mrs. patmore and daisy

  • [Season 1]
  • Daisy: Oh, hey, Mrs. Patmore. Can I help you with the diner?
  • Mrs. Patmore: Yes, sure, Daisy.
  • Daisy: Good. Thanks, mum.
  • Everyone: [staring]
  • Daisy: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • William: You just called Mrs. Patmore “mum”. You said, “Thanks, mum.”
  • Daisy: What? No, I didn’t. I said, “Thanks, ma'am”.
  • Mrs. Patmore: Do you see me as a mother figure, Daisy?
  • Daisy: No. If anything, I see you as a “bother” figure, ‘cause you’re always bothering me.
  • Thomas: Hey, show your mother some respect.
  • Daisy: I didn’t call her mum!
Downton (Crack) Story time

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walks in, going off about

Sundays without Downton Abbey..

Do you remember when we were waiting for an episode to start? And the panic when the internet connection was bad? Do you remember the live chat as soon as possible? Do you remember the Tesco and Amazon advertising at every commercial break? All the laughs, the tears, shouting, and shock that every scene brought us? Do you rememeber when Lady Violet was our spirit animal? Or when Matthew finally proposed to Mary? And the heart eyes every time Sybil and Tom where together? Do you remember? And impossible to forget every time Carson and Mrs Hughes exchanged a look and then finally kiss and get married. 6 years we waited for them! Anna and Bates happy? Thomas that has found a happy place with light heart and is loved by the tiny ones? Do you remember Mrs Patmore being a mum to Daisy? Or the love and kindness of Mr Molesley and Baxter? Our upstairs parents Cora and Robert in bad and good times? Do you remember all the difficulty of Lady Edith and her happy ending? And Doctor Clarkson and the dear Isobel? And the others like Lady Rosamund, Miss O’Brien, Alfred, Ivy, Andy, Jimmy, Mrs Levinson, the jolly Lady Rose with Atticus…Do you remember our family? Because they were, are and always will be our family too. 

Do you remember all of this? Because I miss them so much..I miss this so much. 


We got the best ending we could have wished for, it was great.

Edith and Bertie FINALLY married:

Mary and Henry all happy and a baby on the way:

Rose and Atticus all happy with a baby girl:

Henry and Tom opening their business together:

Isobel and Dickie married and happy:

Tom flirting with Miss Edmunds and she catching the bouquet:

Thomas becoming the new butler at Downton:

Anna and Bates with their baby boy:

Everyone gets happy ending


✘  Downton Abbey series 1 to 6  -   “The End Of An Era”  ✘

♡  Thanks to the cast and crew for all this wonderful years  ♡


downton abbey meme: [2/4] friendships:

daisy and mrs. patmore

So, of the characters we’ve known from season 1…Mrs Hughes and Mr Carson got married, Anna and Mr Bates got married, Mary got remarried, and Edith got married. Gwen is married.

Mrs Crawley has Lord Merton. Cora and Robert seem to have patched things up. There are hints towards future romances for Daisy and for Mrs Patmore. And for Molesley. Tom lost Sibyl, but at least he has a beautiful little girl and finally seems to have found a sense of belonging. Even O'Brien seemed to have found opportunities in Bombay.

Meanwhile, Thomas…gets to remain employed at Downton. That’s his happy ending.

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