and on tumblr.

and pregnant.

This is me about 6 weeks ago. 

I had to try really hard to look pregnant. Now this is more my natural look. 


I will be keeping you posted on my baby bump.

9 weeks

Sorry for the lack of updates. Baby #4 has had me so sick that I’ve been resting as much as I can. Everything is otherwise good, strong heartbeat, etc. Thank you to all of you who have sent messages and left comments. It’s so awesome to have so many friends excited with us and who are genuinely interested in what’s going on with our family. :) Very, very touching. 

The days have been a blur. Watching lots of Parks & Rec as I lay on the couch and during the day I’m just trying to get through work so I can go home. We did eat lunch with fromlazytolively and her WONDERFUL parents captadvocare and only1rosie, as well as mrslpeach, weightandwit and Tori’s friend Lexie, and Leann’s husband and little baby. It was a great pick-me-up to see so many people I love. 

That’s all I’ve got for today! Happy Tuesday. 

You guys it has happened.

Another Raines girl has joined tumblr. (Tumblr not fitblr, FYI)

I’ve been trying to get Leann to switch to tumblr because it’s easier and I think a better way to connect with people who read your content vs blogger. And finally finally she has joined the tumblr world!

It’s a blog detailing her precious life in Austin Texas and her adventures in married life, fashion and now a pregnancy.

I just love my little sister so much.

If you’re interested you can follow her blog here: MRS. PEACH!

She’s one pretty peach.

I’m boycotting summer and dressing like it’s already fall even though the radio said it’s going to be super hot today. OOPS.

My plaid shirt collection is weak at the moment but I think I need to invest in one for every day of the week clearly.

In other riveting news I made some hot tea for the first time last night for my throat. No crazy flavors just some earl grey black tea with some almond milk, stevia, and a bit of honey and I loved it. So much so I’m drinking some right now. I’m feeling 80% better so I think the tea, an early bed time, and You’ve Got Mail brought the healing powers.

As for my future blogging plans I most definitely plan to share the new link. I’m not trying to disappear from the community altogether but just have a new blog where people follow cause they want to read about all aspects of my life not because I have an impressive before and after circulating. And I know that the ones of you who continually like my posts and interact with me like the mix but that’s about 50 out of 1900 people. It’s not THAT serious I just want a fresh start and I think mrslpeach and I are going to do partner blog so if you don’t love her already you will by association in the future.

It’s Friday and almost the weekend!

Someone come see Guardians of the Galaxy with me.

Also, a few people have mentioned they already have candy corn. BRB gonna be on a sugar high until November.

Also also, I love you guys.


Today is my last Saturday as a Georgia resident.

My nephew is growing and happy and healthy and precious. It makes my heart happy every time I get a picture in a onesie I bought for him. Yesterday I got him one that says “chunky is the new hunky”. Teaching him body positivity from babydom you know.

I don’t need anything else to take with me but being so excited about my own place led me to purchase 2 coffee mugs. There’s this one and another that says “embrace the moment”. They just seemed so fitting for my current situation. TJ Maxx brought their A game with coffee mugs again.

My co workers threw me a surprise pizza party and gave me this giant basket full of sentimental goodies. One was princess duct tape that said “he better treat you like a princess”. It also had a gap and old navy gift card which I used to add to my Midwest wardrobe. Also, they all warned me not to get “comfortable” in which I internally rolled my eyes. The thought behind it was nice but no matter what happens, I can handle myself.

Still hanging out with Kim constantly. GA plays Tennessee (we’re frenemies today runningforbiscuits )and Russ, Lydia and all the babies will be here to watch and eat food! That’s how I started my friendship with them and it’s exciting to get to do it one last time before I leave. Then I’m babysitting Ayden and Tre tonight. I SHOULD go home and pack but honestly that’s not a priority at the moment.

OH AND my quad/hamstring/thigh whatever area at the top of my leg has been super achey lately. Which is part of the reason why I haven’t been at the gym. I’m stretching and letting it rest so I can at least have a farewell WOD Mon/Tuesday!

I post more frequently on my insta if you’re not following me yet: torimarie36

Also thanks to all you guys who followed mrslpeach and I on Instagram too (thepeachsisters). We seriously come up with ideas for the blog daily I can’t wait till we have time to seriously get it up and running!!

Wow, I had a lot to say.
Love you, babies.

So last night I was laying down just on my iPad reblogging gifs of Chris Pratt on my other tumblr when it started ringing that I had a FaceTime call from mrslpeach!! I answered and this little nugget and his mama were right there in front of me! Of course since it was his first FaceTime with me I took tons of screenshots. It made my heart so happy! I can’t wait to see him soon and the rest of my family!

I also coincidentally pulled my Don’t Mess with Texas shirt out of my tshirt bin this am. It was fate. It’s also a size large American Apparel and it’s fitting pretty loose today it makes me feel wonderful.

Eating the past two weeks has been really good and simple. Now that I got paid finally I’m seriously fighting the itch to be lazy and eat out. (It’s easier not to spend money when it’s not there) but I’m feeling so good and doing so well I’m going to make myself stick with it. It feels really good to be doing awesome and not on a challenge mostly because there isn’t an end date to eating healthy and working out. At the moment I have the motivation to do so just cause.

In true Friday night fashion I shall be making an appearance at CFB then having dinner with my sister and her fam. No real plans this weekend other than to relax and think about cleaning my room like normal. I’m also thinking about diving into the world of 30 Rock. I watched the first and second season a while ago and now I really would like to finish the rest. I love me some Liz Lemon.

Have a wonderful Friday!