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So I know that "Pokémon, I choose You" is coming out for the 20 year anniversary

But honestly all I want is a Brock, Misty, Gary movie with them getting into weird situations and messing around but still being awesome Pokémon trainers.

Some people are disappointed that all of them are replaced by new characters in the movie but I just want these three to live the “Wacky Adventures in Kanto” while Ash is traveling the world tbh.

Like I don’t even want Ash in the plot at all. No pokeshipping, no palletshipping, just the three of these losers having to save Mrs. Ketchum from being kidnapped by aliens or something and just arguing the whole time.

The Misty/Gary dynamic would be a lot like the original Misty/Ash where they argue and Brock would be middleman but it also has more sass so it’s better.

It would be a nice way combine the nostalgia for the Indigo League while still breaking new life into the characters and keeping with the continuity for newer fans.

Honestly, that’s probably the best way to characterize these three beyond what they are right now, with them not being tied down to Ash, who abandoned them and our nostalgia long ago.

Pokemon Headcanon: The Ketchum's

I’m sorry Ketchum’s. I’m really really sorry…


Red is Ash’s older brother - but Ash never finds out about it. When Ash is off on his journey, it allows Red to visit their mother, Delia.

Delia told Ash that his father was off on his Pokemon Journey, but in fact, his father left her with Red at home - she was only two months pregnant with Ash at that time.

Once Red got older, he started his own journey and became the Champion of Kanto. He resides on Mt. Silver, but he does go home to see his mother, and occasionally his brother. Though both agreed that Ash should not find out that he’s related to the Champion.

Red is several years older than Ash. Approximately 10 years older.

Because Ash is unaware of Red, he still pursues to become a Pokemon Master. Delia would cover almost all of the pictures of her and Red with pictures with her and Ash. She has kept one picture with her and Red and baby Ash in her room under her bed - for memories sake.

When Ash is off on his yearly trips in whatever faraway region to become the Champion of said region, Red would come home to see Delia and would sleep in Ash’s room - it was also his old room.

Both would feel genuinely feel guilty that Ash doesn’t know about Red. But they both know that the consequences are. Ash would compare himself to Red and would ultimately go into depression. He would usually fail at trying to become the Champion. It would also cause Ash to resent his brother, Red, for beating him to his dream.

Red loves Ash dearly. But he doesn’t want him to find out about him. Delia would write to Red about Ash’s well being and what’s he’s been up to lately.

Delia had a difficult time giving birth to her son, Ash - he was born prematurely. She was worried that Ash might not make it. He was placed in the incubator for weeks before Delia was able to take him home.

Red had turned nine when Delia brought Ash home. Red helped out with taking care of his baby brother when his mother was tired and exhausted. Of course, this meant their relationship as brothers was very tight. two months after Ash turned two, Red was already eleven. He decided that it was time to start his own Pokemon journey. Delia was obviously upset about it, but she allowed him that opportunity. While he was gone, Ash slowly forgot about the brotherly bond he and Red had and began to believe that he is an only child. Delia decided it would be best for Ash to not know about his older brother. Red also agreed about it. Though Ash has asked his mother if he really is an only child. An answer to which Delia said “yes” to keep up the charade.

Ash, on his own, rolled off the changing table and fell onto the ground. he suffered a mild concussion - which may explain why he doesn’t remember Red. And whatever memory he did have of Red taking care of him, he simply believed that Red was just his babysitter. His memory about Red was too blurry to make the connections.

Ash and Red’s father was abusive to their mother. When she told him she was pregnant with Ash, he flipped and went to pack his things; stating that he doesn’t want to deal with taking care of another child.

Delia and Professor Oak were good friends. Professor Oak treats her like she is his own (that and she was his student). The Professor was also her godfather - having known her parents for such a long time and being very good friends with them. Professor Oak was very much heartbroken that Delia’s husband abused her and left her to become a single mother of two.

Every night, Delia would tell Ash stories about Red’s adventures. Of course, Ash was completely unaware of that fact and thought that his mother was a very good story teller.

Delia did regret breaking it off with Giovanni, but thought it was better to do so before it was too late. Though she had wished she broke up with her apparent ex husband before it was too late.

Again… Ketchum’s… I’m so sorry…

Also… I’ve been spelling Mrs. Ketchum’s name wrong the whole time I was writing this in my notebook… I kept thinking her name was “Delilah”…

I had this random mental image of Mrs. Ketchum having a sorta “not my daughter, you bitch” moment with Misty today.

The context I came up with for this is: Giovanni has his eyes set on Ash for whatever reasons. While he and his friends happen to be staying over at his house, he sends a bunch of grunts to get him, with clear orders: bring him to the TR headquarters alive and get rid of anyone who tries to step in the way if necessary. As Ash’s friends try to fight back Misty is the last one left standing (or so it would seem), but she’s eventually outpowered too–yet still she can’t back off, can’t let them take him. One of the grunts is about to deliver a fatal blow to her and her pokémon when–

–he’s stopped by the one person no one thought to put that much effort into incapacitating because they didn’t expect her to be able to put up much of a fight. Turns out they should have.

(Of course they’re going to rescue Ash together next.)

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How about Pokeshipping with 100 ("I've made my peace. But seeing you here... It's... more than I can take.")

Ash knew that his and Misty’s first visit to his mother’s house since announcing their engagement would be tough to get through. He expected the joyous squealing. He expected the bone-crushing hug. He even expected his mom to whip out some preliminary wedding plans without ever stopping to think that Misty, or even Ash himself, might have put some thought into that subject.

He hadn’t expected the crying, though.

“I’m s-sorry, dears,” Mrs. Ketchum managed through her sobbing. “I’m so happy for you both. But my little boy, growing up like this…I knew he was planning to ask..I’ve made my peace. But seeing you here…It’s…more than I can take!

Litten was out and about; he jumped into Mrs. Ketchum’s arms and nuzzled her face with his own. She squeezed the Fire-Type tightly and bawled into his fur.

Misty took Ash’s hand in her own. “Let’s give her a minute,” she whispered.