Learn to give not to receive. The more you give the better you feel. And the better you feel the easier everything is. In times of need you don’t look for help you make a way. When some else is trying to make a way don’t be scared to reach out and give them the help they need. The same kindness you show that person is the same type of kindness you will receive in your time of need. Don’t look at it as this is the last dollar you have. Look at it as a investment in that person to help them on to a new platform. Love is life and life is love.

Biggest fan

No one is your biggest fan but you. You are your first and only cheerleader. You are the first kick of motivation. If you believe you will achieve but only through hard work, educating your self, and timing. You have to learn that you are your biggest problem. Only thing that stops you is the mindset of I CAN’T. Well it’s time for you to believe I WILL. It’s simple if you don’t wanna be one of those people that say “I wish I would have done that” or “what if that happened person.” The difference between I will and I can’t is action. Only the power of you can motivate you to change and do for you. Listen to yourself, trust in your self, believe in your self and you will do for yourself.

Leader and Follower

At any moment the feeling of acceptance will come. It just takes a bunch of leaders to get followers. How do you know if you’re a leader or a follower? In order to answer that you must ask. What controls you? Not rules or a structure but what actually controls you. The things you do, say ,and feel when no one is around. Self confidence can be hard in a world of non-believers. You make them believe, you have to achieve, that’s how you know you’re a leader in life.

Human eyes

All of the thoughts I ended up loosing because I was choosing the people with no since of roamers. I feel so consumed by all the allusions. The twist and lies the TV provides. Trust in your self cause everyone’s blind to the allusion of eyes. Trust in your soul and feel with your heart cause once those are gone you die or you live the lie.

Thoughts that bother me

Working hard is a tragedy because people always feel sad for me. Why do you care? Why does it matter? You’re doing the same, just on a different chapter. How can you live life being someone else? Not doing the things you like just for some else. Working a job you’ll never like. Just so you can get credit swipes. Debt is the American way. well I just want to be amera-paid. Things are not the same. You look in the mirror and never change. Insanity, is to never change. But I don’t think your love is different babe…


People always say things are hard. So I believe I have a bad interpretation of the word hard. For example a lot of people say life is hard yet we live it everyday. Some say to being rich is hard yet their are always new millionaires. The point is simple, hard is what you make it. Believing in your self through anything is a challenge. When you achieve something, most say they worked hard for it because they have proof. Don’t say its hard to do anything just wait till you get your proof to say it was hard but I made it.


It’s okay to mess up. How will you learn if you don’t. Success is a series of failures. For success in life you have to build off the knowledge you’ve gained from failures. At the same time only time you really fail is when you give up. You can always improve. When you believe you have done enough to be called a success you have failed cause although you stop life keeps moving. Failure is a option a choice because if you are will to educate yourself, work hard and trust in your self your timing will come.


If you think positive you will do positive. Making a effort to always see the positive in everything it makes a difference. It can change your day if you think that everything is good and everything happens to make you better. Opportunity is a chance to be optimistic. You can be optimistically truthful with yourself in a positive since. Value everything as good while being truthful. Negativity will derail your life if you let it.