I’m not sure if this is Larry or Laurent Bourgeois, because the dancing machine brothers are identical twins. 

Les Twins are French dancers, choreographers, and models from Sarcelles, France. The dance due is on tour with Beyoncé performing creative hip-hop routines all around the world.

Check out Les Twins Here:


Kevin Hart Goes Crazy For Beyoncé

The one and only Chocolate Drop attended the Beyoncé concert at the Staples Center on Tuesday and went ape shit over the singer as she graced the Bey Stage in her bedazzled purple jumper.

What makes the video clip funny is Kevin’s over exaggeration of his fandemonioum moment. I mean we’ve seen concert goers catch the holy spirit, pull her into the crowd and smack that famous booty…so it only seems fitting Kevin would pull a stunt like this. 

How King Bey reacts is very clever!


Close Up Of Beyoncé Hair Trapped In Fan 

Last night King Bey performed in Montreal and during her performance of Halo, her hair gets caught in her “superstar diva fan”. She attempts to untangle it herself but…well you watch.


The Mrs. Carter Tour Shuts Toronto Down!

Last night I waited in line for almost 5 hours for Queen Bey to grace the stage at the Air Canada Centre. In such a rush to grab a good spot on the floor, I tripped over one of the Bey Stage machines and smashed into the floor, scratching my knee…my love is deep. 

Mrs. Carter opened up the show with Run The World (Girls) and had the attitude to match the lyrics as she stood militant and emotion-less in front of excited and emotional fans. 

While the crowd was cheering, screaming, crying and hyperventilating I was speechless. I could only stare in the midst of the hype and the shoving and pushing to get closer to the bootylicious superstar.

I stoop third row on the floor before Beyoncé and yes we made eye contact…oh just imagine the goosebumps that rose from my inside my skin. Let me tell you this… she is as beautiful in real life as on television. Her next stop is Montreal!



King Bey knows how to make her beyhives feel special eh. During her performance of Irreplaceable in Australia, she reached out for a fans phone who was sharing the performance on FaceTime and said “Hi” to his friend. 

So far she’s jumped into fan selfies, gotten dragged off stage, made a fan catch the holy spirit…what’s left for the King to do???

Beyoncé Apologizes To Fans In Belgium

The Grown Woman is human and fell ill during her Mrs. Carter World Tour in Belgium.  The rumor mill says that Bey’s sickness was a result of her being preggo, but insiders told the media that another kid is in the future but not while she was on tour.

Queen Bey states that it was a result of exhaustion and dehydration that caused her to become sick and was instructed to be on bed rest. 

Antwerp, Belgium fans can Bow Down tonight at the rescheduled show.