“Pinkie Pie, sweetie, a cupcake is not a hat!”
“M-maybe you should go upstairs for a while, we can handle it from here…”
“Okey dokey lokey!" 

I’ve wanted to draw Mr. and Mrs. Cake fooooreeever, and it turned out today was the day I was finally going to do it. They’re the cutest side ponies, they need more attention.

[text reads “Embrace body diversity.” Image is Pinkie happily talking to Mr. and Mrs. Cake.]

(Based on a submission)

This especially is true for human versions. Often times, people complain if the ponies are drawn in anything but skinny with huge breasts. Bodies vary. Just because it doesn’t fit your idea of human beauty, doesn’t mean you have the free pass to make rude comments.

And especially keep your damn mouth shut when you see cosplayers.

As promised, here it is, Tumblrpon’s Hearth’s Warming Day Collab Picture, and instead of writing you another wall of text, we keep it simple with saying “Thank You!” to everyone who participated!

Merry Hearth’s Warming, everyone!

The sheer amount of shipping in the fandom annoys me to no end. I mean, I get that shipping exists, and that doesn’t bother me. It’s that two ponies look at each other and half the fans go “It’s canon!” 

I saw a post after Magic Duel with a picture of Applejack comforting Rarity in that pink blanket after Trixie gave her the wrong color outfit and forced a major breakdown, and the tagline was something to the effect of “The Hub’s giving us so much RariJack today!” They were on screen for two seconds and nothing remotely romantic happened in that time. That does not make them a canon ship. 

So make your pairings, celebrate them, draw them, write about them, but don’t try to tell me Lyra and Bon-Bon is a canon ship, because the only truly canon ships in the show are Shining Armor-Cadence, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and Twilight’s, Rarity’s and Pinkie Pie’s parents. No one else has been established as a couple. 



An amazing anon asked to see my top 10 favorite G4s, and here they are!

Fashion Style Princess Luna~Talking White Princess Celestia~Shining Armor~Fabric-winged Princess Twilight Sparkle~Holly Dash~Through the Mirror Sunset Shimmer~Mrs. Cake~Star Swirl~Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie~Cupcake