pcctamellark asked:

I'm a french girl, my favorite color is red, my favorite ship is Everlark and Sterek ( I just can't chose ), my fave ice cream is blackcurrant and I own a fat fluffy cat :)

Hello! I didn’t know you could get black current ice cream… But I must try it! Fluffy cats are the best kind of cats they’re like huge fluffy pillows that can meow (I’m a genius)  Sterek is teen wolf right? (going from what I see on my dash anyway). And red like the blood of my enemies is my favourite colour too ^-^


My Hobrien video :)

It’s starting to get old, but I’m just in love with the relationship these two share. Hope you’ll enjoy it.


My Everlark video :)

A lot of things make me really angry when I look back at it, but I hope you’ll enjoy it.