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dvandme  asked:

“I play the guitar on a street corner sometimes for some extra cash and you usually give me a dollar or two but today you brought a violin and joined in? And we made almost three times what I usually do holy shit you’re talented”

 Hello @dvandme! For some reason this prompt seemed right for Doe/Darwin, so I hope you don’t mind that I went with that rare Tatennant pairing.

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Happy Holidays, tumblr! 

I’d like to wish you all a wonderful time during this holiday season, no matter what you celebrate (or not); and also a fantastic 2014.

I’d also like to thank you all; during 2013 I talked to and met amazing people here. You guys have no idea just how important you all are; I’m really grateful for the love and support I get from you. You’re all beautiful, wonderful people and I wish you guys all the love and happiness you can get - and then some.