thank you all! andromeda isn’t the kind of character i thought would be accepted very easily since she’s older, quite morbid, and very grumpy but i’m glad to see that the power of her boobs won you over. 

the baes

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those who are friends and writers of the highest caliber

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those i haven't interacted with (yet!) but who are loved

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and just finally i know i have enough categories and this will mean i end up mentioning some people twice BUT i just wanted to say that writing and roleplaying isn't everything, and neither is intelligence or wit or charm or humour. the best thing someone can have is kindness and (brace yourselves im about to get really disgustingly sweet) love. sometimes this might go unappreciated, but they never do it for a reward, just to be kind. so i just wanted to quickly give a shoutout to the most loving people on my dash

 thestubbornsquib firesingedsoul theretrogrademoon xtemberaubend hxlfbloods pxrfidy rubyrpotter veehuit constantquibbling sxlus fxrmbxy xpadfoots walpurgablack sweetmeadowessong theweaselette dreamyexpression yer-a-w0man-harry madamprofessormcgonagall vesnicflacari / playedbyfate damedelaflamme doratonkslupin