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Fic: Over My Dead Body

I have no idea what this is or why this happened… but here. Have a High School!Olicity with a little bit of Tommy Merlyn thrown in. 

Prompt: You look like shit. 

“You look like shit.”

“Shut up, Tommy,” Felicity says, holding onto her stomach as she tries not to throw up.

She’d told Mr. Walsh that she didn’t feel good today and he’d still made her run the mile. She should sue the school for negligence.

Better yet, she should vomit all over his precious Reeboks.

How is it that tuition here is thousands of dollars a year and they can’t afford competent teachers? Felicity would have been better off turning down her scholarship and attending public school.

“Are you going to barf? Because I have to tell you, Smoak. I’m a sympathy puker. If you throw up, I will, too,” Tommy says, earning him a glare.

A wave of pain hits her and she doubles over, crying out.

“Mr. Walsh, I don’t think Felicity is doing too good,” Tommy calls out, putting a comforting hand on her back.

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Stranger things (set in 1983)
The Goonies (1985)
1 - Mike/Mikey - the protagonist
2 - Dustin/Chunk - the always hungry friend
3 - Lucas/Data - the obligatory foreign guy
4 - Nancy/Andy - the sweet girl
5 - Barb/Stef - the nerdy girl
6 - Jonathan/Brand - the outcast
7 - Steve/Troy - the jerk (wants the sweet girl)
8 - Mrs Wheeler/Mrs Walsh - the mom
9 - the friends/the Goonies - 4 boys on bikes

Richonne AU (Forbidden Love) Your Love For All Of Time pt 2

Happy Birthday @siancore I did a part 2 as requested for you and all those who asked. I hope everyone enjoys.


Michonne stood and looked around her small quarters one last time. She had tidied it so if looked the same way she found it a year ago.

“So Mr.Blake informed me you were his governess for little Penny.” Mr. Walsh said, as he looked at the young, black woman in front of him. He immediately decided she was a serious little thing. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun of coily, curls. Although a few tiny curls escaped and rested against her forehead. She wore a bright, long-sleeved white blouse that had a collar buttoned all the way up to base of her neck. It was tucked into a long, dark skirt that failed to hide her shapely figure. Her hands clasped in front of her. If not for her youthful features and large sparkling, brown, almond shaped eyes she would be the spitting image of his governess. Do they all dress alike? He wondered.

“Yes sir.” Michonne answered, she swallowed and looked as if she was blinking back tears. “Such a tragedy what happened to his wife and daughter.” Mr. Walsh said. The wife and daughter of her former employer were killed when their horse got spooked and ran their carriage into a lake bringing them back from church. None of the passengers could swim. Mr. Blake wasn’t fond of church service and he was not present. Michonne had saved enough to visit her father on weekends off from teaching, so she wasn’t there with them that tragic day. “Mr.Blake is certain he wants to part with you?” Mr. Walsh asked. When Mr. Blake had asked him to employ Michonne he didn’t look to be in any state to be alone, as most of the staff had left, expect a few and Michonne. Michonne. The only one seemingly able to handle his grief…until now.

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“It’s a great idea, Wes.” “Annalise would kill us.” So, when did Wes and Annalise came to a first name basis term? There’s something there that they aren’t showing us yet. As far as I can remember, Wes has been addressing her as “Professor Keating” and Annalise addressing Wes as “Mr. Gibbins” especially in front of the other Keating 5. But last episode was different. They both are bolder, even in front of the other four. Imagine, Annalise calling everyone on their first name which she never does. Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Asher instead of Ms. Pratts, Mr. Walsh, Ms. Castillo and Mr. Millstone. Doesn’t it sound off? But with “Wes,” Annalise is a natural. I see what you did there, Pete Nowalk. Okay. And again, die haters. I ain’t got no time for your vibe so stay away from me.

A Very Supernatural Christmas - Part 1

Word Count: 2188

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Um, my daughter and I were in our beds.” You were interviewing a woman whose husband mysteriously disappeared. Her daughter was staring through the glass door at you while you stood outside. “Mike was downstairs decorating the tree. I heard a thump on the roof and then I heard Mike scream. And now I’m talking to the FBI.”

“And you didn’t see any of it?” Dean asked, writing down details in a notepad.

“No. He was just gone.” She shook her head sadly.

“The doors were locked?” You asked. “No forced entry.” She nodded. “Does anybody else have a key?”

“My parents.” She said.

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Rosewoods "funky little movie theater"

So if Sara Harvey’s crew was a parallel of Ali’s crew, what’s the connection? In “Who’s in the Box?”, Hanna theorized that if we connected a missing girl with Alison we may solve the mystery. (Lol yeah right) 

 When Em and Hanna asked Tina and Claire if they’d ever been to Rosewood, they mentioned they’d sometimes go to "that funky little movie theater"…

Wait … the same movie theater whose manager said he saw Maya leave Garrett’s car? 

 Bart Comstock, he one Veronica had written that she needed to “break his story / ruin his credibility”? The one Aria talked to. 

This is where Aria and Ezra had their 1st semi-date, with Ella

 The same movie theater Maya and Emily went to on their first date:

In season 2 Spencer dreams about being here with the girls.. They are suspecting Ian of being A and they are watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Aria, Holden, Mrs Walsh and Ezra had a moment here, 

same movie theater Aria, Byron, Mike and Mona went to…

 and Paige

where Aria whispered something to Mona

And Charles has a home theater with popcorn maker in his vault…?? 

 We can assume Charles is someone we have seen that has been to this theater, if not directly connected…Let’s find that connection!


And now it’s time to find out who will be joining us in our firm. First, the standout in the class, the one you should all make it your mission to destroy… come get your prize, Mr. Walsh. The other ones joining us will be: Asher Millstone, Michaela Pratt, Laurel Castillo. Because our workload has grown I decided to hire one more of you. And that one will be… Wes Gibbins.