Kitchen items hanging from hooks in a house in an Ecovillage that we went to. The house was really little, but very homey and nice. Everyone who lives in the Ecovillage built their own houses, which is pretty impressive as none of them are trained architects or builders. But it shows what a little ingenuity can do!

Danish food is delicious.

I mean, its definitely the kind of food where you just have to go for it. I’ve never had food like it before, but this sandwich I made for myself today and yesterday and its absolutely great. It’s rye bread, liver paste, mild cheese, Grov Remoulade (a sweet mustard and mayo combo with bell peppers in the sauce), pickles, tomato, and topped off with pickled cabbage. It’s called a Smørrebrød, or an open-faced sandwich.

Try it.

The streets of Rotterdam. Incase anyone needs a clarification: Rotterdam is a port city in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is also called Holland, and it’s people and language are Dutch. The most famous city of the Netherlands / Holland is Amsterdam. This is substantially different from the Scandinavian country where I have been spending most of my time, Denmark, where the capital is Copenhagen and the language is Danish. 

For some reason people tend to get these places confused.