sorry for taking a bit ^^; I hope you like them I had fun, at some point I honestly almost started painting them like I normally do XD I enjoy doing all of them but I honestly think that i will make new ones when i finish the commissions * O * I miss doing my baby and making my precious ellest with her new haircut makes me super happy!

Expressing opinion is fine, hate isnt

You know I just found out that mrsjblack who did amazing caps for naruto had her account deleted due to hate and it made me feel like crap because she didnt deserve the hate.Sending messages like kill yourself, you bitch and so on is NOT OKAY.I dont know if haters realize the damage they could do to a person.A person can seem strong on here but in real life he or she may be really fragile on the inside.Ive seen posts on tumblr where people do suicide because of hate which most of the time is anon.And here we have an amazing person who left tumblr because of scared jealous anons.I dont even know why people hate , why they feel l the need to ruin someones day.I got hate a few days ago and not just me gruvia shippers throughout tumblr get hated on, and this is a question to the anons who hate.How would you feel if someone commited suicide because of you? How would you feel if you scar a perason for life? How would you feel if it was you getting hated on? I bet you wont feel nice.If youre ever angry, hurt, jealous of something or someone id be here to listen but never dont hurt another person because of the way you feel especially of she or he havent done anything to you.EXPRESSING OPINION IS OKAY, HATING IS NOT .Please remember this because one day your worda may cause damage that cant be fixed in any way.


Thank you…
↳ For mrsjblack


“When A Person… Has Something Important They Want To Protect… That’s When They Can Become Truly Strong. You Said To Me . That You Wanted To Become The Best Ninja In Your Village And Have Everyone Acknowledge You  If Someone Who Acknowledge You From The Bottom Of Their Hearts Wouldn’t That Person Become The Most ImportantPerson To You?. ”

Manga Caps By mrsjblack

Edited By Me