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Beauty and the Beast MBTI

Belle – INFP

“Oh no, he’d never hurt anyone. Please, I know he looks vicious, but he’s really kind and gentle. He’s my friend.”

Belle is as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, as her name describes.  She is deeply sensitive and caring, and she sees past the more obviously visible exteriors of people and even cultures.  With her dominant function being Fi (introverted feeling), Belle is strong willed and in tune with her dreams.  She has a strong sense of self and an inner passion she stays always true to, never compromising her values for conventional comfort.  Belle is not afraid to do things her own way and make life as meaningful as she can, even if sometimes that means earning a less than positive reputation amongst many of the other villagers.  Belle’s Ne (extraverted intuition) is also strong.  She constantly seeks possibilities completely abstract from her current reality, dwelling in her dreams of something beyond all that she experiences in the everyday, of something more meaningful.  Her strong curiosity sometimes draws her to trouble, but it this is also a deep concern for knowledge and understanding.

Beast – ISTP

“I let her go…because I love her.“

With his inferior Fe (extraverted feeling), not to mention the long time he has spent in a form quite different than his human one, the Beast struggles to find a way in which he can connect to the kind and gentle Belle.  Sometimes a bit gruff on the outside, the Beast is also quite caring deep down.  He is intelligent and a logical thinker, displaying dominant Ti (introverted thinking).  Though the personality traits which earned him his beastly form by the work of an enchantress include arrogance, temper, and a spoiled, selfish nature, the Beast finds his gentler side with Belle’s gentle presence, becoming quiet, caring, polite, protective, and humble.

Gaston – ESTP

“It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking.”

Gaston is superficial, greedy, and arrogant.  He is practically a caricature of unhealthy and exaggerated dominant Se (extraverted sensing).  Gaston’s world revolves around material things: beautiful women (for their looks), hunting, partying, and of course, his own dashing appearance and his popularity.  Quiet the opposite of Belle, Gaston never looks more deeply into matters.  He never reads into things carefully, literally or figuratively.  His actions are motivated by greed and want for personal pleasure, as well as the popularity from the villagers of which he can’t get enough.

Maurice – INTP

“Well, what are we waiting for? I’ll have this thing fixed in no time!”

Maurice is a loving father to Belle and an eccentric inventor.  He can easily get lost in his own world, and like his daughter, cares more about substantial matters than the opinions of the villagers in general.  He is generally cheerful and always creative.

LeFou – ESFP

“Gaston is the best, and the rest is all drips!”

LeFou is outgoing and lively.  He greatly enjoys putting on a show, and he is very loyal to Gaston.  He is a bit naive and sometimes clumsy, and he can be witty and humorous as well.

Cogsworth – ISTJ

“This is yet another example of the late neoclassic Baroque period. And, as I always say, ‘If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it!’”

Cogsworth is dependable and capable.  He keeps himself together and enjoys when things go as planned.  He can be a little bossy and uptight at times, but Cogsworth is kindhearted and very polite.

Lumiere – ESFP

“Ma chère mademoiselle. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents your dinner.”

Lumiere enjoys lighting up a room.  He’s more than happy to take center stage, and his bright personality commands attention.  He is spontaneous but also present-oriented and good at getting things done, and he is skilled in dealing with others.

Mrs. Potts – ESFJ

“Well, you can start by making yourself more presentable. Straighten up. Try to act like a gentleman.”

A very motherly and caring teapot, Mrs. Potts is always there to look out for Chip and the others.  She often has some good advice to share, and is eager to help out and give encouragement and offer suggestions.

Chip – ENFP

“Do I still have to sleep in the cupboard?”

Chip is an ever-curious little cup.  He is playful, sweet, and always interested in whatever is going on.  He’s a big question-asker and dreamer.

Fifi – ISFP

“I’ve been burnt by you before!”

Fifi is playful, sweet, and flirtatious.  

Are You Alone?

There were a lot of advantages to working in a small, three person office; no gossip, no drama, and a grateful, genuinely kind boss who recognized how vital her two employees were to keep things running. There were downsides, too, like not having anyone new, or at least different, to talk to for forty hours a week and the generally slow nature of the business, which meant I probably spent more time surfing the net than I did doing actual work.

In the beginning, it was pretty much ideal; I did the work that came my way and then spent the rest of my day doing whatever I wanted (within reason, the boss lady still liked to believe I was being productive). After a couple years, however, it had started to get pretty old. The job was dull and unfulfilling and I got zero satisfaction out of it, but I was far too loyal to Tanya to leave, so I was stuck in a sort of limbo.

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-my heart is in hers

Anonymous said:

I’m down for a break up imagine with a really moody and self destructive Jug teehee 

pairing: jughead jones x reader 

a/n: a very vague request but one I ran with anyway!

Jughead remembers. He remembers like it was yesterday, and in his lost and limbo induced mind it might as well have been the day after everything had ended. Time doesn’t seem to matter anymore, and it certainly doesn’t go by like it used to. It feels sometimes, like every clock he sets his eyes on ticks a little slower than the second before. 

Nothing makes sense, and he doesn’t care to make sense of it all. He doesn’t even try. Those minutes and hours that go by at an agonizing pace are spent cooped up in the trailer his father once owned, and doing nothing but watching football games on a tv that went out of fashion five years prior. He doesn’t even like football. 

There’s a certain irony to the whole situation. How he thought he was making things better, while in reality he was just making things worse. How he imagined he’d feel good about it, happier that he was no longer holding certain people back. 

“I’m not good enough for you!” 

“Stop saying that, stop repeating that line like you actually believe it!” 

“It’s because I do believe it! I’m nothing, alright?” 

The lips that had been hovering over a beer bottle slowly wrapped around the neck, and Jughead Jones tipped a generous amount back. He closed his eyes as the dark taste hit his throat, and the memories clouded his mind. 

The fuzzy television was crackling weakly as the football commentators shouted through the speakers about a game Jughead had lost interest in fifteen minutes ago. Jughead had forgotten what team he was supposed to be cheering on. He didn’t even care. 

These days he tells himself he doesn’t care about a lot of things, and most of the time it’s the truth. He doesn’t care that he’s started drinking more than usual or that he hasn’t cleaned the trailer in months. It doesn’t bother him that his eyes have permanently partnered with purple bags that make him look like he hasn’t slept properly in weeks. His sleep pattern is another thing he doesn’t care about. 

However, as uncaring and unemotional as he seemed to everyone in Riverdale and to himself, Jughead Jones cared a little too much about the girl he had let go. It had been for the best, he had told himself, it was all for the best. 

Of course it had been for the best. How could anyone think that being with him was a good idea? After two years of a relationship going nowhere he knew it had been time to cut things loose, to let her go. He had fought with her so many times recently that it had gotten too monotonous and weary, and when he looked back now he knew he had done it all on purpose, just so she could have walked away on her own. 

But she hadn’t. Y/n had stayed until he had been forced to break her heart himself. 

He was a Jones, and Jones men weren’t good men. They were drunks, and liars and accessories to murder. They didn’t deserve good girls, or a good life. It was logic really, the most heart wrenching, cold and bitter logic there was. As he sat there in the old and worn armchair by the trailers window he felt exactly like his father. 

He was all alone, with a bottle between his fingers and the staleness of the one before still resting on his lips. 

This is why he had walked away. This is the reason he had let her go and be happier with someone else. But if it was right, then why did it feel so wrong? So out of place? 

His answers were stalled in his half drunken mind as a loud rap on the trailers door made the whole place shake. Jughead groaned loudly enough that he knew the person outside would hear him. He knew exactly who it would be. 

“Go away Archie!” he said angrily, throwing an empty beer can from yesterday at the door. The banging persisted, and so did Jughead’s annoyance. 

“Jug, open the door! I know you’re in there!” came the voice of Archie Andrews. 

“Of course you know I’m in here, I just answered you two seconds ago and the lights are on!” Jughead sarcastically remarked, rolling his baggy eyes. 

“I’m giving you five seconds to open this door, or I’m going to kick it down” he sounded angry, but Jughead just smiled widely to himself and put his feet up on the coffee table. 

“Go right ahead” he said back while taking another swig of beer. He always did like Archie’s dramatic displays of heroics. 

He heard rummaging on the steps outside, and very soft grunts before the sound of the lock clicking rang louder than anything else. Jughead tried to hide his surprise at Archie actually being in his trailer by dropping his eyes to the bottle of Coor’s in his hand. 

“So what happened to kicking my door down? Has the ginger stallion lost his bravado?” Jughead scoffed, still avoiding his best friends gaze. 

“I see you haven’t lost your sarcasm” Archie told him with narrowed eyes “and besides, I remember where you keep your key" 

“I’ve told you before, my odd sense of sarcasm and humour is just my way -”

“Of relating to the world, yeah I know” Archie said, not able to keep his eyes from looking all around “when was the last time you cleaned in here?” 

“So I haven’t spring cleaned yet? Sue me” 

“Look Jug, I came here as a favour to Betty, alright?” Archie squeezed the bridge of his nose with his fingers “she’s worried about you. You haven’t been eating the dinners she’s left for you, you don’t answer her calls, she said she wanted to meet you for lunch the other day and you never showed up” 

“Look, tell your wife I appreciate the concern, and the fact she’s been leaving me food but I’m seriously alright, plus old Mrs Myers next door really likes Betty’s cooking” he took another swig of beer “I’m doing great, Arch. No need to worry about me” 

“Jughead, you haven’t turned up to work in three weeks. I know you’re my best friend, and I know you don’t want to see me of all people but this has to stop. Whatever happened between you and my sister was hard, I get it. Betty and I have broken up plenty of times, but it always worked out in the end” Archie tried to use words of comfort, but they weren’t working. 

“You know why it always worked out in the end?” Jughead asked, taking his feet off the coffee table and standing up “it’s because Betty was a Cooper, and she was a cheerleader and you were the star football player and the guy that every girl wanted! You inherited your fathers business and Betty took over the Register, and you had perfect kids while I stayed stuck here in this god damn trailer while everyone in this town hated me because of what my father did!” 

“Jughead, don’t think like that” Archie coaxed. 

“Don’t think like that! It’s true, Archie. I’m twenty six years old and people still haven’t let me live it down yet, and I know I made some bad choices and I know I hurt your sister, but she’s better off without me” he said, pushing past Archie to get to the fridge. He swung it open with force and grabbed another bottle of beer. 

“You think y/n cared about all that? She’s loved you since she was sixteen! Don’t you get that?” Archie defended, the image of his little sister swimming in his mind. 

“I know she loved me, and I loved her too” Jughead’s voice was soft, and broken “but I’m the son of a man who went to prison for dumping a body of a boy we went to school with, a man who lead a gang that I decided to join. I’m the person who hurt her by not coming home some nights, for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries. It was great while it lasted Arch, but I knew we had to grow up sooner or later” 

“So you’re just going to stay in this trailer and drink yourself to death? To never come near any of your friends again, to just forget everything?” Archie furiously shouted, his eyes boring into the face of the boy he called his only brother “is that Jughead Jones’ grand master plan? Is that it?” 

“Yes that’s it!” Jughead shouted back, a fist slamming onto the counter “that’s exactly what I’m going to do because that’s exactly what we Jones men do” 

“No” Archie shook his head, a ginger wave flopping into his eye “no that’s not what you do. You’re just becoming exactly what everyone thinks you are, not who you really are” 

“It doesn’t matter who I really am. I lost that part of myself the minute I let your sister walk out that door. My heart is in hers Archie, and she’s gone, so is the rest of me” Jughead sighed heavily, his shoulders sagging deeply. 

“You need to stop this, Jughead! You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to realise that you were happier with her” Archie told him with a set brow, feeling the need to defend his sister’s love for Jughead even though she wasn’t here. 

“Yeah you know what, I was happier with her. I was the happiest I’ve ever been but y/ns happier without me. She’s better off without me” Jughead said, his eyes never leaving Archie’s. 

“But Jughead -” 

“But nothing Archie, alright? I’m tired of talking about this, I’m tired of thinking about this. So just leave me alone” he pleaded. 

Archie took a long hard look at his best friend, contemplating fighting with him further and stressing that if he continued this way, he’d end up all alone for the rest of his life. He wanted to tell him that his sister was hurting too, but he didn’t want to add to the pain Jughead already felt. He just sighed heavily and turned towards the door. 

“You never seen yourself when you were with her Jug, but I did. You were a better man because of her” Archie almost whispered, one hand on the door. Jughead just stared at the back of his head, and then, he was gone. 

Another week had passed by. Another agonizing length of time that had gone by so slowly it made Jughead want to tear his hair out. He had spent it staring at walls and absently listening to that fuzzy television of his while barely eating the pizza’s he had delivered every night. He was living in limbo, and it was a state that made it hard for him to distinguish between reality and the haziness of his own mind. He could have died sitting there and he wouldn’t even have noticed. 

He now stood in the shower, the scalding beads of water dropping onto his skin and turning it an angry red. He didn’t care. He just stood there and let the shampoo run down his back as it fell from his long black hair. Showering was the only real thing that broke up his day and got him off the couch. A whole month had gone by like this, and he was beginning to wonder when he’d crack. 

A thought, a flitting and whimsical one had crossed his mind earlier where he imagined himself actually returning to work for Archie. His money was dwindling down slowly and he knew if he didn’t get back on his feet, he’d surely go mad. But rejoining society after a month of seclusion didn’t seem like the best thing to do. 

What if Y/n Andrews was at the construction site one day? What if he ran into her at the supermarket? What if he found her in the arms of some other man one day? All these what ifs made him pull back on his decision to denounce being a hermit. So he stayed put. In this trailer. Slowly dying. 

All of a sudden he found himself standing in front of the bathroom mirror, pulling on a pair of sweatpants. He hadn’t even remembered getting out of the shower. 

His eyes followed his reflection, and his shoulders sagged at the sight. His face was pale, his eyes were red and coupled with deep bags that were hardly flattering. He looked like a heartbroken man, and he was. But his heartbreak was for the best. Or so he kept telling himself. 

A sharp rap on his front door made him snap his eyes away from the reflection of his tired looking face. He gripped the sink tightly and groaned in frustration so loudly he felt his muscles tremor with the strain. 

He had told Archie to leave him alone. But obviously the message hadn’t sank past his ginger hair. Jughead thought about ignoring him, however the knocking continued but not as persistently as Archie normally knocked. Jughead sighed and ran a hand through his wet hair and quickly pulled on a tshirt over his damp body. 

He grumbled all the way to the front door, cursing Archie Andrews and his persistence. He grabbed the handle of the front door and swung it open, a look of pure sourness on his face. 

“Archie I’ve told you to leave me alone!” 

But it wasn’t Archie who was standing there. It was the person Jughead had constantly thought about for the past month, and who he had been desperately in love with since he was eighteen years old, and the person who he had only been brave enough to ask out two years ago. The person he had let go. 

“Y/n?” he quivered out, his eyes blinking at her as she stood there on the steps outside his trailer. 

“Hi Juggie” her voice was so soft, and his heart clenched at her words. 

“W-what are y-you doing here?” he choked out. He could barely speak when she was looking at him with those beautiful eyes. Those eyes that looked too much like his now. Red and raw. 

“Archie told me you were doing pretty bad” y/n told him while folding her arms around herself “I just wanted to see if you were alright” 

“I’m fine” he said weakly. He didn’t believe that, and neither did she. 

“No, you’re not” she shook her head, feebly tucking a lock of long hair behind her ear. 

“How would you know that?” he asked, trying his hardest to seem moody and cold, hoping that his attitude might cause her to walk away. 

“Because I’m not fine” y/n told him, and at those words he seemed to shrink and disappear and as she gently pushed past him to get into his trailer he knew he hadn’t the strength to tell her to leave. 

“We need to talk, Jughead. It’s been a month now and -” 

“And what? We’re not together anymore so we don’t need to talk” the words stung him as they left his mouth, but he swallowed back the pain “so you, and Archie, and Betty can just go away and stop worrying about me because I’m fine” 

“You know the more you say that the less you believe it” y/n told him, a flicker of sadness lighting up her eyes. He was afraid then and there that she’d start crying. 

“Why are you really here?” he asked her, finding it hard to look at her but he seen her move closer to him from the corner of his eye. 

“It’s been a month now Juggie, and I know you and I don’t want to be apart” she told him, her face screwed up and her voice tight “it doesn’t make sense for us to be apart” 

“I gave my reasons why we should be apart” 

“Your reasons are bullshit” she told him angrily. 

“Bullshit? You know better than I do that this life here, the one that I could give you isn’t good enough!” Jughead announced with an angry flourish of his hands, but y/n persisted forward. 

“That’s not true” she shook her head stubbornly, her hands shaking as they attempted to take his face. He stopped her halfway, his fingers winding around hers as he held them in the air. 

“Yes it is” he whispered softly, looking into her face fondly “I’m not good enough for you, and someone else will make you happier” 

How could he know that? She kept asking herself the same question. Jughead knew her inside and out, he knew everything she hated and the things she loved the most. Her annoying habits, and the music she loved to dance to. But how could he know that she would be happier without him? He truly didn’t, and she knew that. 

“You’re wrong” she breathed out, her heart racing at the fact that he was touching her in some way, the heat of his hands in hers “I won’t ever be happy with anyone unless that person is you” 

“You started talking about babies, and our future and I just knew I couldn’t give you those things you wanted. I’m not like Archie, I’m not perfect and I know you’d be better with someone like him” Jughead felt worthless and totally incompetent to be anywhere near someone like Y/n Andrews right now. 

“My brother’s not perfect Jug, he’s far from it. Why do you feel this way, huh? Is it because of what happened with your father years ago? Is it because you think living here isn’t good enough?” she asked him, slowly letting her hands slip from his and this time he let her take his face “none of that matters” 

“Of course it matters, y/n. You want to start a family, get married and live here in this trailer park for the rest of your life?” he asked her, his eyes tracing how the faint light of inside was bouncing off her face “all of our friends were moving on, getting good jobs and new houses and we were stuck. We’re stuck y/n

“We’re still young, and we have the rest of our lives to figure it out. So what if we live here? As long as I have you then none of it matters. I love you, Jughead” at her words he closed his eyes and he let himself feel his heart beating. It felt far away, like it wasn’t in his body but hers. 

“Do you love me?” she asked him and he opened his eyes. It was a shock for him to hear her actually ask. Before, his I love you’s had been offered so freely to her and at the most unexpected of times. Now she had to ask, with a genune concern in her voice. As if she believed he was capable of not loving her any longer. 

“Of course I love you” he took her face now and she dropped her hands to his waist, nimbly holding him as if he would break “I told you to walk away because I love you, because I want better for you”

“You can’t tell me to leave and expect me to stay away, because I won’t” y/n told him “I’m staying with you, Jug. I gave you my heart a long time ago, and you’re always going to have it” 

“What did I ever do to deserve someone like you in my life?” he asked her softly, his thumbs stroking her damp cheeks. 

“You deserve the world, Jughead” she told him and he smiled a genuine smile as she leaned towards him. He held her tightly as they kissed, and he told himself that when the sun came up everything could change. Maybe this had been a dream, or maybe it was frighteningly real and she was really here in his arms. 

Maybe he wasn’t good enough, but as long as she believed he was then that would have to do. He kissed her like it was their last kiss, and he held her like she was a part of him. But he was more a part of her, since every breath he took was hers, and the heart he had once owned now belonged to her entirely. 

Am I an INFP or an INFJ? The questioning never ends, especially when I find so many relatable tidbits from both camps. I can’t tell you how much I relate to this list of turn-ons for INFJs. And oh, yeah, my INFP-like idealism won’t let me settle for someone unless they possess every single trait listed here.

The mbti types as characters from Osomatsu san

ISTJ- Chibita

ISTP- Ichimatsu


ESTJ- Akumatsu

ISFJ- Homura/Home run-chan

ISFP- The dayon girl

ESFP- Osomatsu

ESFJ- Dekapan

INFJ- Kamimatsu

INFP- Hatabo

ENFP- Jyushimatsu

ENFJ- Karamatsu

INTJ- Choromatsu

INTP- Totoko

ENTP- Dayon

ENTJ- Iyami


This Friday’s contest winner and a lil’ first impression doodle - ALROY!

He was handed over to me on DeviantArt with no description and lots of kind words. Despite it, the drawing alone really caught my eye when I first saw it and seemed to tell a story on its own!

Dw, I’ll practice this dude a heck lot more to make the first concept pieces look good, haha. Same goes for all entries; my lil’ doodles below are just ideas of what it COULD look like in the comic! This is nothing official, haha.

Thanks to Mrs-Myers on DeviantArt for participating and showing me this lovely fella! 

Until next friday, y’all! Thanks for following EERIE’s development and have fun creating! :D

Contest entries will be accepted until the 10th of July - don’t forget! 

Songs that remind us of each type

ESTP: Could Have Been Me -The Struts
ISTP: Made -Battle Tapes
ISFP: Me, Myself & I -G-Eazy x Bebe Rexha
ESFP: HandClap -Fitz and the Tantrums
ENFP: 2 Heads -Coleman Hell 
INFP: Video Girl -FKA twigs
INTP: Anything -Hedley
ENTP: That’s How You Know - Nico & Vinz ft. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha
ENTJ: The Man Who Sold the World -Midge Ure
INTJ: Me Too -Meghan Trainor
INFJ: Car Radio -Twenty One Pilots
ENFJ: Downtown -Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
ESFJ: If It Wasn’t For You -Various Cruelties
ISFJ: Waiting For Love -Avicii
ISTJ: DONE. -The Band Perry
ESTJ: Mr. Roboto -Styx

This Love is Irrelephant

Summary: Dan or Phil are in a biology test or something and they try to tell the other the answer which is something like elephant and they think they say ‘I love you’

Words: 1962

Genre: Fluff, High School!Phan, Teenager!Phan, Friends to Lovers

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: None, just light swearing

A/N: I suck at endings, thank you

Dan went through the flashcards one more time as everyone buzzed around him. Today was the big biology test, the test he had studied a few weeks for, non stop. Biology was never his strong point so he had to study for it more than for any other subject, in order to keep his perfect GPA. He stared blankly at the pieces of paper on his hands, not really reading anything. The stress had already taken over him judging by the shaking hands and knees.

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Psychoanalysis of Horror Icons:
What happens if we analyze the psyches of fictional characters as if they were real? What is it about horror icons Michael Myers of the Halloween film franchise and John “Jigsaw” Kramer of the Saw series that captures our attention and fires our imaginations? Forensic psychologist Dr. Clarissa Cole pries open the lids and pokes around for us.

Horror Icon Michael Myers—Halloween Film Series

A young white male, named Michael was born into a comfortable middle-class family on October 19th of 1957 to Ron and Edith. He had one older sister, Judith (11 years his elder) and eventually one younger sister named Laurie. His upbringing was supposedly very quiet and normal in the suburban town of Haddonfield, Illinois. 
However, by Michael’s 6th birthday, it was obvious that he was having some adjustment problems. From around April of that year (1963), the young Michael had stopped communicating verbally (selective mutism). This worried his parents and his teachers, but they hadn’t yet referred him for psychological treatment, preferring to think of it as “a phase.”

Then, on the evening of October 31st (Halloween), after participating in his school’s costume contest, Michael went out trick-or-treating with his friends. This proceeded without incident until Michael came to his own house to receive candy from his older sister, who was handing out goodies at the door. Upon seeing that Judith was not alone–as she was intended to be, while babysitting their younger sister, Laurie–Michael experienced a very strong negative reaction. He was infuriated that Judith was spending time with her boyfriend and ignoring the needs of their sister, so shortly after Judith’s boyfriend vacated the residence, Michael went to the kitchen and retrieved a large kitchen knife. He proceeded to stab Judith viciously until she was deceased while wearing the clown mask from his school Halloween costume.

Michael was subsequently admitted to Smith’s Grove Mental Hospital, where he spent the next 15 years. Unfortunately, after a decade and a half, the 21-year-old Michael Myers escaped the sanatorium on the day before Halloween to continue his murderous spree.


Beginning in Mr. Myers childhood, he was showing signs of trauma, most prominently evidenced by selective mutism. This disorder (usually seen in early childhood) is often the result of the child feeling overwhelming anxiety upon speaking. This can occur because of an expressive language deficit (like a lisp), but can also result in response to trauma. Given that Mr. Myers did not experience a language problem prior to age six, it stands to reason that his selective mutism occurred in response to a stressor of some kind. This stressor was significant enough to render him mute in most situations for the better part of six months. Whether or not the stressor was internal (burgeoning psychosis) or external (abuse) is not known.

What is known is that Mr. Myers seemed to develop a strong and overtly violent reaction when confronted with anything sexual in nature. Upon seeing his sister kissing her boyfriend, he felt extreme rage. This pattern reproduced itself in several instances (victims who had been engaged in the act of intimacy). Mr. Myers also appeared to be fixated on eliminating members of his family, stopping at nothing to eradicate his bloodline.

In conclusion, it his hypothesized that Mr. Myers experienced some severe form of sexual abuse in his childhood, either inside the home, or at the hands of a person close to his family. His helplessness and anger eventually escalated to a breaking point that pushed him over the edge into psychosis. He was subsequently unable–or unwilling–to cease his activities, favoring instead to give in to his delusional and violent mindset regarding the Myers clan.

Diagnoses: Schizoaffective Disorder, continuous; Antisocial Personality Disorder; Rule/Out Childhood Sexual Abuse

Cast of Characters: Batman Villains

Wild how much you learn about a subject in just a few months. This was my first fully-fledged Cast of Characters chart, and I was super giddy at how popular it got. I’m not sure that I stand by all my typings now (for instance, I might flip Scarecrow and Riddler, and both Two-Face and Harvey Dent are far too dour to be ENFPs), but it was an interesting experiment, and I’m still keen on finding types other than INTJ and ENTJ to describe popular villains

I just re-watched Tim Burton’s Batman Returns the other night though, and I’m completely convinced that Penguin is a Provider, a type that doesn’t usually get villainous. Danny DeVito’s portrayal was utterly pitiful, frightening, and fascinating all at the same time, with a depth the animated version never really found. Perhaps a separate Penguin post is in order.


Kalona, Iowa
Population: 2,363

“Amish settlement in what is now the Kalona area began in the 1840s, placing the Amish among the very first European settlers in the area. Other Amish groups came later. The Beachy Amish, for example, first arrived in the 1920s.  The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway built a 66-mile branch from Iowa City to What Cheer via Kalona in 1879. 

Kalona was established by the railroad on August 6, 1879. The name was suggested to the railroad by a Mr. Myers, who owned a bull of that name. The town remained unincorporated until 1890. Kalona is home to a burgeoning craft, antiques and local products industry. Its proximity to both Iowa City, Iowa and a large Amish settlement have allowed growth in population and industry in recent years. The town is home to a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants. This quaint city centers around the historic old town business section of Kalona, which features many local businesses that are popular with tourists.”