mrs. george quote

  • Darcy: Why are you doing this?
  • Wickham: Because I'm bored, it's funny, and I hate you. There you are. The holy trinity of why.
Harry at the Weasley for Christmas
  • <p> <b></b> -Harry celebrating christmas with his sort-of family for the first time<p/><b></b> -George and Fred arguing over what spell santa claus uses to get through the chimney (”George he probably just shrinks himself”) (“Fred, you and I both know he uses a transportation spell”)<p/><b></b> -Harry convinces Ginny to go with him to santa’s village “for presents” (yeah right)<p/><b></b> -Mr. Weasley being The Master of Wrapping Gifts™<p/><b></b> -Bill totally puts up cheesy holiday decorations all over their flat<p/><b></b> -Fleur totally tries to take them all down whenever he is gone<p/><b></b> -it totally becomes a competition between them<p/><b></b> -Ron eating 1000 tons of Christmas cookies<p/><b></b> -he and Hermione make scones to leave for santa claus<p/><b></b> -Ginny lowkey hates holiday clothes<p/><b></b> -so Harry likes to dress as festively as possible to annoy her<p/><b></b> -we’re talking light-up ear muffs and ugly christmas sweaters<p/><b></b> -”i swear to god, Harry, I will crucio all of santa’s fucking reindeer if you don’t take off that stupid elf hat”<p/></p>
Girl Meets Goodbye

Cory: I love you all. Class dis…

Farkle: *leaps on to Cory’s head and smothers him* NOT YET!!

  • Wickham: You're too picky, man. You know how many girls you could have?
  • Darcy: I'm not picky. You're just impressed by any pretty girl that can walk and talk.
  • Wickham: She doesn't have to talk.