mrs. hudson's face

John is back and currently putting away the shopping. Mrs. Hudson has followed him up and is bustling around Sherlock, who has taken up position in his armchair, hands folded as if in thought. He looks like an island of calm sorrounded by Mrs. Hudson’s buzzy bee-ing.

Honestly? I don’t buy it for a second. He might sit like that a lot, but I think it’s also his go-to move, when he is unsure of what to do with himself and doesn’t want to let on.

Meanwhile Mrs. Hudson gives him a huff as she picks up the third dirty mug  scattered around the livingroom.

H: Spring cleaning didn’t last very long, did it? But that was a lovely thing you did, Sherlock.

Sherlock’s eyes are growing wider with each word and he is vehemently shaking his head at Mrs. Hudson. John was still facing the fridge, but turns around absentmindedly at this.

J: What thing?

Sherlock gives Mrs. Hudson a look that borders on beseeching. She blinks at him twice, grins and presses her lips together.

H: How about I make you two a nice cuppa?

J: That would be lovely, Mrs. Hudson.

She throws a wink at Sherlock, who visibly startles and makes her way to the kitchen.

H: That is, if I can find the kettle in this mess.