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Cure Te Ipsum Part 6

In Which Reese is just stunning…..

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POI favorite shots

↳ Episodes: Proteus 

“At least the storm is passing.” “No, Mr. Reese, I have a feeling that it’s just beginning.”

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Cure Te Ipsum - Part 8

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[poi x leverage xover! rated M, rinch, hardison/parker/eliot, D/s and ownership and marking, torture]

All but one of the men have gone. Two, if you count the guy tied to the chair.

“Maybe we should think about this, first,” John murmurs. “We don’t know who the captive is. Given our number’s line of work, this guy might not be any nicer.” 

Not to mention the fact that they found this basement by tracking the encrypted signals emitted by the captive’s subcutaneous transponder. In John’s experience, people who had those were usually not harmless.

“Even mob bosses don’t deserve to be tortured,” Harold says, hard and decisive. “Let him loose, Mr. Reese. We can see that he is safely contained afterwards.”

“I’m going in,” John says.

The guard goes down satisfyingly fast. John busies himself undoing the captive’s shackles. His wrists were going to need medical care. So could the rest of him, really.

The captive is gagged, but he struggles and makes furious noises.

“I’m trying to get you out,” John says, slightly annoyed. Thankfully, the captive subsides at that, but he’s still tense.

John can’t blame him.

“Here we go,” John says, once he’s done unlocking the handcuffs on the guy’s wrists. 

Out of the corner of his eye he catches a glimpse of something black and moving: just before the taser hits him, he sees blonde hair.


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Cure Te Ipsum Part 7

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Done for a R76 novel called “Just From Afar”, name after a line from PersonOf Interest. 

“I’ll grow old with her, Mr. Reese, just from afar.”

In that story, Reyes died and was recovered as paper white skin and red eyes.

They both have spirit animals, like in The Golden Compass. Morrion’s blind so he didn’t know Reaper is Reyes. Yet he still fall in love with him. Reyes once betrayed Morrison, and hurt him badly. So he don’t want Soldier 76 to know who he really was.

They volunteered for The Hunger Game. Reyes in Overwatch suit, just as black. 

Morrison’s wolf named Summer, Reyes’ tiger named Suriel.

That was the best novel I’ve ever read, too shame can not translate it into English.

But hey, it’s OK. You can still enjoy this art work!


Battle Symphony

Please just don’t give up on me
and my eyes are wide awake
for my battle symphony

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Johnathan has been given his task and a new Alias to go by, Ash Buckthorn. As he prepares to start living the life of his Alias and making connections within the NYPD, he is shocked to learn who he is working alongside.

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