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so in listening to TKC today (I’m currently behind with the group listen so this is likely not relevant to this week’s schedule), one thing that did struck me was when Katniss and Peeta were watching Haymitch’s games, they initially mistook future Mrs. Undersee, who was then around 17-years-old in the quell reaping footage, as Madge since they look exactly alike; and Mrs. Undersee and Maysilee were twins, so was Haymitch reminded of Maysilee whenever he sees Madge visit Katniss in the Victor’s Village?

And when Madge brought the morphling for Gale, did he initially thought it was Maysilee he saw at the door? did it take him back to the time when Maysilee suddenly appeared and saved him in the arena before they allied?

And if going by my headcanon that Mr. Undersee is originally sent by the Capitol to be 12′s mayor, how much Haymitch was worried when he finds out that Maysilee’s sister was marrying the mayor? did he try to talk her out of it? does he think Snow is behind it to still continue punishing him after all these time? 

Then years later, when he ended up mentoring the female tribute that wears Maysilee’s mockingjay pin as her token in the arena, perhaps it wasn’t just Katniss’ spunk that made him take his mentor duties seriously that year. When he saw the pin, did it reignite his desire to resume his rebellion against the Snow that he (and Maysilee) started during his own games?

But after the war, when haymitch found out Madge died along with her family during the bombing of D12, did he feel like he was again too late in saving Maysilee and he let her down once more?

bottoms up.

Leading Suspects - Chapter 16

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I spoil you with a treat for the weekend. Two chapters in one day. Partly because I did something I swore I’d never do and even I am not mean enough to leave ya’ll hanging too long. Oops. Sorry not sorry, @peetabreadgirl!!! Keep an eye out for Chapter 17 posting this afternoon (erm, if you’re in the western hemisphere that is…)!

“There you are,” I whisper with glee as I eye my prey through the window of Effie Smith’s antiques and oddities shop.

I’m actually stunned that of all the businesses in Twelve Willows that failed after the mines were shut down, this one is still somehow going. Of course, that could be because she’s married to Ferdinand Smith the Third, the heir to a mysterious fortune that no one can quite place. Some say it came from bootlegging in the twenties and the Smith’s merely invested wisely enough to stay rich for the next century. Whatever the source, the Smith’s have been the local rich snobs for ages. The town even dubbed Effie “Duchess Trinket” in honor of her superior attitude and her profession. She’s not so bad, though, once you get to know her, and man can she haggle.

I school my expression into one of boredom and push open the door, listening to the deep chimes set off throughout the store by my entrance.

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More Haymitch talk...

I posted before about Haymitch being missing from the scene after stage diving during the reaping. So I’ve been keeping tabs on him. The more I look at him, the more I enjoy how complex of a situation he is. Let’s pick up with chapter 3 & 4 …

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The Wedding

Author: @wildlyglittering

Rating: T

Trigger Warnings: None

Summary: A wedding invitation has invited Katniss to the Mellark-Undersee wedding…fluff no drama.

Authors Note: Apologies for the very unoriginal title. I wrote this quite late Thursday so apologies for any errors!

When an invitation to the Mellark-Undersee wedding arrived in the post Katniss was, to put it mildly, extremely shocked. She stood in her hallway in her crumpled pyjamas, hair messed up from sleep and took a moment to trace the perfect gold letters that had been embossed onto the thick cream card. As she followed the loops and swirls of the ‘M’ all the way through to the last ‘e’ she was aware that the other emotion she was experiencing was jealously.

 It tugged in her stomach from the second she read ‘Mr and Mrs Undersee cordially invite you’ all the way to the date and the venue. Undersee Mansion. Of course. Katniss could practically hear the shrieks of joy from Virginia Mellark across the district. Finally, a perfect blonde bride for one of her perfect blonde sons. For the briefest of moments Katniss wondered what Gale would think about this and tried to push away the feeling of guilt that surfaced when she realised she knew exactly what he would think.

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Midnight Sun: Chapter One

Rated M (eventually).  Special thanks to swishywillow, bleedtoloveher, and jeeno2 for pre-reading, beta-ing, and making sure my grasp of kindergarteners and kindergarten teachers wasn’t woefully inaccurate.


Madge surveyed this year’s crop of parents—it was pretty much what she’d expected.  Mostly married couples around her age or slightly older, with a tiny handful of single parents—or just a parent whose spouse couldn’t make it to Parents’ Night.  There was a sickeningly perfect blonde couple, the wife seeming to have taken the night off from what Madge could only assume was her part-time job as a Real Housewife, and her husband all giant muscles, gelled hair, and square-jawed.  She had a sneaking suspicion that whichever child was theirs, he or she would be a little…high maintenance.  And judging from the series of questions they peppered her with—including questions about her college, which they followed with an eyeroll toward each other, as if a state college couldn’t possibly turn out a teacher qualified to teach their little monster—she was going to have her hands full with the parents as well.


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First Love

Summary: Primrose Everdeen makes a friend in new neighbor Peeta Mellark and looks forward to spending her summer days with him at the creek. But when he finally meets her sister, Katniss, Prim finds she has some competition for Peeta’s time… and affections. Loosely based on the film The Man in the Moon.

A/N -This is part 1 of 2; the second half will be posted soon.

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Unrequited, Unabashed, and Unwavering

Summary: Five-year-old Peeta didn’t want to go to school.  He just wanted to stay home at the bakery.  Not even the allure of meeting his soulmate could change his mind.  Pure fluff, soulmates AU.  

Notes: Co-written by FanficAllergy & @rosefyrefyre and betaread by the awesome @javistg & @xerxia31.

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Something We Can't See

It wasn’t really Katniss Everdeen’s scene; it was a place she always felt completely and utterly out of her depth in. But she’d promised Madge she’d be her requisite plus one - and at least there was an endless supply of free alcohol to get her through the night.

And the company of an attractive blond stranger wasn’t doing any harm, either.


Prompt: Masterpieces


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Summary: In the wake of tragedy, two polar opposites come together for one commonality, their Goddaughter–Viola Mellark. Based on the movie, Life As We Know It. Gadge. Modern AU.

Part One can be found here.

Part Two is below the cut…Thanks for reading!


“They were crazy to pick us.”

Madge looked to man next to her. Gale’s eyes focused on the sleeping Viola in her white-stained crib, made to complement the nursery with its soft yellow paint and white bunny wallpaper. His hand reached to touch her dowdy curls and Viola’s head shifted toward Gale’s palm.

Today, they buried Katniss and Peeta. It still didn’t feel real.

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anonymous asked:

Can you make some everlark-world cup? :)

Fair warning, anon, I have very little knowledge about soccer, but I hope this came out okay!

Katniss Everdeen doesn’t understand soccer.  Her school’s soccer program was less than stellar, winning maybe one game in the entire time she was in high school, and once she was in college she was able to avoid hearing about it.  Where she was from, football ruled all and while she thought that sport was a tad bit barbaric – she had seen Gale suffer one too many concussions and broken bones to decide it was okay for her hypothetical future children to play (as much as her father wanted to have grandchildren to cheer for under the lights on Friday nights) – she at least understood the rules and could follow some of what was going on.

And then she fell in love with a Brit.

“Oh, bloody hell!” 

Although Peeta is well accustomed to culture in the grand ol’ US of A, after having spent four years of college and now living here permanently with her, her father has made it his life goal to convince Peeta that football means the great American pastime and soccer is a dull unpatriotic alternative.  So Peeta decided to invite her father to watch a few of the World Cup matches with him. 

And his beloved England just fell behind Italy 2-1.

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