Seriously though, this movie should weird me out, but it really doesn’t.

It has the most bizarre collection of misfits one could imagine, but it doesn’t matter how weird they are because their love for each other is what keeps them together. It’s a good thing that the characters that make the Addams Family are so memorable, likable, and fun to watch, because everything else around them just feels… kind of dull.

The story is unnecessarily complicated, the set ups are not very inspired (except for the school play), the production design is a bit lazy, and all the other characters are absolutely forgettable.

But then again, none of these things stand a chance against the main characters and the actors who play them. All that’s needed is for Raul Julia to raise an eyebrow, Angelica Huston to turn her head, or Christopher Lloyd to smile, and everything else in the scene becomes irrelevant. But that’s good, right? We are here for the Addams Family, and they are all fantastic! So I think I can recommend this movie, if just for the main characters alone.

And now, if you excuse me, I think I’m going to leave these guys alone. It looks like they have it handled.

[text reads “Embrace body diversity.” Image is Pinkie happily talking to Mr. and Mrs. Cake.]

(Based on a submission)

This especially is true for human versions. Often times, people complain if the ponies are drawn in anything but skinny with huge breasts. Bodies vary. Just because it doesn’t fit your idea of human beauty, doesn’t mean you have the free pass to make rude comments.

And especially keep your damn mouth shut when you see cosplayers.


So I’m half asleep and, as usual, felt the urge to draw some more. So I drew these. c:

Just me playing with a variety of facial structures and features. The thing that annoys me sometimes is when, if I draw a soft-faced stallion or a square-faced mare, there’s those select few who has to comment “Oh he’s too girly”, or “Oh she looks too male”. What some folks seem to forget is that not every female is gonna have a soft face and not every male is gonna have a chiseled face, and that applies to pastel colored horses too.

What also throws me for a loop is the lack of OC ponies that are middle aged or older. I'ma just have to draw more older ponies, then. C:

Sooooooooo, yeah. Here’s me trying out different facial structures to make each character unique from each other (because I’d like the practice as well). The canon characters featured here are:

Pearl (Rarity’s mom), Mrs. Cake, Mr. Cake, Trixie, Granny Smith, Amira (Saddle Arabia delegate), and Fluer Dis Lee. All the ponies in the last image are random and made up.

So there ya have it. C: I’m vurreh sleepy I’m about to take myself a nap. O:

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. And thanks a bunch for stoppin’ by. ^.^