mrs. keith richards


Tim Jones and Christopher Warman, The Times, 1 July 1967

More than 400 young people massed around Eros in Piccadilly Circus, W., at 2 a.m. today to protest against the prison sentences imposed on Mr. Mick Jagger and Mr. Keith Richard of the Rolling Stones pop group.

Four people were arrested.

Leaflets circulated to the chanting crowd accused the police of brutality and said: “Calm down police. Calm down Sunday papers, calm down outraged magistrates. The laws will change and we’ll all die soon and we will win—why not get things in perspective? We are not a threat to government or the law and order—we just don’t like our people hurt.”

The police arrived in car and vanload and gently coaxed the teenagers, many wearing embroidered coats and pearls and with flowers in their hair, from Eros. Police dogs were kept firmly on the leash and at no time was violence seen to be used.

Mr. Jagger left Brixton prison in a darkened car yesterday afternoon after being allowed bail of £7,000 by the Court of Appeal. He was released pending the hearing of his appeal against conviction on a drugs charge and sentence of three months’ imprisonment.

Mr. Richaid was similarly allowed bail of £7,000 pending his appeal against conviction and sentence of one year’s imprisonment. He was picked up later at Wormwood Scrubs prison by Mr. Jagger in a dark green Bentley.

The appeals will not be heard until the autumn. A third man. Mr. Robert Hugh Fraser, director of a London art gallery, was refused bail, but his appeal against a six-month prison sentence will be heard before the end of the present law term on July 31.

Lord Justice Diplock refused an application by Mr. Michael Havers, Q.C., counsel for Mr. Jagger and Mr. Richard, that they should be allowed to leave the country while on bail.

Flowers to be Sent to Judge
A number of top pop groups iare planning to demonstrate their support for Mr. Jagger and Mr. Richard at a huge pop music concert. With the proceeds they aim to send a vast quantity of flowers to Judge Bloch, who sentenced the two Rolling Stones, as a token of their “forgiveness” for his action.

Mr. Jagger smiled and waved from his chauffeur-driven Bentley as he left Brixion prison yesterday at 4:20 pm.m. As the car with darkened windows drove along Jebb Avenue, which leads from the gaol, and into Brixton Road, Mr. Jagger sat in the back seat by himself wearing a beige sports coat, and yellow shirt. He smiled at photographers and a small group of girls, most of them in school uniform, who were waiting to see him leave.

The car then drove to west London to pick up Mr. Richard at Wormwood Scrubs gaol, in Shepherds Bush. When it arrived at 5.10 p.m. Mr. Jagger looked pale.

After spending five minutes in the gaol the car came out again with Mr. Jagger and Mr. Richard in it. It stopped for half a minute as photographers thronged around. Mr. Richard, wearing a dark! Regency-style suit, gave photographers a grin. The car drove off towards London.

Mr. Jagger and Mr. Richard celebrated their release with a drink at a public house off Fleet Street later. Mr. Richard said: “The publicity will not break up the group. There are definitely no plans to split up. We hope our fans will remain loyal.”

Of his days in prison Mr. Jagger said: “We were treated very kindly and everyone was very helpful.” He said: “ We do not bear a grudge against anyone for what has happened.”