A really fun EDM-swing cover of Mr. Pinstripe Suit (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) by the multi-talented Amadhia, with some of my artwork to accompany.


Slowly working to create the textboxes, so in the mean time, I thought I’d doodle some concept sketches for some of the resident of Half-Light Hollow. All of these live on number one of their respective streets.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Claire the Witch, Brigitte the Witch Doctor, Polly the Clown, Ophelia the Phantom, Doctor Hyde the…Doctor? And Djanine the Djinn.

Hope you like them <3

Stray Cat Strut by xxsweetgrassxx

You Know I’m No Good Ameritz Tribute Club// I Kissed A Boy Jupither// Everybody Wants To Be A Cat The Electric Swing Circus // Stray Cat Strut Reel Big Fish // I Am A Good Girl Christina Aguilera // Sexy Silk Jessie J // Booty Call Kesha // Paparazzi Lady Gaga // Big Bad Voodoo Man Tape Five // Evil In The Night Adam Lambert // Mr. Pinstripe SuitBig Bad VooDoo Daddy// Troublemaker Olly Murs // Black Sheep Scott Pilgram vs The World// Boy Like You Kesha // Cool Cat In Town Tape Five // Hold It Against Me Britney Spears // Why Dont You Do Right? Chris Villain //  The Wolf Phildel // Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Alex Swings Oscar Sings // Blank Space Taylor Swift // Money Mystery Skulls


Which 5sos Song Are You
  • Capricorn: The Only Reason
  • Aquarius: End Up Here
  • Pisces: Social Casualty
  • Aeries: Just Saying
  • Taurus: Heartache On The Big Screen
  • Gemini: Long Way Home
  • Cancer: Mrs. All American
  • Leo: Voodoo Doll
  • Virgo: Greenlight
  • Libra: Kiss Me Kiss Me
  • Scorpio: Wrapped Around Your Finger
  • Sagittarius: Disconnected

When she’s wearing Victorias Secret instead of American Apparel underwear

When you think shes a good girl but you catch her being a bad girl 

When she asks to take the long way home

When she gives you the greenlight

When “Trouble” starts coming your way

When she tells you where shes hiding her voodoo doll

When Mrs. All American starts walking your way