Hanging out with the Internet, meeting both the second coming and third coming of Christ, and staying up til 4am. Best way to send off April.

Waking up 2 hours late for work an having to walk in the office looking like a hot mess. NOT the best way to start May.

But totally worth it.

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I don't even know where to begin! I love fullfr0ntalnerdity for her mind. Skillzmcfly for her creativity, mrsliznessdiscopanda for her strength, piratescove for his heart, eapricot for her thoughtfulness, lildthatsme for her kindness, andthentherewasglitz for her awesomeness, anygirlx for her determination to be a good mom, and whitechocolatesuperstar for EVERYTHING.

I hadn’t posted one of these in awhile - and this list begged to be posted.  Well….not literally…..but you get the idea.  At least no one can accuse me of having poor taste!

Tumblr Crushes:

Phone reply to Mrs. Liz

Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping. We’ve talked about all that stuff. She says she says she knows one girl who has done “it”. (Of course 10 year old terms). And another girl that she knows who says she has been drunk before. She told me no one has offered her a cigarette (I found that strange, but the ideas of smoking have changed over the years). She did ask me that we have a time soon and go talk more about sex, because she had questions. So I’m feeling our communication is decently open, but I also know there just are some things you would NEVER want to talk with your parents ever.

(I’m going to attempt to tag your name right.)

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Yay! I'm so happy this blog is back. Its such a cheerful and happy blog. Filled with smiles and love for all. Thank you for doing this. I have a crush on a purple pancake. I feel like I can totally relate to her struggle with being cynical and a hopeless romantic. Also also she makes me laugh. Also also also she underestimates her beauty and strength by a lot and there's something very sexy about that. Xo

Well…I’m SURE that this will make her day…

Whoever this over “purple person” is.

Thank you, Doll.

Love you bunches!