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Number 1 please!

Let me start it off right quick!

1.“The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Okay, this was fine, totally fine and totally normal, she could do this, she’d been working out like crazy, sure she was in shape but… there was no way anyone looked good in this outfit. It was… it was sacrilegious, Saint Nick would be rolling over in his grave right now. Betty stood in front of the floor length mirror Veronica had specifically asked for in her bedroom, there staring back at Betty was the sluttiest Mrs.Clause she had ever seen. Bare legs were peeking through a tiny velvet hoop skirt that billowed out around mid thigh, a chunky black belt hanging low on her hips, her top was nothing more than bedazzled red bra and there was a floppy Santa hat sitting crooked atop her head. Veronica Lodges apparently annual Christmas party was in full swing and Cheryl had organized costumes for all the river vixens, apparently inappropriate Santa Clause was the theme this year.

“Betts? Ronnie told me you would be up here getting changed.. are you decent?”

The voice of Betty’s very considerate boyfriend came from outside the door as Betty groaned

“Hardly, but apparently that’s the look I’m going for.”

Jughead slowly opened the door, the hinges creaking as he slid in,

“What do you…”

Jughead stopped abruptly, the candy cane in his mouth fell to the ground as he took in the sight of his girlfriend.

“You.. uhh… it’s umm…” he stuttered, his eyes landing on her bare legs, lingering on the hem of her skirt

“The skirt is supposed to be this short!” Betty defended her horrible outfit, hands crossing at her chest and giving him more than an eyeful

In seconds flat Betty was laid out on Veronica’s bed, his hands dipping under the velvety skirt

“Merry Christmas to me” he mumbled into her mouth.