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dan referred to emiliano as 'mr. steal-yo-man' aka not straight

im glad i can always rely on dan to continuously erase heteronormativity but its also.. interesting.. how his mind doesnt automatically default to a heterosexual situation and would rather settle for something not straight instead..

no okay i’m already trash enough as it is with cockles i don’t need this….. dang it


here’s the list that anon sent me (thank you again oh my gOD)

♡ Mackerel and Apple Pie by AiraKT
♡ Bury Us Alive by nekoma (part 2 of a bokuaka fic, it has kuroken too and is also very good)
♡ First, Second by togekissies
♡ understanding feline language by suhoya
♡ The Best Part of Waking Up by jellyfish_kuchen (daisuga fic/ bg kuroken, its cute)
♡ Patience pays off by Reiizu
♡ the storm’s still raging, but we can take some shelter here by eternitysky
♡ Rhythm (and blues) by tsuruko
♡ never forget by supcl4ra
♡ open your eyes by supcl4ra
♡ The Cat Intervention by minijhi
♡ Souper-duper by ceilingfan5
♡ You’re Special To Me by whatisitnovice
♡ two cats by rideahorse an ode by manzana
♡ That Feelings Struggle by fxvixen
♡ Step by Step by dgalerab
♡ Underneath It All by risquetendencies
♡ Yakuza Laundromat by dgalerab
♡ Let’s Live Forever by skynikk
♡ creature of habit by kagome_angel
♡ Cardboard Cutout by mousecat
♡ Under Pressure by neverlanding
♡ Constellate by neverlanding
♡ Comfort Zone by merycula (thanksillpass)
♡ At least let me take you to dinner first by Nimbus_Cloud
♡ mr. steal yo man by saintjoy
♡ SWAG2016: Kuroo/Kenma by kiyala
♡ Silence by kiyala
♡ 40 degree heatsink by itachitachi
♡ Long Distance by kuroken_is_trash
♡ like glowing by helwolves
♡ The Rhythm of the Rain by PotatoButt
♡ Soft brushes and Soft Kisses by genericgayanime
♡ We Don’t Talk Anymore by momothesweet
♡ I Forgot How To Be Blue Because Of You by interrupted
♡ Liked, Commented and Subscribed by Royal Society of Pandas (Abarcelos)
♡ Noon, on a [Thursday by lovelyleftovers
♡ Something New by orphan_account
♡ Jealousy Is The Greatest Form Of Flattery by kuroken_is_trash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♡ Homecoming by kyouko68 (orphan_account)
♡ Nekoma Team Ships Kuroken by AvianDemigod
♡ Static by icespyders
♡ The Wedding Hall Shuffle by icespyders
♡ love’s not the way to treat a friend by stealer (girltalk)
♡ There’s No Tutorial for This by sinata (karasinovolleyball)
♡ Two Screens Away by Thesis
♡ waiting late at night by crossbelladonna
♡ Principles of Chemistry by freckleder
♡ kiss me like you mean it / all my little words by newamsterdam
♡ Miss You by InterstellarRenegade
♡ Don’t be late by Mirukunani
♡ to be, or not to be (jealous) by SeraphOfTheGay
♡ let’s talk (but not really) by sunny_umbrella
♡ Caretaker Kuroo by muhinyi
♡ Cause of Death: Kenma Kozume
♡ Cool You Down Then Warm You Up by cwtchbuddy
♡ scraps by kozume
♡ Black by SuggestiveScribe

Beta Stuff

- A beta and an omega in a long term relationship. Beta has insecurities about the omega wanting an alpha and not being able to satisfy their omega. Despite their reassurances, the omega, over time eventually is tempted to try sex with an alpha, leading to them cheating. Heartbreak and angst follows.

- Omega realizes that the cheating wasn’t worth it and the sex wasn’t even as satisfying due to lack of emotional bond or even the fact the alpha didn’t really know the omega’s wants or desires.

- The beta choosing to leave and stay single, vowing to only date within their own dynamic.

- An alpha coming into the beta’s life long after and wooing them despite their misgivings, the beta gives in.

- They are very happy and the relationship is strong and loving and they have loads of pups.

- Betas have the highest non-binary gender population, and are much more fluid with their gender and sexuality.

- There is less pressure for betas to conform socially.

- Beta mr. steal yo girl/man/enby

- Historical headcanon: Casanova was a bisexual beta with a high sex drive who attracted and pleased all dynamics.

I love all of these. Bless you love. <3

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Hi jerm. Got any embarrassing nick-names for Michael? (Or maybe even the squip?)

J: Michael sometimes likes to watch Achievement Hunter, but Gavin grates on his nerves for some reason. So I call him the stuff Gavin calls Michael Jones sometimes. Micool, Micoo, stiff like that. He hates it. Besides that nothing really EMBARRASSING, you know? Mikey, Mike, fuckface, best friend.
J: I call MY Squip Matrix man, Mr steal yo man, Mr leave my man, glitchmaster, stuff like that. Michael’s I call other me, second Jeremy, sometimes I call him by my middle name.

Day 9 - Black Wings, Kind Soul
Today is all about Crow “No one would hire me because I’m a marked, uneducated Satellite so I started my own business that’s successful enough to support Jack Atlas’s lifestyle and coffee addiction” “Mr. Steal Yo Girl, Man, Job, Dog, Anything Really” Hogan.

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I'm whipped for nct too. I was an army before nct.. now anything any other group does just kind of... isn't as good to me? Not trying to be rude, just my opinion........... love your blog btw!!

nah you good buddy i can 100% relate!! i’ve been stanning bts since their debut and i like 98% of their music (the 1% being not today. such an overrated song…………. and another 1% is 21st century girls. literal fucking trash at this point i like once again by nct127 more dfkfskn), i still respect them and all but like. NCT???????????????????/ it literally took me watching limitless mv once. ONCE to turn into an absolute trash. i literally cried when i saw johnny for the first time. a 4 minute song turned me into what no other group could turn me into within YEARS. 

and thank you so much!!!! ♥♥♥



Oh, la la. Are these two lovebirds we’re seeing here? An anonymous source gave us the tip to check out Stark’s Pond and did not disappoint us! Kyle Broflovski and David Rodriguez are now heads over heels in love with each other. Well, this is an interesting new turn of events! Sources (his younger brother) say, that Kyle has never had a boyfriend before. Seems like David has changed his mind. Maybe this will help him and his best friend make up again? - Ruby Tucker.


HAIKYUU FIC RECS for @anyadisee​!!
gotta sort these by pairing because i am overwhelmed w the amount of fics i’ve read for this fandom fkdlsdgdsksd

also pls note that i generally don’t like AUs so.. many Big Name Fics are not present

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