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Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay

Dead Girl Walkin’.

A/n: Yay! My first marvel fic, and of course it’s Frank, who else would it be? (Maybe Bucky….or Sam..) Points aside, I’m glad he’s the one to kick off this blog. Also big shoutout to @murdochinthetardis For beta-ing some of this. Anyway, Reqs are open, send in ask, blah blah blah.

Summary: (Set pre-season 2) After you get caught trying to do the unthinkable you get a thirty hour ticking time bomb of a punishment, and, yeah, It’s a miracle you’re not dead, truly, but come on.Thirty hours?That’s not enough time to do anything, well…maybe go see Frank. There’s time for that. Or, the one where the reader seeks a friend at the end of the world.

Word Count: 4.9K

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader.

Rating: E (for explicit, not everyone.)

Warnings: Violence, blood, Cursing, Frank is his own warning, Smut, I’m talking the freaky deaky. It’s rough, and Frank, bless his heart, is a dominant man if there ever was one. But also fluff, because he’s a sweetheart. Pining, God, you two are a mess of it I swear.

Author: Jada.



It was an absolute fact that you weren’t gonna die a peaceful death. Yeah no, you were gonna go out one of two different ways. One, a Bruce Willis, Die Hard type thing with

at least

two explosions. Or two, someone else is gonna punch your card for you. Full stop. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, that’s it.

Frank threw a guess in once. Said you’d probably go out saving a bunch’a kids from a burning building or something, because you’re a soft ass like that, Sunshine, that’s why. He was three stitches deep on his right arm, and shooting you looks from his side of the couch. Ain’t that right, Sunshine?

Nope. Nuh-uh, not even close. You get a grand total of thirty hours, all Courtesy of Mr. Kingpin himself. Fisk. What kind of name is Fisk anyway? It sounds too much like Fist, or fish, either way it’s awkward. You’re just being pissy, because you got caught, and Fisk is rubbing it in your face.

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Minnie Maddern Fiske photograph from unknown production, circa 1926 [27.1 x 23 cm] Photographed by the White Studio.

“Minnie Maddern Fiske (December 19, 1865 – February 15, 1932) was one of the leading American actresses of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. She also spearheaded the fight against the Theatrical Syndicate for the sake of artistic freedom. She was widely considered the most important actress on the American stage in the first quarter of the 20th century. Her performances in several Henrik Ibsen plays widely introduced American audiences to the Norwegian playwright.”

Imaged for preservation purposes. If anyone has a guess to what production this image is from, it would make me quite happy.


day out

Words: 2376 words of something is probably incredibly terrible 

Characters: James Wesley, Reader

Prompt: the last one of these

A/N: please please for the love of god i hope this doesn’t come off as ooc. this is mostly a set-up for the relationship i’ll be using for future wesley fics and  i need to go set up my headcanon page for the daredevil characters so you can see how i’m going to write them but jfc i’m this close to not posting this bc it seems so idk i hope you like it

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Affection (James Wesley)

Here I Am Still Wesley Trash Gosh Darn it by Fall Out Boy

This is just the two part prompt thing I did earlier merged into one bc it deserved to be tagged because there is a lack of Wesley stuff in the world.

“You know, you’re quite lucky that Y/N manages to stay with you.” Vanessa quipped with a small smile as Wesley tried to hide his annoyance, who was she to suggest he was a poor boyfriend?

“Hm, and why is that exactly?” He asked, his snappy tone not conveying a sense of actual interest.

This only served to amuse Vanessa, Wesley was a charming man but outside of being a lap dog he was rather socially inept and his buttons were quite easy to press.

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The Best New TV Characters of 2015

V.F. just released our list of the best new TV characters of 2015. Here are 9 things that make them the best. (click here to see the list of characters)

1. They’re welcoming.

2. They’re easy going.

3. They make you feel good about yourself.

4. They only wish the best for others.

5. They’ve got their shit together.

6. They’re extremely nice.

7. They’re uplifting.

8. They’re understanding.

9. But, above all else, they’re humble.


Words: 2k again apparently I write a lot for him

Characters: James Wesley, Reader, mentions of others but not enough to list them

Headcanons used: here 

A/N: holy shit this is terrible. i’ve only written 3 fight scenes in my life and this is one of them so take that as you will. semi beta-d by jamessbbarnes god bless her she’s an angel

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Can’t Help Falling (James Wesley)

I was listening to Brendon Urie sing Can’t Help Falling In Love With You when I was deciding what request to do next, so I have no regrets about the title. (It was also written listening to the Twenty One Pilots cover.. don’t judge I took two benedryl’s before I started this because I am literally allergic to the outdoors)

“Wesley, could you help Ms. Y/L/N get adjusted to our schedule?” Your new employer asked a suave looking man whose outfit probably cost more than your car.

“Y/full/N this is James Wesley, he’ll be your co-worker, I assure he will take good care of you in your first few days until you get the hang of things and can work along side him.” Fisk smiled, leaving you with Wesley.

You wouldn’t say you were a charity case but Fisk had found you working as a waitress, speaking to costumers in various languages, making arrangements, and calming rather flustered costumers, all while keeping orders straight and everything else you needed to do; he knew you could be an asset, (especially with the Russians, Wesley had a distaste for them that often complicated things). It seemed like a rather sketchy offer but the zero’s on the check he gave you for just considering the job cleared any uneasiness you felt towards it. What was the worst that could happen?

“О, смотрите мой брат, он, наконец, заменили чопорной сучка, и она, возможно, использования нам (Oh look brother he has finally replaced the prissy little bitch, and she’s possibly of use to us).“

A gruff blonde Russian man quipped upon seeing you, apparently not aware that you knew Russian as well.

“The prissy bitch is still here I’m afraid, and I am not of use to you but my employer, has some matters he needed me to discuss with you, and no, they aren’t about selling me on the streets.” You smirked, knowing that under Fisk’s protection the brothers had far more bark than bite.

“Oh and she’s smart Toly, what is it that Mr. Fisk has to address with us?” He raised an eyebrow, giving you a once over.

My employer, just wanted to ensure you’re aware of the the fact that you two keep getting your asses handed to you by that masked freak, I mean come on boys, he’s just one guy, not the infamous Russian mob.” You watched the comment effect them, the male ego was so fragile sometimes.

“Tell your employer that we will have him handled as soon as possible, and that if he wants some extra dollars to just let us have you. That dress costs about as much as you.” Vladimir remarked as you turned to leave.

“Прощай свиней (Goodbye pigs)” You called over your shoulder.

The Russians had severely hindered the operations of the Masked Man that day, it had led to Fisk praising you highly on your effectiveness and a rivalry of sorts between you and Wesley. It was mostly friendly but at times you couldn’t help but loathe the pretentious prick. He had a bigger ego than the Russians and Fisk was the only one capable of feeding it.

“Y/N, have you seen Wesley? He uh, took my gun about an hour ago and he wouldn’t answer any calls from me or Fisk.” Francis asked, a sense of panic filling you. Wesley never didn’t answer his phone, it was the one edge he had over you.

Except for what you’d told him about that lawyer girl visiting Mr. Fisk’s mother.

“Oh shit.. Francis, I think I may know where he is, you stay with Mr. Fisk and I’ll go check on him.” You hurried off, not sure why you were worrying so much about your fellow assistant.

He was a big boy, he could handle himself. Despite attempts to reassure yourself you couldn’t shake the feeling of worry that was in your gut. The feeling you had when something was very wrong.

It had taken you a while, and perhaps the situation could’ve been avoided altogether if you’d just thought a little less like yourself and a little more like James Wesley. Regardless of what could have been what did happen was you walking in to see Karen Page shoot Wesley twice before you cleared your throat, pulling out your own gun, Fisk had advised you carry one in case something were to happen to you.

“Shoot me too and I promise you’ll meet a fate much worse than whatever he promised you.” You glared at her, a protective urge you didn’t know you had washing over you.

“Now put the gun down and leave. Now, before I make us even.” You threatened cocking the gun, and following her figure out the door with it as she ran out. You probably should have shot her but you knew her and figured she’d torture herself enough over the issue and you weren’t particularly a fan of “getting even”.

“Damn it James.” You murmured as you checked for a pulse realizing the shots weren’t in fatal positions; rookie mistake. 

You sighed with relief as you found a faint but steady pulse, you pulled out your phone calling Francis as quickly as you could.

“Francis, I need an ambulance at the warehouse on W 52nd St, it’s Wesley, he’s been shot but he’s still alive, barely.” You dealt with Francis until he assured that an ambulance was on it’s way as you mentally cursed James Wesley in every language you knew.

“If you die on me I’m going to murder you again for scaring me like this.” You grumbled as you tended to his wounds the best you could until the ambulance arrived.

Watching a helpless Wesley lie in a hospital bed with tubes and monitor attached to him was not an ideal way to spend your time. Without the expensive outfits and snark he was just a man. Your fellow assistant who’d almost died. Every time the monitors made the smallest noise you would jump and get worried until you knew everything was alright.

You tried to deny the feelings that you had growing for Wesley but as you watched him lie there half dead you knew it was useless. You couldn’t help but fall in love with the snarky, pretentious, yet charming man you spent most of your time trying to outshine. You almost laughed at the cheesy-romance novel feel of it taking him almost dying for you to realize the emotions you felt for him were quite the opposite of hate.

“Y/N?” Wesley called stirring awake for the first time in a week, a sigh of relief filling you.

“Thank god you’re alive, you let Karen shoot you! It tore up your organs, she about killed you!” You scolded, a rather amused smirk spreading across his face.

“Good to see you to, I feel fine, thanks for asking.”  He remarked.

“Don’t make me sorry I saved you.” You grumbled, Wesley straining to laugh slightly at your varied emotions.

“Why don’t you get a nurse in here? Don’t they need to make sure that getting shot in the shoulder and the stomach didn’t somehow lead to me losing my mind.” You shrugged but got the nurse anyways, watching as she performed her evaluation of your partner.

“The doctor will be here to ensure everything’s okay but you should be free to go home in two days provided your girlfriend will care for your wounds and such.”

“Oh, I’m not his girlfriend, just his co-worker.” You ensured with a nervous laugh.

Why did you catch a glint of sadness in Wesley’s eyes when you corrected the nurse?

Fisk ended up assigning you to tend to Wesley until he was fully recovered. Prior to the ‘incident’ you would’ve cringed to have to spend so much time with him, and he wouldn’t have allowed it but something between the two of you had definitely changed.

At first you both chalked it up to the fear of watching someone die and the gratitude of having been saved from death but time passed and the feelings between the two of you only grew.

“What is this?” You asked one day, your thoughts spilling out of your mouth without control as you changed the bandage near his shoulder.

“What is what?” He asked slightly confused by the sudden out burst.

“What are we?” You sighed knowing it was unavoidable at this point.

“We are whatever you want us to be.” He admitted, unsure himself of what you were, a definite shift having taken place in the emotions between the two of you.

“I care about you, a lot, seeing you half dead scared me, I thought I hated you but then I thought you were gone and those feelings still haven’t gone away and I-” Wesley cut you off by gently kissing your cheek, perhaps a little alarmed by his own actions.

“Trust me, in the little consciousness I had when you found me I was the same kind of confused, I didn’t want to die with you thinking I hated you. That I was just doing things to one up you, I wanted to impress you, protect you even.” He admitted, sheepish for the first time since you’d known him.

“Well, then why don’t we try not hating each other and see where that gets us?” You asked hesitantly, not entirely sure what was James speaking and what was the drugs.

“I think that sounds like a good idea.” He smiled, a genuine smile before kissing you on the lips. Perhaps the biggest surprise from him yet.

“I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for saving my life that night.”

Frank had been running a temp job agency supplying the hospitality trade for several years, and was always keen for new business. He’d been approached by the management of Pigtown on several occasions, and had supplied them with bar staff, but couldn’t understand why they had such a high turnover. He offered to accompany a couple of new staff as they had their induction day. As he entered the building, he was unaware quite how hardcore and gay this place was, but was greeted by their HR who escorted them to the back office for privacy.

As Frank made comments on his clipboard, he watched the job inductions from behind a screen. As he supped the weird tasting coffee, he looked on with interest as the first temp reacted in his interview. His eyes glassing over as he watched the temp get cornered in the room and showered with the interviewer’s piss. Not caring that the employee’s skin was starting to darken and become shiny. He thought nothing more as the new toilet was led away to start its employment.

He was too far gone to question the unusual happenings with the second temp, as his nipples were pulled and enlarged, and the rest of his body fattened up, giving him more the look of a mancow. He found it perfectly normal as the temp was fixed up to a milking machine and taken into the kitchen.

Frank suddenly jolted himself awake out of this reverie, and reached for his clipboard, which had vanished, as had the suit he was wearing when he arrived for the induction. His horniness started to rise as he looked down at his now rubber-covered body. He explored himself and absent-mindedly slipped a couple of fingers up his hole, just the HR manager popped his head around the door and smiled at the new look Frank. “Ah, Mr Fisk. I’m glad you enjoyed the interviews. By the look of things, I think it may now be time for me to look through your resume and see where we can use your new skills in our organisation” and invited the dazed, yet now hungry-holed Frankie Fistpig into the interview room.

gayelfpirate  asked:

who do you think the villain will be for the defenders?

    There are quite a few street-level villains who have the power to be great potential adversaries for the Defenders. Here are a few who seem like prime possibilities– though this is definitely not an exhaustive list. It’s still anyone’s guess at this point!

Wilson Fisk: Fisk is always a good group villain. Even in his current state in the MCU he is still extremely powerful, and has interacted with most of the Defenders at various points in the comics. However, a lot of his power comes from manipulating people from behind the scenes. He certainly wouldn’t stand a chance against all four heroes at the same time in a physical fight. If he were the main Defenders villain he would probably have other, less powerful antagonists doing most of his dirty work– and would only reveal himself as the real mastermind at the very end.

The Hand: Daredevil Season 2 does a great job of setting up the Hand, and it’s unclear whether the follow-through of that story arc will take place in the Defenders show, or in an as-yet-unannounced third season of Daredevil. They would be a great enemy for the team-up show, since their sheer numbers and power make them tough to beat. There’s a chance that the MCU version of the Hand could be connected to the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, meaning that the Iron Fist show might provide even more of a set-up for a showdown between the Hand and the Defenders. It’s also possible that the newly-resurrected Elektra could end up leading the Hand, thus making her the main villain– or at least placing her in the position of an antihero who must regain control of her own destiny. In any case, they are certainly a strong candidate for the role.  

Steel Serpent: Steel Serpent is an Iron Fist villain who has the potential to wield enough force to threaten the team. He is one of the best martial artists in K’un Lun, and he has, at times, stolen the power of the Iron Fist for himself. There have also been hints that Madame Gao could be Crane Mother from the Iron Fist mythos– and it’s possible that Steel Serpent could end up working for her in the show, as he does at one point in the comics. Crane Mother, as a being of immense power, would be an interesting villain on her own, and a partnership between her and Steel Serpent would be more than a match for the team.

Nuke: In his current state, or at least the state in which we last see him in Jessica Jones, Will Simpson (the MCU’s version of Nuke) would not be much of a threat to the team. However, it’s likely that he will receive a power upgrade after his latest defeat– possibly enough to turn him into a serious threat. Give him the amount of firepower that he has in the comics, and he could easily give the Defenders a run for their money. He’s also the kind of villain we could see working for Fisk.

Mr. Fear: Mr. Fear has thus far not made any kind of appearance in the MCU, but he is a Daredevil villain with the potential to cause immense damage. He’s in the Kilgrave category of antagonist, attacking people on a personal, psychological level with vicious and sadistic intent. His fear gas gives him the power to drive people insane and create wide-scale panic, and would allow him to get into the minds of the heroes– thus making him a particularly brutal threat for a team-up show.

Stilt-Man: Obviously, Stilt-Man needs no explanation. He’s Stilt-Man. He should be the villain in everything.

Rare Opportunity (James Wesley)

You were in a bit of disbelief. Your brother had called you and demanded that you break thing off with the man you’d been dating for several months. He had seen him on TV standing next to his employ-, Mr. Fisk, you reminded yourself, and determined that the well-mannered, proper boy you were seeing was going to end up getting you hurt.

You pleaded with your brother to see that nothing had changed and that Fisk was true to his words of only wanting to improve the city but your brother wasn’t having it, continuing to insist that you split, as he put it “for your safety”.

The irony was that James Wesley had the ability to make you feel safe in a city overtaken with drugs, gangs, and violence. Not to mention the masked devil or whoever running around. You were usually pretty willing to comply with your brother, he had a way of making you see things his way but not this time. You eventually just settled the matter by telling him that James would be home soon and you weren’t going to be screaming at your brother about breaking up with the very man when he arrived.

You slammed the phone down irritated but then you thought about it. Until a couple days ago Wesley had always referred to Fisk as ‘his employer’, you didn’t know much more than the fact that he worked as an assistant and translator. That and his highly irregular schedule left you room to question but you shrugged it off. He was just a rather closed off person, you both were.

Realizing you had actually had a full out fight with your brother about your boyfriend you began to tear up a little. You loved your brother, but, you were forced to realize that despite his occasional moodiness and distaste for your more childish side you’d grown to love a lot more than the sharp looks of James Wesley. He was a lot different with you than he was Fisk, you’d learned that yesterday when Mr. Fisk himself had invited you and Wesley on a double date with him and his lovely girlfriend Vanessa. As you thought about the date even more anger towards your brother filled you. Mr. Fisk was a true gentleman, not a danger; hell, you ate dinner with bodyguards around the table, doesn’t get much safer than that. Then you realized you had to eat inner with bodyguards, why would Fisk need protection?

Your confusion only escalated your desire to cry tears spilling out a rather rapid pace and you tried to calm your mind to no avail.

James Wesley spoke many languages, woman however, was not one of them. SO when he came home to you sobbing on the couch he had to fight the instinct to leave and say he had worked late, he did have that thing to discuss with Leland. 

“Y/N?” He questioned holding a breath.

You jumped and Wesley cursed himself for scaring you in an obviously fragile state.

“My apologies, I didn’t intend to scare you.” Wesley muttered adjusting his suit jacket.

You didn’t mean to but a giggle escaped your lips as you realized he’d slipped into his “professional self”.

Despite laughter being a generally good sign Wesley just raised an eyebrow, from crying to laughing he did not understand women.

“Are you okay?” He asked sitting besides you on the couch, his softer side coming out at the sight of your distress.

“Yeah, I’m fine James, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve had a long day, don’t mind me.” A small smile spread across his lips.

“Well, in the middle of translating today I learned Mr. Fisk speaks mandarin so I actually had a pretty easy day, I think I can make time to hear about what has you sobbing on my couch.” Wesley’s undeniable charm had taken over the conversation reminding you why you fell for him in the first place.

“My brother and I got into a fight.” You stated simply unsure whether or not to tell him the subject of the argument.  As per usual when confused, especially due to lack of information James’ left eyebrow raised silently asking you to continue.

“He thinks you’re not safe.” you mumbled but he had heard you his face not giving away any emotions he felt on the topic.

“Well, not so much you as being associated with you.” Wesley’s lips pressed together, her brother had a point he couldn’t deny that but there was no way he’d admit that to you, or your brother for that matter.

“Y/N he’s your brother isn’t he supposed to worry about you? I mean you live in Hell’s Kitchen.” He added not hiding his distaste for the city as he did.  

“Yeah…, but he’s never had a problem with my boyfriends before, he’s worried about me and I screamed at him.” You sighed overwhelmed with the situation especially now that James was involved personally.

“It is your life, would you like me to talk to him?” The multiple ways for that scenario to play out crossed through your mind, you knew James was a gentleman, but didn’t know how he and your brother would handle this situation.

“No, no, it’s my problem not yours.” Wesley sighed not sure how to continue, showing genuine emotion was not his strong suit. 

“But it made me realize that I don’t that much about you..” You both sighed, you finally confessing something that had bugged you long before you’d been able to to admit and him because he’d finally have to address the issue that had slowly become an elephant in between them.

“I mean I know you’re smart and charming, you look amazing in suits and you’re Mr. Fisk’s assistant but I don’t even know what he does, why do you need to translate Mandarin and Russian? Not to mention your hours are horrible irregular for an assistant, the body guards, how you wouldn’t say his name until a few days ago.” He sighed once again knowing that you were onto the true details of his occupation, he didn’t want you in any danger, your brother was right about him and he hated it. He almost hated that he cared so damn much about you.

“James, I honestly think I love you but how can I love you when I don’t even know you? Wesley, i just, I need some answers, tell me my brothers wrong, or that he’s right for all I care, just tell me something.” You pleaded needing some assurance you weren’t falling in love with a stranger.

Wesley however was taken aback, he’d always turned his nose up at the notion that hearing ‘I love you’ could inspire any special emotions but when you said it he felt it and almost felt like he might be sick.

He removed his glasses and took off his tie, you knitted your eyebrows in confusion but he felt that removing them would help him be as honest as possible, removed his professional image. He just made you look him in the eyes and you had to admit they were better without lenses covering them but that wasn’t important right now.

“Y/N,’ he paused gathering his thoughts how he wanted them.

‘I thought by not telling you things I was protecting you but obviously I was wrong. Fisk does things that aren’t exactly safe, occasionally not legal.. I have a dangerous job, I can’t lie there.” A million things crossed your mind, was Wesley working for a mafia boss? More questions flashed through your mind but his voice drew you from them.

“I may be in danger a lot but I promise you are never in danger, I won’t let that happen because I too think I might be in love with you. I could not allow my work to cause you harm.” He gently pressed a kiss to your temple, a very affectionate gesture for him.

“Fisk wants to rebuild the city, make it something beautiful, we can have a life then, I won’t be in danger anymore but until then we need funds to be able to fix the dump that is this city.” You always found humor in his hate of the city but not while the ways for them to acquire enough “funds” to rebuild a city flashed through your head.

“The Russians-’ he started to elaborate but you cut him off pressing your lips to his.

“I don’t want to know, I don’t need to. I just wanted honesty, no more questions.” You smiled content with his sharing.

“I don’t care what you are at work, because I know who you are when you aren’t wearing thousand dollar shoes and I like that James Wesley, my James Wesley.” You smiled and he did too, something about you calling him yours made him incredibly happy. 

The thought that this was what Fisk felt for Vanessa crossed his mind but then vanished when you kissed him once again. Making him want to forget all about the man he’d essentially dedicated his life too existed. He felt your hands work their way into his hair not even caring that it would undoubtedly make it rather messy. 

“I love you James Wesley.” You said looking right into his eyes finally glad you were getting the rare opportunity to see the real Wesley.

“I love you too.” Wesley replied, the words feeling a bit foreign on his tongue, foreign but somehow comfortable. Unbeknownst to either of you was the fact that the “rare opportunities” would soon be anything but rare.