hands as he leant against the granite countertop.

Zayn was totally going to murder him for this tomorrow at work.

"If we take this bird in,

With its broken leg.

We could nurse it,

She said.

Come inside,

For a little lie down with me.

If you fall asleep,

It wouldn’t be the worst thing.”

"Little Bird” Ed Sheeran

Chapter Two: Take To The Sky

“He could be a murderer for God’s sake, Louis.” Zayn eyed him over the top of the bird cage he was cleaning, Louis on the other side refilling the small bowls with pellets and freshening their water bottles, hooking them on the metal bars.

“If he was a murderer he would have been able to defend himself from whoever jumped him. Come on Zayn, he’s a kid.”

“You don’t know that, all I’m saying is yeh should keep an eye on him.”

“Fine, but if you come over and start interrogating him I’m kicking you out.” Louis walked past him, balancing the bird food bag on his hip as he kicked out his foot, hitting Zayn in the shin; Zayn chased after him, towel from the cage wrapped in a rat tail, whacking the back of his thighs playfully. He finally caved, holding his hands above his head and howling with laughter and screaming “Mercy, Mercy,” as Zayn’s fingers found his ticklish spots.
After getting their breathing back to normal, the two of them pushed up from the armchairs, and Zayn went to flip over the open sign and unlock the front doors as Louis went for the phone where it was ringing at the front desk.

“Hello, Feathers and Fur Pet Shop, this is Louis, how may I help you?”

“Louis…it’s me, Harry. You left the number on the counter and I was just wondering…if I could come to your work? I…I don’t want to be alone.”

Louis smiled to himself and leant his elbow down on the counter, crossing one ankle over the other.

“Of course. Do you want me to come get you? The shop is just down the street.”

“I can make it there. Feathers and Fur Pet Shop, right?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you soon.”



Louis looked up to find Zayn leaning his hip against the other side of the desk, a light smirk on his lips.

“Let me guess, that was murderer boy?”

“I’m going to smack yeh if you call him that again.”

“I’m playin’ with yeh man. Is he cute?”

Louis laughed, pushing the counter doors open, heading back out to the front windows, peering out as a fewer the regular older women came in, greeting him with warm hugs and cheery Good Mornings.
He stood by the door, his arms over the chest as he watched the street tentatively. Soon enough, he saw a head of familiar curls bouncing through the crowd, and he found himself watching with a smile on his face as the boy looked about himself, turning in a slow circle until he finally saw Louis standing in front of the shop.

A grateful smile lit Harry’s face.
He struggled through the crowds, too polite to say anything as he was pushed back as people hurried past.

Breathing slightly labored, Harry looked down at him, a light smile on his face.

“Thanks for this.”

Louis wrapped his arm around Harry’s lanky waist and pulled him towards the store, watching as the boy’s face lot up at the sight of the kittens playing in the display box.

“You get to take care of all of them? Wow! That sounds like he best job ever!” Harry later blurted out, dangling strands of yarn in front of one of the smallest kitten’s paws, petting her when she finally latched onto it and dragged it from his hands, rolling about the floor. Soon, two more kittens crawled up to him, and now Annabelle, Troye, and Poof were curled in the young boy’s lap, sound asleep.
Louis kept a watchful eye on them, smiling as the children would approach him and eyeball the kittens wistfully, giggling as Harry told them all sorts of silly puns and knock knock jokes as he stroked the smallest sleeping kitten behind the ears.
Louis finally found himself sitting on the edge of the armchair where Harry sat, an arm wrapped around his shoulders and he reached his fingers out to scratch at the base of Troye’s tail, smiling as he lifted his bum up and stretched out against Harry’s thigh.

He looked up to see Maury, one of his most frequent visitors, smiling at him warmly.

“Hi Maury, what can I do for you?”

“Zayn already helped, but thank you doll. I just wanted to meet your new boyfriend, if you don’t mind?”

Louis about choked on his own tongue.

“Erm…” Harry laughed, rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m not his boyfriend…”

“Well that’s too bad now, you’re very cute together!”
mMaury waved goodbye and Louis stared down into his lap, cheeks red with embarrassment.

“I’m sorry about that,” he looked over to see Harry smiling to himself; Louis nudged his head with his index finger, laughing as he looked up with a startled look written in his bright eyes.

“Well good-morning there. I never did ask you how you slept. Was everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. Best night of sleep in a while. Thanks.”

“Well, it’s about break time. You want to get some lunch?”


Before he knew it, his shift was over, and he went through the cages again, telling Harry to put the kittens back in the cage, but Harry insisted that they would feel cramped and lonely without him. With some coaxing, he finally released Annabelle back onto the large purple blankets, letting Louis lock the cages in place.

Harry kept watching them reluctantly as he locked the front doors, eyebrows scrunched together and his hands stuffed into the pockets of the jumper he had borrowed from Louis that morning.

“They’ll be here tomorrow, Curly. Yeh can come see them in the morning.”


Louis chuckled, grabbing Harry’s wrist and pulling him down the street.


"On the heels of war and wonder,

There’s a stormy world up there.

You can’t whisper above the thunder,

But you can fly anywhere.”

"To The Sky” Owl City

Chapter 3: Who Am I

A Week Later

“Curly?” Louis ducked his head around the corner of the kitchen to see Harry sitting atop the counter, a cup of tea curled in between his long fingers. The boy was staring down at it thoughtfully, his curls falling into his face and he kicked his long legs back and forth.

“You alright there?” Louis stepped into the room, padding his sock covered feet across the tiled floor till he stood in front of Harry, nearly standing between his thighs as he braced his hands on the counter on either side of his hips.

“Yeah…just thinking,”
Harry murmured, tilting the tea mug back and humming as the steaming liquid met his lips.
“Yeah? What about?’

“Just…how lucky I am. That you found me, I mean. I’d probably be dead if you hadn’t found me. Well…I would have been dead if I hadn’t either way…”

Louis smiled.
Louis didn’t know when he had fallen for this boy. This…this broken, loving, delicate boy that had bounded into his life so suddenly that he didn’t even have time to put up the walls he had always I had to separate himself from the real world. He didn’t live in the real world, or at least, he didn’t want to. But this young man caught him off guard, and made him see that there is, in fact, good in the cruel world he had grown up in.
Harry was beautiful. Harry was perfect. And Louis felt like this broken angel of a boy was too good for him. He didn’t even realize when he fell in love. Maybe it was when Harry began to help out at the shop, playing and feeding the kittens and puppies on the worn out rug in the corner, a huge smile lighting his face as they nipped at his fingers and finally curled up in his lap when they were worn out. Maybe it was when Louis would watch as Harry also fell asleep, laid out on that rug in the shop, a pile of kittens nestled into his arms and his curls splayed around his head like a halo, his eyelashes long as they brushed his cheekbones.

Harry was beautiful. Harry was perfect.

“Come here, silly.” Louis pulled the mug out of Harry’s long fingers, setting it to the side and moving to grab Harry’s hands and pull him off the countertop and into the living room.

Harry smiled, his huge hands cradled in Louis’ smaller ones, willingly letting himself be pulled down onto the couch; the two collapsed in a pile of limbs and laughter.

Harry found himself curled against Louis’ curved side, his head resting on his strong chest and playing with his smaller, nimbler fingers as Louis turned his head towards the Telly.



“Would you hate me if I told you I was gay?”

Louis froze, and Harry must have felt it, because he jolted off of him, rambling out apologizes with near tears in his eyes until Louis, sitting up grabbing his shoulders and begging him to stop, pulled him into the circle of his smaller arms.

“Harry, Harry…” Louis murmured into his hair, his fingers carding through the curls at the back of his neck, “I would never hate you. Why would I hate you? Do you no know what you’ve done to my life? You’ve turned my life head over heels, you know…I used to be really boring and was all alone in this flat. Then you came and brought a bit of sunshine into my life, you know? You’re the best thing that’s happened to me, Harry. How could I ever hate you for something I am also?”
Harry looked up from where he was curled halfway in Louis’ lap, his emerald green odd eyes reappearing.


“Are you really surprised by that? You’re not the brightest bulb in the box, are you? Harry, I look like a girl. I’m shaped like one. I talk like one. I work in a pet shop for goodness sake.”

“But Zayn works there, and he’s straight!”

“Harry, have you seen Zayn? He’s a god. That boy gets more ladies than James Franco, honest!”

Harry buried his face in the crook of Louis’ neck, blushing and mumbling under his breath as Louis laughed at him.

“Harry, you’re a goofball.”

“Shut up.”

“So to answer your question, no, I wouldn’t hate you. I actually prefer it. Wouldn’t want to hear you and your ladies doing the dirty in the next room,” Louis pretended to shudder and groan, “Ug. Heterosexual sex is the WORST.”

Harry giggled at that, and Louis grinned.

"And I don’t want the world to see me,

Cause I don’t think that they’d understand.

When everything’s made to be broken,

I just want you to know who I am.”

"Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls

Chapter 4: Be Alright

Louis should have styled his hair up today. It would be so much easier to stack boxes if his hair wasn’t flopping into his eyes every time he looked down to grab another. With a sigh, he pushed his fringe back again and looked over his shoulder.

“Harry! Com’here!”

Usually the floppy haired boy would come running at the sound of his name, his long lanky feet slapping on the tiled floor. Today it was unusually quiet, so Louis looked up, one eyebrow quirked.

“Louis,” he heard Zayn’s smooth voice call from across the store,”you’ve gotta see this.”

He leant down, setting the box he was currently holding on the floor, nudging it against the shelf with his toe before stepping away. As he wandered toward the front of the building, he unwrapped the green apron from around his hips and swung it slowly by the strings in his fist.
Louis maneuvered through the isles, and finally found himself in the adoption corner where Zayn stood with a light grin on his face.

“What’re you-“
He looked down and saw Harry, curled up on his side, sleeping peacefully on the oriental rug, his right arm cradled up against his chest and a droopy-eyed puppy laying across it.
A soft giggle escaped Louis’ lips as another one of the baby Labradors waddled its way toward the snoring boy, wiggling under the loose fabric of his tee that was riding up around his waist.
“Zayn, oh my god,” he snorted, finally noticing that Zayn had his camera out, sharp shuttering noises filling his ears as he leant down towards the boy,”you’re going to wake him up. Go be useful and get lunch!”

Zayn rolled his eyes and managed to escape after getting his arse whacked by the end of one of the kitten toys Louis had managed to grab. Now, the raven haired boy was pulling on his fur collared jacket, slinging his camera around his neck and stuffing his wallet into his front pocket.
“Chicken Fillet burgers from Chicken Cottage sound good?”

“Sure thing.”

And with that, Zayn disappeared out into the crowded street, the bell attached to the door ringing behind him as he left.

Quietly, Louis lowered himself down onto the floor, sitting cross legged next to Harry’s head and running his nimble fingers through his curls. The boy muttered in his sleep, his nose twitching slightly as he scooted closer to Louis.
Soon, Harry had managed to get his head in Louis’ lap, still fast asleep as he nestled into the curve on his thighs. Louis watched him silently, leaning back on his hands as he admired the younger boy. The swoop of his dark eyelashes, the long cut of his cheekbones, his thick eyebrows and lack of facial hair for a boy his age, even the dark shadows under his eyes. He had to admit that the boy was gorgeous, so much so that he felt a bit jealous of him for it. Twirling his fingers through his chocolate curls once again, he sucked in a sharp breath.

The crowds of people bustling by outside seemed unimportant at the moment as Louis gazed down at the sleeping boy in his lap, his eyes welling up with tears. He didn’t know this boy. He didn’t know about his past, he didn’t even know why he had run away to begin with. He was falling for someone he didn’t even know, and hadn’t even tried to know. This boy trusted him, but he never gave him a reason to.

Louis sniffed, looking away from Harry and leaning his head back, wiping his eyes hastily.
Harry fidgeted in his sleep at the sound, his sleepy green eyes finally opened and he looked half-lidded up at Louis and smiled crookedly.



Harry smiled again, his dimples popping up at the lines of his mouth, reaching up to rub the sleep from his eyes.

“Where’d Zayn go?”

“He’s getting lunch.”

He hummed softly, tilting his head to look down at himself and the puppies squirming about around him.



“Can I ask you something?”


Louis looked down at his hand and fiddled his fingers as Harry sat up, brushing himself off and straightening his shirt.

“Why did you run away?” He looked over just in time to catch Harry stiffen, his back muscled flexed and jaw bulged, “you don’t have to tell me all about it, I just want the basics.”

“No, it’s alright. Really,” Harry moved to lean back against one of the wooden chairs, situating himself till he was comfortable,”when I was about nine my father passed away from leukemia. I was little, so you know, I was pretty crushed and didn’t really understand why he had left. A couple years later my mom decided to get remarried and married a lawyer, a well known and respected one at that. He seemed like a good guy, you know? He was smart. Charismatic. Funny. Kind. But then he started losing cases at work and blamed it on us, because apparently a wife and stepson were dragging down his career. He started drinking,”
Harry’s eyes were now on the floor, face obstructed by his mop of curls.

“He’d come home and yell at my mum till she was crying, and then go to bed. And I wish in some way it had stayed that way. He started coming home and instead of yelling, hit her…so many times she had huge bruises everywhere and had to lie to her coworkers about how she got them. I don’t blame her for leaving. She left in the middle of the night and the next morning I was woken by being dragged out of bed by my hair and his screams for answers.

I was only 16. He wanted to throw me out on the street, but he was already in enough trouble with the police so he let me stay and used me as his personal punching bag. The night I finally decided I had had enough was when he brought over his drunk friends and he dragged me out of my bed and tossed me at them and told them to ‘tie him up and fuck him so he learns some respect for his elders’. I had enough, so I struggled out of their hands and managed to pack my things and jump out the bedroom window before he busted down my door. I got to the airport the next morning and bought a ticket with the rest of the money I had left and flew here.”

Louis was watching him with watery eyes, his fingers digging into the skin of his thighs as he tried to hold back his tears. Harry finally looked up at him, his mouth drawn into a hard line and Louis lost it, launching himself at the younger boy and bursting into tears.

Harry’s hands rested in the curve of his back as Louis buried his face into his shoulder, spitting out apologizes between his sobs; Harry tried to assure him that it was alright.

But there’s no stopping tears till they’re all out.

Louis ran his hands from where he had them clasped around Harry’s shoulders up into his hair, tugging his head down to the side of his face. He could hear Harry’s breathing, short and ragged puffs, and the hot wetness of tears meeting the skin uncovered by Louis’ sweater. Harry’s arms constricted and wrapped around his waist tightly.

They didn’t say a word other than the small gasps escaping their mouths as the aftershocks of the tears took over. Louis kept his face for he floor, not wanting to show his scrunched, tear streaked face in fear of erupting in another fit of hysterics.



“Louis please. Look at me.”


Harry’s firm hands gripped his jawline and physically tilted his face upward to look up into his watery, glassy green eyes. Louis whimpered.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, please. It’s the past. Nothing can change that.”

After a few more moments of silence, Harry finally spoke up again.

“Thank you Louis. Thank you for finding me and taking me in and making me feel so loved and cared for. I haven’t felt like this in such a long time, you make me feel…like I’m home.”

With a soft touch, Louis reached up, running his fingers along the line of his jaw and watched his mouth, his soft, pink mouth, with a hungry eye.

One of the puppies let out a large yelp, distracting Harry from the way Louis was leaning into him, the way his mouth was slightly parted with anticipation.

“Zayn will be back soon, we should clean up,” Harry sighed, scooting away to pick up the fighting puppies, one in each arm, and nudged them back into their cage, leaving Louis where he was sitting with a aching stab in his chest.

"Through the storm and through the clouds,

Bumps on the road and upside down now,

I know it’s hard, babe, to sleep at night.

Don’t you worry,

‘Cause everything’s gonna be alright.”

"Be Alright” by Justin Bieber

Chapter 5: Why Do I Love It So Much


“Mm?” Louis sat up, the bed sheets falling down his bare chest to settle along his hips, and rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands. He looked up, seeing Harry wrapped up in one of the huge jumpers Louis had bought much to Harry’s demand, claiming that it would 'fit perfectly’ when they both knew it was quite to big for him.

“What’s wrong?” He cleared his throat to get rid of the rest of his sleep clogged voice and continued,“did you have a bad dream?”

Harry didn’t answer, only shuffled his way towards Louis’ bed, crawling his way across the comforter to settle next to the older boy. Through the darkness of the room and the soft glow of the street lamps outside the window, he could make out the shiny tracks of tears on his cheeks.

“Harry…?” The younger boy wrapped his tough biceps around his waist, nosing his head against his hipbone where Louis could feel the soft tickle of his breath on his skin. Slowly Louis ran his fingers through his hair, massaging Harry’s scalp with the pads of his fingers.

“You’re safe here, yah know. I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“I know.”

“He’s not going to find you here.”

“I know.”

Sighing, Louis shuffled back down into bed, letting Harry curl against his side, feeling slightly ridiculous because Harry could easily roll over and squish him the size difference was so huge. Harry’s curls tickled his chest as he shuffled into a comfortable spot, his cold toes pressing into Louis’ calves.



“Can…can I go out tomorrow?”

Louis chuckled.

“I’m not going to stop you, you can do whatever you like. You can take some money from my wallet in the morning before you go.”

“Thank you..”

Instead of an answer, Louis ran his hands along the strong line of Harry’s shoulder-blade and leant his head down to warm his nose in the mop of his chocolate curls.


The shop felt empty without Harry.

Louis leant against the cool countertop, his chin resting in the palms of his hands as he stared out through the glass doors, watching the snow swirl around the bundled up pedestrian as they hurried past.

He looked down at his hands, realizing how cold they were; he intertwined his fingers and puffed into his cupped hands.

“Would you quit your sulking? You look like a lovesick puppy.”

“Oh fuck off.”

Zayn’s arms went around Louis’ waist, slinging him side to side playfully and leaning back with a groan to lift the smaller boys feet off the floor. Louis shrieked, kicking his legs back and forth and screaming curses at him.

His feet met the floor again and Louis turned around, launching punches into the raven haired boy’s chest and he was pushed back into the counter.

“Louis, be honest with me,” Zayn gripped the smaller boy’s wrists and pinned them back against the countertop till Louis was trapped and had to look at him,“do you have feelings for Harry?”

“Of course not, how stupid do you think I am?” Louis felt a stabbing throb in the depth of his chest as soon as the words escaped his lips, and he immediately regretted it. Did he like Harry? Of course he did. Harry was his friend, everyone loves their friend, right?

But it didn’t feel like just friendship. The way he found Harry curled up against him this morning with his arms tight about his waist didn’t feel like just friendship. The way the small whimpers and mutters made his heart swell and a smile brighten his face didn’t feel like just friendship. That was definitely not 'just friendship’.

“Just wanted to know, mate, sorry if that offended you. I wanted to introduce him to Kaci, you remember her?”


“Oh yeah, I remember her…”

Louis turned around, leaning down on his elbows and resting his chin on his arms. Ah, Kaci. The girl had a major crush on him when they were younger, but the two of them managed to avoid an awkward relationship when Louis finally told her he was gay. She was a pretty girl, he had to admit that, and if he hadn’t screwed around he wouldn’t have realized he preferred male parts and probably would have dated her. The two of them managed to remain friends and Kaci began to come to him for relationship and fashion advice (I know, terribly stereotypical) so often she basically became his roommate.

Now she had moved out and rented her own apartment down the street from where she worked.

A lightbulb went off. Harry was gay! He wouldn’t date her!

Louis looked up, only to see Zayn yanking on his jacket and ducking out the shop door, the bell clanging loudly behind him.



Louis unlocked the front door with a click and stuffed the key ring into his front pocket, a long sigh escaping his lips as he closed the door behind him, hooked the chain back into the bolts and leant against it.

“Louis! Zayn called and said he wanted to bring someone to the house tonight so I invited them for dinner. I hope you don’t mind.”

So Zayn was serious.

Louis shrugged off his trench coat, shaking out the snow wetting his hair and hung it up on the hook on the foyer wall. He shook his head sharply and let the water drip onto his shoulders and down onto the wooden floor.

In the kitchen, Harry was leant over the stove, his head nearly touching the overhead as he stared down into the small bubbling pots. Louis stood in the doorway, leaning against it and smiling to himself as Harry padded across the room to the pantry.

Louis knew he was unable to protective him from everything in this world. But as he watched Harry shuffle around the room in sock covered feet, his curls flopping wildly over the new growing scar on his forehead, guilt panged his chest and made his fingers twitch. The young boy had already experienced difficulties far ahead of his years. He was young, afraid.

Harry turned his head, smiling over at him and reaching out an open hand to invite him in closer. And so Louis went, grinning as Harry pushed him against the countertop, trapping his smaller frame with his own.

“Close your eyes.”


“I said close your eyes. Common, play along!”

He did, leaning his head back as he felt Harry’s index finger under his chin and parting his lips as he felt them prodded with a wet spoon.
Was that..Alfredo sauce? Had he even had that in his kitchen?

“Mm? So what do you think?”

Louis opened his cerulean eyes to find himself trapped against the countertop, Harry’s arms making a sort of veined, muscled fortress on either side of his hips. He gulped and looked up at the taller boy’s glinting eyes, which suddenly had flickered down to his mouth and become at least a few shades darker.

“’ve got..” Louis reached up, eyebrows raised, and ran his palm over his lips, his hand coming back with a smear of white. He smirked.

“I get the feeling you made this on purpose.”

Harry blushed, but the wild look in his eyes never left.

“Louis…I’m going to kiss you.”

“What makes you think I’d let you?”

Harry didn’t answer. His eyes had already drifted shut and his oversized hand was twirled through the hair at the back of his neck, abandoning the pots on the stove.

And then their mouths met, Harry’s pink plump lips sucking along Louis’, whose hands were gripping at the fabric covering his broad shoulders. It was magic, the way their lips connected. It was right, and somehow, among all of the dizziness and the clinging to each other like life lines, something inside Louis changed, and he knew he was done for. This new feeling could be dwelled upon later, because, for now, He was content to feel his hot breath come and go with Harry’s.

Harry let his arms drop, moving them around Louis’ curved waist and pulling the smaller boy’s body to him with a low groan. His huge mouth- oh god, that mouth- had completely overpowered Louis’, leaving him panting slack-jawed, eyes closed, head tilted back and just waiting for Harry to find him again. And he did, his tongue tracing along the line of his upper lip, licking into his mouth for a heavy, wet, open mouthed kiss.

He felt Harry lean back, and he looked up, forcing his droopy eyes open.

The taller boy was panting softly, eyes blown till they were hugging to a small line of electric green. His mouth was a bit red from the force of the kiss, and Louis sighed at the sight, leaning back against the counter.

“Jesus Christ, Harry,” Louis groaned, rubbing over his eyes with the back of his hands, “what am I going to do with you?”

Harry let out a gravely hum, reaching a hand out to stroke over the line of Louis’ cheekbones, letting it drift back into the fringe at the back of his neck and pull him forward again.

Harry’s mouth found the line of Louis’ tan throat, drawing a low mumble from the smaller boy as his hands ran down his chest, resting his hands against the warm expanse of his wide hips and pushing them back against the counter.


Harry leaned back, an exasperated sigh escaping his lips. Louis leant his head back.

“Of fucking course.”

Harry patted Louis’ side so he could remove the large noodle pot from the stove, rushing it over to the sink and straining before it got the chance to burn into the bottom of the pot. As he rushed back to the stove, cheeks flushed, he mumbled at Louis to go get the door.
And so he did, feet dragging on the wood floorboards as he reluctantly made his way towards the front door, pulling the chain with a clatter and twisting the bronze doorknob.

“Louis! Great to see you again!”

“You get the air out my lungs whenever you need it,

And you take the blade right out my heart just so you can watch me bleeding.

I still don’t know why,

Why I love you so much.

And you play this game in spite to drive me insane,

I got it tattooed on my sleeve forever in ink with guess whose name.

But I still don’t know why,

Why I love it so much.”

“Holy Grail” By Jay-Z (feat. Justin Timberlake)
-Sarah Horan xx