Today was The Church on the Rock Ministries Ordination & Consecration of Deacons and Ministers. I got to watch family and good friends fulfill dreams and aspirations of moving up in the church ranks. It was a very blessed afternoon. C.O.T.R East own Shameka, Micaiah, & Devon I love you. But out of everyone that got ordained today Id like to send a special shout to Devon “Noonie.” Ive watched this young man grow and I myself am so PROUD of his accomplishments.

#16/50 Fashion50 - Just cause its winter do you put away the color????? Not I!!! I think I turn the color UP. I remember when I was coming up dudes use to be scared to wear pink. Not me, and it has nothing to do with my manhood. I also remember back in high school in my junior frat 1-9-5-7 Kappa League we’d all wear ties and bright colors………..while a large number of young men were wearing clothes that resembled the way Method Man, 2pac or how a lot of other “GANSTA RAPPERS” LMBO!!! would dress…. <<<<< Im laughing so hard right now.. 

sweater - Gap
shirt - Jc Penny 
tie - Macy’s
watch - Nordstrom

5d mkII, EF 85mm 1.8, 580EX II camera left

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#34/50 Fashion50 - Still waiting for spring to show up. Really enjoyed the sunshine today. Btw the pocket square tip #1 If you can’t find one that matches the shirt and tie properly. Go to a fabric store and cut a 16"x16" square and BAM!!! pocket square. If you know how to stitch, roll the sides up and have it forever. 

suit - Liz Claiborne
tie - Ralph Lauren
pocket square - Shaun Murray 

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#17/50 Fashion50 - Got to RUN Ill tell you about it later……………………. Well now its later. I just wanted to some different color tones some LOVE for #17. I may push the dial back up for #18.

shoes - aldo
shirt - jc penny
sweater - gap
tie - geoffrey beene
watch - desiel 
sox - urban outfitter

5d mkII, Ef 35mm @ 5.6, 2x 580EX II 1@128 power bouncing off a white wall the other 580 at a 45 degree angle feathering the clothing.

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#12/50 - Coffee and donuts anyone???? How about a watch? Na, you can’t get this one. I believe every man should always have on a watch. But sometimes he needs to put on a timepiece. This is my 1st natural light photograph for the Fashion50. Im realizing sometimes you just don’t feel like carrying all that gear.

watch - Diesel
donuts - Dunkin Donuts

5d mark II, 35mm 1.4L, natural light from the store windows

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