mrs. dunstan

The Vampire Vine is an alleged plant that has the ability “to drain the blood of any living thing which comes within its death-dealing touch”. It is said to be found in Nicaragua and is called the Devil’s Snare by the locals. 

The story goes that a naturalist by the name of Mr Dunstan was studying the plant-life nearby Nicaraguan lakes when he suddenly heard his dog cry out, as if in pain. He quickly ran to aid his beloved pet, only to find it tangled in a mess of very fine vines and roots. The natives that were with Mr Dunstan cried out in horror at the plant and urged him not to go near it. They told stories of the deadly plant and that if touched, the only way to be free of it meant the loss of flesh. Upon a closer look, he could see there were small suction cups on the plant. Mr Dunstan was able to learn very little about the plant. But what he now knew was that if the victim is animal, the plant sucked out all the blood and let the body fall to the ground.