mrs. nickleby

This was a great idea by annabellee25, and I was also tagged by budgie2budgie. Check out their favourite sims, because it’s a cornucopia of eye candy!

Now walk with me down memory lane! From left to right:

  • Beauregard Arthwipe was the third legacy founder before Benno took over. And just right now I realise that I totally forgot to add Benno to this list *UGH* 
  • Instead I included Oscar Nickleby in this picture who is totally from 2014 and the founder in my second attempt to play a legacy. I miss him a lot but writing in first-person perspective was just too arduous for me.
  • Jiggy Glockenspiel Woodruff was the first sim in TS4 I played from cradle to grave, and at least in my eyes, mixing Benno’s and Will Smith’s genes had an intriguing result.
  • Deontay Griggs here got a quick makeover for this photo, originally he looked like this.
  • Mrs Crumplebottom! I so hope for a supernatural EP because a world without a Crumplebottom zombie isn’t complete.
  • Bambang Dasopang. I’m not that good when creating sims from Asia but I’m quite pleased with the outcome here. I used some photographies of Indonesian men, and he came pretty close to his real life model.
  • It took a while to warm up to Jiggy’s little brother, Will-Helm Glockenspiel, but ever since he came to maturity (and gained some body mass with ice cream) I totally fell for him.
  • Isegrim Glockenspiel is my favourite from generation 3. Even if he’s a total arse. 

I don’t tag anyone specific but please feel free to show your favourite sims of 2015 as well! I would be thrilled!