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So? DO murder and calm go together???

Reupload of a Froggy lip-sync


“It was terrible. It was just terrible. I’ll never get over it as long as I live!”

Don Knotts spends a nerve-wracking night in the old Simmons mansion in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966)

Well, I’ve seen some of the Disney Films that he Starred in on DVD at Costco/Price Club, so why do a Tribute on this Funny Gentleman.
Here is a Voice Acting Tribute to Mr. Don Knotts, who is Best Known for playing Barney Fife in ‘the Andy Griffith Show’, also star of 'the Apple Dumpling Gang’, 'It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World’, 'Gus’, & 'Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo’.
But he is the Dashing voice of Henry Limpet(In which he played a Live-Action role & an Animated Fish Character role) in 'the Incredible Mr. Limpet’, Playing his Animated self in 'the New Scooby-Doo Movies’, Gee Willikers in 'Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night’, Professor Nidaros in 'the Little Troll Prince’ & Wormie in 'Hermie & Friends’.

I stared out the window of the bus, watching the people and the cars. On days like this, after being publicly humiliated, getting myself to the point where I was willing to walk through the door was about making deals with myself and trying to look past the school day.

Look forward to what you’ll do when it’s over.

I told myself that I would go to Mrs. Knott’s computer class. None of the Trio would be there, it was usually pretty easygoing, and I could take the time to browse the web. From there, it was just a matter of convincing myself to walk down the hall to Mr. Gladly’s class.

Oh hey, it’s the recently de-transphobified Mrs. Knott! And the less pleasant Mr. Gladly.

So assuming Taylor makes it to Mrs. Knott’s class, are we in for more research, perhaps on some of the villains the Undersiders mentioned during the recruitment?

If I just made myself do that, I promised myself, I would give myself a treat. A lunch break spent reading one of the books I’d been saving, or a rare snack bought from the store after school.

You can do it, Taylor! I believe in you!

For the afternoon classes, I’d inevitably come up with something else to look forward to, like watching a TV show I liked or working on my costume. Or, I thought, maybe I could just look forward to hanging out with Lisa, Alec and Brian.


Of course, Rachel is missing from that list, at least for now.

Outside of the part where I nearly got mauled by Bitch’s dogs, it had been a nice night. Thai food, five of us lounging on two couches, watching an action movie on a huge entertainment system with surround sound.

“Oh, I almost got brutally injured, but other that that, it was nice!”

Really, though, that does sound nice.

I wasn’t forgetting what they were, but I rationalized that I had no reason to feel bad about spending time with them when we were – for all intents and purposes – just a group of teenagers hanging out. Besides, it was for a good cause, if it meant they relaxed around me and maybe revealed secrets. Right?

She’s still in denial about what she’s actually doing among the Undersiders.

Mrs. Knott arrived at the classroom around the same time I did, and unlocked the room to let us file in. As one of the last of fortyish students to arrive, I’d wound up at the back of the crowd.

Everything is so much better in those cases where you’ve got either an open door before the teacher arrives or a small group to bottleneck through the door.

While I waited for enough space to open up at the door, I saw Sophia talking to three of the girls from the class.

Uh oh, that’s bad.

It looked like she had just come from her track practice. Sophia was dark skinned with black hair normally long enough to reach to the small of her back, though she currently had it in a ponytail. I couldn’t help but resent the fact that even with her being sweaty, dusty, and a notorious bitch, pretty much every guy in the school would still pick her over me.

Y'know, I’m not sensing a lot of respect for guys’ ability to actually consider their mates based on more than just looks.

Which, I mean… In some cases Taylor’s right, yes. I’m pretty sure they’re not the majority, though, and Taylor’s attitude towards it is beginning to get a little irritating.

That said, I don’t consider it a fault of the story or of Wildbow. Unlike the Mrs. Knott fiasco, it’s actually clear in this case that this one’s on Taylor.

And I can’t really fault her for it either - it’s a somewhat reasonable conclusion to make based on everything society feeds girls her age about boys her age, and based on her own perspective, which is biased against her own likability.

Quick Cryptid Snippet: The Crowing Crested Cobra

Within the continent of Africa, there is said to be a large snake that hides among rock and boulder patches on the side of small mounds known as hillocks. The unknown reptile is believed to feast upon the abundance of Rock Hyraxes (a small mammal that resembles a guinea pig but is closely related to elephants and manatees) within the region and is considered to be extremely venomous to both animals and humans. Thought to be able to grow to lengths of over 20ft, the Crowing Crested Cobra makes the deadly 9ft Black Mamba look tiny by comparison and ultimately ranks as one of the largest snakes in the world, just behind the Anaconda. Not completely satisfied with striking fear into just about anyone who ventures into large fields littered with rocks and boulders, the snake is occasionally sighted high in the branches of trees of the area as well. The slithering serpent is said to lay dormant on a branch until anything that it deems worthy of being a meal walks underneath. Once the soon to be meal is within range, the snake shoots downward with fangs exposed and delivers a fatal dose of venom with just one bite. The unfortunate victim is dead within seconds.

So what is so special about this deadly snake that resides in Africa? Besides its potent venom and enormous size, the snake is also said to possess a brownish-black skin tone, a bright red face, a red bony coxcomb, and facial wattles like that of a rooster. Oh yeah, it is also able to crow, again just like a rooster. To clarify, only the males of this species of snake are said to sound exactly like a rooster crowing in the morning, the females are said to sound more like a clucking hen. Both male and female are said to be able to produce the same warning sound which resembles a deep, low clicking noise. This sound is emitted whenever someone or something ventures too close to their den and the warning  is heard for only a few seconds before the snake lets out its specific cry and strikes. After reading about this snakes unique features, there is no way it could be a real creature. It is way too unbelievable, right? Don’t be so sure just yet.

In 1944, a local witch doctor by the name of J. O. Shircore published an article in the paper on the unique features of an unknown snake skeleton that he had in his possession at the time. The skeleton possessed remnants of a five boned coxcomb that still had bits of red flesh attached to it, as well as the exact same kind of rib bones found within the flexible hoods of normal cobras. Originally played off as a genetic abnormality and nothing more, Shircore vowed the creature was anything but a rare fluke. A few years later, Shircore would be presented with two additional snake skeletons that also possessed bony coxcombs, preserved flesh, and cobra hood rib bones. Sadly the skeletons were never taken seriously and were eventually lost after never having been thoroughly studied.

Nearly 15yrs later in May of 1959, a new report of a Crowing Crested Cobra would come to light and spark interested in the snake once again. A man by the name of John Knott was said to be driving back to his home when he encountered a large snake crossing the road in front of him. Unable to stop, Mr. Knott ran over the large creature and killed it. Intrigued by the strange creature he had just witnessed, Mr. Knott got out of his car and walked over to the body of the dead reptile before him and studied it closely. He described seeing the body of a snake that was nearly 7ft long, was black in color, and possessed a red crest upon its head which appeared to have five spikes within it. Having satisfied his curiosity, he left the body where it rested in the dirt and returned home.

So what is the Crowing Crested Cobra? Is it really an unknown snake that sounds like a rooster/hen? More than likely not. Many researchers believe in the theory of misidentification during ecdysis. Basically, this means that the misidentification happens while a snake is shedding its skin. Some people feel that back in the day, a snake (or snakes) which was in the process of shedding the skin on its head, was seen while remnants of the old skin still remained attached. This gave the illusion that the snake had a head crest or coxcomb. Combine that with the fear that some get when they see a snake in general, and you have a new even deadlier creature to be afraid of. But what about the reported crowing sounds the snake is said to make? Some researchers believe that what some witnesses of this snake were actually hearing were the sounds made by a dying animal as it was being attacked and eaten by an unseen snake, quite possibly a Black Mamba, a Gaboon Viper, or a Rhinoceros Viper.

-The Pine Barrens Institute

As I got off the bus, a pair of old notebooks in one hand, I just kept all that in mind. I could relax in Mrs. Knott’s class, and then I just had to sit through three 90 minute classes. Maybe, it occurred to me, I could try and find and talk to my art teacher over the lunch break.

Woah, Taylor actually seeking out an authority figure to talk about her problems, or at least how they impact that particular authority figure…

It would mean staying out of the trio’s way, and I could maybe work something out as far as doing another project or at least not getting a zero. My marks were okay enough that I could probably manage a passing grade with a zero on the midterm project, but still, it would help. I wanted to do more than just pass, especially with all this crap I had to put up with.

Taylor deserves more.