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A special Mother’s Day shout-out to a few of my favorite horror mommas. Keep it rad, ladies.

Scream Killer's Identity: TV Series vs. Movies

Season 1 & Scream 3: The Half Sibling - For both season 1 of the TV series and the third movie of the film franchise, the killer is revealed to be the half sibling of the “final girl” (Emma/Sidney). Both Piper and Roman used their killing sprees as revenge against the mothers who abandoned them and the sisters that were given the life they so desperately wanted for themselves. It is also revealed that the killer in both season 1 and Scream 3 knew the boyfriend of the “final girl” beforehand, and thus put into effect, the chain of events that conspire during season 2 and Scream 1.

Season 2 & Scream 1: The Boyfriend - For both season 2 of the TV series and the first movie of the film franchise, the killer is revealed to be the boyfriend of the “final girl”. Both Kieran and Billy are motivated to go on their killing spree because they are angry at their fathers for relationships that developed with the mother of the “final girl”. But Kieran has some added reasons. Mainly being that he was in a relationship with Piper before coming to Lakewood and the killings for season 2 were fueled by his anger of her being killed by Emma and Audrey.

Season 3 & Scream 2: The Vengeful Parent? If Scream does get picked up for a third season, could we finally see Brandon James back as the killer, while he avenges his daughter’s murder? In Scream 2 it was revealed that one of the killers (the killer with real motivation if you will), was Billy’s mother: seeking revenge for her son’s death. With the TV series’ first two seasons mirroring the killer’s identity in two other films in the franchise, could we see the next season following suit? A couple clues in the season 2 finale show that perhaps this could be the case (or at least that Brandon James will finally make an appearance in season 3). The first clue comes from the phone call that Kieran receives in prison. It seems that the writers wanted the audience to believe that this was Brandon calling. Could it be? The second clue comes from the note that Maggie finds. The note that she left for Brandon in their secret spot; but now stabbed into the tree with a knife with a blood stain. Was Brandon the one who left the note there, or was it someone else? Looks like we will just have to wait and see about.