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The Yule Ball - A Cedric Diggory Imagine

A/N: I’ve been drowning in Cedric feels lately and I figure if I’m going down, I’m taking y’all with me!

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Cedric chatted with his friends as they all awaited their dates in the crowded corridor. Because so many students were going with people from other houses or schools, the main corridor had become the unofficial meeting place. 

“You sure she’s coming, Ced? Not standing you up, is she?” one joked as his date appeared beside him. 

“Ha ha, very funny,” Cedric replied dryly. “She’s worth the wait.”

“Of course she is,” the other answered with a reassuring pat to Ced’s shoulder. “We’ll see you in there, yeah?”

Cedric nodded as his friends and their dates headed into the Great Hall eager for a night of dancing and cheer. 

Before long, most of the corridor had emptied out. Cedric fidgeted nervously with his sleeves as he waited for you to join him. You weren’t ditching him, were you? You and Cedric had been together for what seemed like years, but suddenly he became worried that you had grown tired of him. 

“Sorry I’m late!” your familiar voice shocked him far from his negative thoughts. You were running down the hallway, your hair flowing behind you, your shoes in hand. “One of the fourth years got stood up by her date and I was comforting her.”

You came to a halt beside him, your breath frantic as you tried to force it to return to normal.

“That’s alright,” he assured kissing your temple. “She okay?”

You shrugged, “She will be. Help me into my shoes?” 

Cedric laughed and allowed you to use him as support as you clumsily shoved your feet into your heels. 

Standing up, you patted your hair down, fully aware that your preparation had probably gone out the window as a result of your last minute sprint. 

“You look beautiful,” Cedric stated. “You always do.”

You blushed, in awe of the charming boy you were lucky enough to call your own. 

“Mister Diggory, Miss (Y/N), there you are!” Professor Sprout huffed, her excitement evident. “Are you ready for the first dance?” 

“First dance?” you asked, your brows wrinkling in confusion. 

“The champions and their dates participate in the first dance before the ball officially begins,” she clarified. 

You looked at Cedric, anxiety written all over your face.

“We’ll be right there, Professor,” Cedric answered.

“You have 3 minutes!” Professor Sprout reminded as she headed back to where the other champions waited. 

“I’m so sorry, love. It completely slipped my mind. I just had so much going on and -” Cedric rambled, torn up over his mistake. 

“It’s okay, Ced,” you promised. You could tell Cedric felt horrible and you didn’t want to add to his guilt by berating him. “I just need a minute.”

He nodded, his eyes searching yours frantically. 

You took a few deep breaths, trying to forget that all eyes would be on you in just a few short minutes. 

“Hey,” he murmured, his hands gently running up and down your arms. “Eyes on me, yeah?” 

A soft smile formed on your lips, “Yeah.” 

Cedric’s lips met yours briefly before he led you to the entryway of the Great Hall. 

Before you could even process what was happening, you were led to the center of the room, music drifting through the hall. 

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Cedric held your waste firmly, his eyes never leaving yours as he twirled you around, his moves precise, yours following him easily. 

“You’re doing so well, my darling,” he cooed into your ear during a string of moves that brought you close to his chest. 

Your nerves, while still bubbling just under your skin, were mostly forgotten as you gazed in to Cedric’s warm honey eyes. HIs eyes twinkled with happiness, a bright smile lighting up his face. 

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When the dance ended, you finally remembered everyone watching you as the sound of applause hit your ears. 

“You did it!” Cedric cheered, kissing your cheek as other couple’s filled the holes on the dance floor. 

“I had a good partner, didn’t I?”

“Come on, let’s get something to drink,” he suggested. 

The night continued to be one to be remembered as you danced and laughed with your friends and the boy you loved. Dance after dance you were reminded just how in love you were with Cedric. Maybe it was the way he always seemed to have a hand on you - holding yours, around your shoulder, gently resting on the small of your back, or maybe it was the way his voice reminded you of melted caramel - soft and warm, or maybe it was the way he made you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world - like no one else mattered to him. Whatever the reason, you were certainly glad your paths had crossed all those years ago. 


“Want to get out of here?” Cedric whispered into your ear a little after 10. 

“What a line,” you laughed, though you took his hand and followed him out of the ballroom. 

Cedric led you through the castle, stopping every so often to avoid a teacher or your fellow students. 

Eventually, he stopped the two of you in front of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.  

“Room of Requirement, hmm? What are you up to, Mr. Diggory?” you teased, knowing full well what Cedric was thinking about. 

“You’ve never been very good with surprises,” he chuckled as he walked past the tapestry three times, a door appearing following his third pass. 

“Shall we?” he asked, eyebrows waggling, an arm held out to you.

“We shall,” you grinned, looping your arm through his. 

Walking through the door, you were met with a cozy looking room. A bed sat  in the middle, a blue comforter inviting you in. The bed was larger than any bed you’d ever seen and took up the majority of the room. It was the perfect size for cuddling…or other activities. A dresser stood beside it, a bathroom in the corner complete with a shower and bath. 

“Not bad, Diggory,” you giggled, running a hand along the soft covers. 

“Homely, isn’t it?” he asked. 

You nodded in agreement as you slipped out of your shoes. “You’re wearing far too many clothes,” you accused. 

Cedric let out a hearty laugh, “Get your pretty mind out of the gutter, darling.” Though, he removed his coat and quickly moved onto his tie. 

“I don’t see you complaining,” you countered. “Help me?” 

Cedric moved behind you, finding your zipper with ease, and quickly releasing you from your gown. As you wiggled out of it, he peppered your neck and shoulders with chaste kisses. 

Turning around to face him, you pulled him close by his collar, unbuttoning his shirt as your lips found his. He shook his shirt off, lips never leaving yours. 

Cedric’s hands made their way to your thighs as he lifted you up, your legs wrapping around his waist. Playfully, he tossed you onto the bed. 

Before he joined you, he discarded his pants, leaving him in his boxers, you in your bra and underwear.

You whimpered as he hovered over you, attacking your collar bone with light kisses and bites. A hand snaked around to your back and he swiftly unclasped your bra. 

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His mouth trailed across your chest, taking his time to focus on each nipple and then the valley between. 

You whined as his fingers danced around your clothed core, running up and down, teasing you. 

“Ced,” you pleaded. 

He kissed your lips in acknowledgment before sliding your underwear down and tossing them to the floor. 

He wasted little time, running a finger through your folds twice before he eased it into you, your slickness coating it. Soft huffs left your lips as he pumped in and out, warming you up. Before you knew it, he had added a second finger and his tongue had made its way to your clit. 

“Fuck,” you breathed. 

“Language,” Cedric muttered jokingly against your core. 

“I’m close,” you warned. 

“Go on, then, sweetheart.”

His encouragement pushed you over the edge, your climax washing over you like a waterfall. Your back arched off the bed and your breath left you in a hurry. 

After lapping up your mess, Cedric pushed himself up and kissed your lips sloppily. 

“I love how red your cheeks get,” he pressed kisses to both cheeks. 

“Can you be adorable later, please?” you groaned impatiently. “I love you, but I need you in me right now.”

Cedric laughed again while quickly removing his boxers. 

He stroked his length a few times before lining up at your entrance. 

He looked at you questioningly. You nodded. He pushed in, grunting at the feeling of your warmth around his cock. 

“Alright?” he asked, gritting his teeth once he bottomed out. 

You nodded again, too full to get any words out. 

Pulling out, he thrusted back in with all his strength. Both of you let out moans at the sensation of his thick shaft filling your wet heat. 

“I won’t last long,” Cedric admitted, his jaw locked, his lips pressing tender kisses to your forehead every so often. 

“Me either.”

His breathing grew heavy as he continued pounding into you. Both of you working up a sweat as you clung to one another. 

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“(Y/N),” he growled, his orgasm on the brink of coursing through him. 

“Please,” you begged.

That was all it took for him to spill his seed into you with a heavy grunt. 

The feeling of his cock pulsing inside you sent you over the edge once more, your breath hitching as your nails dug into his back. 

Cedric pulled out and laid down beside of you. Both of you shaking slightly as you came down from your highs. 

“Shit,” he mumbled as one last aftershock ran through him.

“Language,” you teased. 

He pulled you into his arms and kissed your forehead. 

“I love you.”

You looked up at him, a hazy smile on your lips, “I love you too. But, I need a shower now.”

You stood up and made your way to the shower. Glancing over your shoulder you smirked, “You coming?”


After the two of you were clean and dry, you flopped onto the bed, Cedric watching you adoringly.

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“Come here, you,” he chuckled as you scooted over to rest against his chest. 

He tucked you close to him, his steady heartbeat lulling you to sleep. 

“Goodnight, my love,” he whispered, pressing one last kiss to your forehead. 

Cedric fell asleep that night dreaming of his future after Hogwarts. A future that he hoped would include you. A future that you’d later learn would end far too soon. 

Promising Futures ((Cedric x Reader))

summary: cedric is ridiculously romantic and y/n is ridiculously surprised. 

request: Could I request something that’s not a prompt? :) cuz I would loveeee to read a Cedric x reader where he proposes to her during the tournament. :9 and then there’s a nice lil AU where he lives and they get married!

warnings: SPOILER warning for The Goblet of Fire, slight swearing

pairing: cedric x reader

prompt(s): none

a/n: i’m sorry post layouts are such a mess right now i’m kind of experimenting at the moment, so if you see any that you like or that bother you let me know

also i had to go back to the book and read the specific pages for this one so i felt very professional

but i love cedric so much and i’m honestly very glad you requested this so thank you. 


 “We’ll take it at the same time. It’s still a Hogwarts victory. We’ll tie for it.”

Cedric stared at Harry. He unfolded his arms. 

“You– you sure?”

“Yeah,” said Harry. “Yeah… we’ve helped each other out, haven’t we? We both got here. Let’s just take it together.”

For a moment, Cedric looked as though he couldn’t believe ears; then his face split into a grin

He grabbed Harry’s arm below the shoulder and helped Harry limp toward the plinth where the cup stood. When they had reached it, they both held a hand over one of the cup’s gleaming handles.

“On three, right?” said Harry. “One–two–three–”

- J.K Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, pg. 634

“My God– Diggory!” it whispered. “Dumbledore–he’s dead!”

Those words were repeated, the shadowy figures pressing in on them gasped it to those around them…and then others shouted it–screeched it–into the night-”He’s dead!” “He’s dead!” “Cedric Diggory! Dead!”

- J.K Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, pg.671

You feel all of the air force its way out of your lungs, and before you know what you’re doing, you feel your legs push your way across the terrain and through the crowd, not even apologizing to the people you bump into along the way- though they certainly bother to scold you for it. You just had to see it. You had to see Cedric… 

Sitting up? You freeze when you see him, and feel your mouth drop open at your clearly perfectly okay boyfriend. He’s gazing around from his spot on the ground, a rather frantic look on his face, completely ignoring the various hands reaching out to him. 

You’re not completely sure how or when you got from where you were to where he is, but you throw your arms around him, pressing your face into his very real and very alive shoulder. You don’t even remember when you started crying, but you feel his arms pull you closer, holding onto you with the same desperation that could be found in your actions. 

“Oh god! Oh god Cedric, they were saying that you were dead.” you tell him, running a hand through his matted hair. “Why would they do that? Why would they ever do that?”

“I was.I thought I was. I think he missed.Or maybe he wasn’t powerful enough, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter.” he wipes your tears away, pulling you back to him. “I’m so so glad I’m holding you right now.”

You don’t know what he’s talking about, but frankly you don’t care at the moment, so you just nod in agreement. “Me too. I love you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”

You can feel his smile, and then his mouth brushed against your ear. “Marry me.”

You freeze. “What?”

Marry me.” he repeats again, his voice just above a whisper.

You pull back so that you can look into his eyes. “Are you serious?”

“I faced bloody Voldemort. And all I could see was your face. And your hand. I couldn’t believe that I was stupid enough to die without placing a ring on that finger. So, Y/N Y/L/N, yes I’m serious. Marry me. Marry me.” he shifts you out of his lap so that he can get onto one knee, and the voices around you– everything around you- stops, as the crowd stops trying to get to you. You can’t help but glance at Cedric’s parents, who stop dead in their tracks, their mouths open. “Don’t look there. Look here.” he urges, grabbing your wrist to get your attention. “I haven’t exactly asked you yet. Kind of just commanded, actually. So, Y/N Y/N, will you marry me?” He searches your eyes, seeming to loose a bit of confidence as his voice cracks in his next word. “Please?” 

“Cedric… You’re in shock. You don’t mean it. I mean, you can’t mean it. We’re… You’re… You almost just died and now you have some condition that I can’t currently remember the name of, but really you don’t mean it, and you’re going to regret it the moment this wears off, and-”

“I don’t have some condition, Y/N.” he looks at your solemnly, though there’s a hint of laughter in his eyes. “I mean it. I swear I mean it, and nothing that I ever feel could make me regret asking you this. Because I love you. Everything other than love is just silly, Y/N, and I don’t care about it anymore. All I care about it you. I want to be with you forever. The only thing almost dying has done is given me the confidence to ask you something I’ve wanted to for a long time. So will you please marry me, Y/N? Or at least reject me before my parents have an aneurysm?”

“Oh. Oh wow. Of course I’m not going to say no to that. Who could possibly say no to that?” There’s a moment of silence before you realize that you haven’t actually said “yes” yet. “Yes.” you breathe out. And then he’s up and twirling you around, and the crowd is cheering. Then, glancing around, you remember what was going on. “I think maybe you have some explaining to do.”

 that summer –

“Do you, Cedric Diggory, take Y/N Y/L/N, to be your lawfully wedded wife,to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and promise your love to her forevermore?”

Your breath catches in your throat at the smile on his face. His eye meet yours, and you can feel the warmth from them inside your heart as he squeezes your hand. “I do.”

“And do you, Y/N Y/L/N, take Cedric Diggory, to be your lawfully wedded husband,to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and promise your love to him forevermore?”

You almost giggle at the anticipation in his eyes, wondering if he actually expected that you’d say no. “I do.” 

He grins, surging forward to kiss you before anything else can be said, though no one makes a move to stop you as his lips touch yours. You peck his lips lightly, pulling away quickly, flushing at the idea of kissing him in front of an entire crowd. 

“Mrs. Diggory.” he murmurs, winking at you, before focusing his attention back to the crowd. 

i feel like the book excerpts were a little confusing, so i’m sorry, i just didn’t know how else to convey time well, i guess? my transitioning sucks lol.

but…….. i hope you liked it because it was really fun to write. *editing soon*

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Missing Parts - 11.

Part 12
Missing Parts Masterlist

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„Dragons? Are you kidding me, right?” – you almost yelled, eyes widened open as you sat on a bench with Cedric in the courtyard, discussing the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.

He frowned at your surprise. „I thought you already knew it. Harry told me.”

„I haven’t met him today yet.” – you lied, but in fact, you had. The truth was you barely spoke with him, not because you were in bad terms, it was just eaiser to forget if you haven’t spent too much time with him. Firstly, seeing as he didn’t really care about that you’re avoiding him hurt a little, but at least it helped to move on. „This is insane.” – you continued. – „How should you battle with a dragon? That’s impossible.”

„Thank you for encouraging me.” – he smiled, reminding you what you just said.

„Oh, Godric, I didn’t mean that.” – you said desperately, placing a hand on his shoulder. – „I’m sure you’ll figure something out.” Kissing him on his cheek, you rested your head against his shoulder. A group of Ravenclaw girls threw jealous glances at you as they just came outside, but you already stated to get used to it. You just rolled your eyes when Cho waved to Cedric who waved back. Even if you knew they’re good friends, you still couldn’t like the girl.

The day of the First task came, and you were tired as you couldn’t sleep much last night from being so nervous about Cedric and Harry at the same time. Fortunately, both of them managed to get their golden eggs from the dragon, mostly unharmed.

You spent the afternoon in the Gryffindor common room, which was louder than ever as everybody cheered and celebrated Harry. That was definitely the biggest party you’ve ever been since you came into Hogwarts. After three hours of constant chanting, singing, and dancing you were ready to left as you set a meeting with Cedric earlier. Before you did so, you went to find Harry in the crowd; so many people wanted to speak with him you haven’t got a chance yet. „That trick with the broomstick was awesome, really.” – you said in awe after gave him a quick hug, but he wasn’t amazed at all.

„Yeah, well, if you had helped me too, you wouldn’t be so surprised now.”

Taken aback, you said in a low voice. „Excuse me?”

„Nothing.” – he answered shortly, standing up to leave but you stepped in front of him.

„What is your problem?”

A big sigh left his mouth before he started. „It’s just, you know, Hermione spent all of her free time this week to help me to prepare for the task, and you were nowhere.”

„I didn’t know about it! Why didn’t you tell me?” – your voice became louder with every sentence, but it was desperate. Heads started to turning to your direction.

„Why, oh yes, because you were too busy to avoiding me.” – he snapped, and you opened your mouth to say something, but he already disappeared in the crowd.

Seeing as people still staring, you left the common room quickly, running down to the entrance hall where you meet with Cedric. Your vision was blurry as you tried to choke back your tears, but in the moment when you were close enough to Cedric, you fell into his arms, letting out every teardrop that you were holding back.

„Hey.” – he started slowly, whispering into your ear. „What is it, what’s wrong?” Face buried into his chest and arms clutching around him tightly as you were still sobbing quietly, he was rubbing circles on your back, giving you some time before he asked again. „Talk to me, please.”

As you finally pulled back, looking everywhere but in his eyes, he took your hand and walk with you to an empty classroom where you sat down, Cedric close to you, holding your face in both of his hands so you couldn’t avoid his gaze anymore. „What is it?”

„Harry.” – you mumbled, unable to explain more.

He frowned, eyes darkened as his hands fell off to his lap from your face slowly. „What happened?”

„Nothing… I don’t know.” – tears started to falling down on your cheeks again. „He’s just such an asshole to me lately.”

In the first time since you knew him, you saw as anger was coming into his eyes. „Do you want me to talk to him?”

You chuckled weakly. „No. I can protect myself if it’s necessary.”

„I know you can.” – he smiled finally, wrapping his hands around you and pulling you closer; his face pressed to your forehead.

It took an another five minutes when you finally stopped sobbing. „I’m sorry.”

„What on earth for?” – he pulled back so he could look into your eyes.

„I don’t know, I just never cry in front of people.” – Even if it sounds stupid, you had to say it, because it was true, and being as one your weakness, you never knew how should you feel about it.

Cedric just smiled. „You can trust me, you know that, do you?”

You nodded quickly, trying to switch the topic as it was enough emotional wreck for today. „You were really good today.” – you said, even if you already told that at least three times to him, right after the task.

„Thank you Y/N.  Again.” – you closed your eyes as you chuckled, but when opened them again you saw as he leaned closer. „Can I kiss you?”

Already feeling his hot breath on your lips, you didn’t respond with him words, but closed the tiny gap between you.

Next morning at breakfast you were sitting in front of Ron and Harry, slowly eating your cereal while you were lost in your thoughts about the kiss between you and Cedric last night. Kissess, more precisely, as you were spent hours with each other right after the first. Only Hermione’s angry voice woke you up, as she constantly scolded Rita Skeeter and her article. „Oh, calm down, will you?” – you groaned, putting down your spoon. – „Why do you even care about it, we know it’s a lie.”

„She wrote about you too.”

You snatched the Daily Prophet from her hand so suddenly it’s almost ripped apart. „It seems as Miss Granger’s best friend, Y/N Black (who happened to be the escaped murderer, Sirius Black’s daugther) also only shows interest about Triwizard Champions. According to our unknown sources, Miss Black spent most of her night with Cedric Diggory in a private place after the First Task, where the young girl gladly and succesfully seduced the Hogwarts champion with her kisses.”

When you finished reading out loud, you fastly and angrily crumpled the paper in your hands, tossing it over as far as you could. „Hey!” – you heard a boy’s voice somewhere from the Ravenclaw table.

„I will kill her.”

„Wait!” – Hermione said, gripping you arm as you tried to stand up. – „You didn’t even care about how she knew about it? I mean, she couldn’t be possibly there, could she?”

With furrowed eyebrows, you slowly sat back down, still fuming though.

„You – you really kissed him?” – Harry asked, Ron continued.

„What private place?”

You turned your heads at them, throwing knives with your eyes. „None of your business.”

Ron was confused and surprised, but you couldn’t read anything from Harry’s face; it was almost completely blank. Before you could’ve think too much, Cedric appeared at your table.

„Here to visit your evil seducer?” – you asked, standing up to give him a kiss.

He shook his head, thinking about Ritka Skeeter’s writing. „Actually, I want to speak with Harry. In private.”

„Okay?” – Harry said with a puzzled face as all of you were in a little shock. As you finished your breakfast anyway, you left the Great Hall with Hermione and Ron, leaving the two boys alone.

Trying to not to think about what they may discuss, you turned to Hermione as you were sitting on a couch in the common room. „Are you excited about the Yule Ball?”

Hermione smiled, shaking her head as she opened a book. „Not really. To be honest, I don’t think anybody will ask me.”

„Don’t say that!” – you said almost angrily. – „If I were a boy, I’ve already asked you. Or you know what, maybe I’ll do it anyway.”

She laughed. „I’m sure Cedric will ask you soon.”

Before you could respond, Fred and George appeared from nowhere.

„I hoped it’s just a gossip.” – George said, sitting down next to you, while Fred leaned above you behind the couch.

„Maybe you should choose somebody from our team.”

You sighed, rolling your eyes. „Not everything is about Quidditch, you know.”

„Be glad Wood is not here anymore to hear that.”

„All we saying is,” – Fred continued, sitting down next to you too – „you could find someone better easily enough. What about our seeker?”

„Since you’re with Mr. Diggory you haven’t spent time with us at all, you know.” – after George’s words, you looked at Hermione who clearly avoided your gaze, burying her face into her book.

„Look…” – you started, standing up so you could face the twins at the same time. – „I appreciate your… worry, but I can decie who is good enough for me, thank you.” – you concluded, turning around and heading to the other way when you saw Harry came back.

After a moment hesitation, you quickly went to him, stopping far away enough from the others so they couldn’t hear you. „So, uh, what did he want?”

For a split second, you were sure his answer will be something like „It’s none of your business.”, but then he started in a low voice. „He told me about last night. That you were crying because of me.”

You growled, tilting your head back. „I told him there’s no need to speak with you.”

„No, he was right.” – he started, taking a step forward to you. – „I didn’t want to hurt you and made you cry. I’m sorry.”

„I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have ingoring you. Especially now.”

He nodded with a weak smile, but you pulled him into a tight hug. „Oh, come here, you dolt.”

If you thought even for a second earlier that you moved on, or you’re not in love with him, his hug reminded you that you’re as far away from that as it possible.

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46. You know, having feelings is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch.
65. Are we gonna hold hands, or what?
76. Read a girl who dates books. 

@tayrae515 Such a sweet request! Here you go! <3
(tysm for those kind words aw  ❤  )

For a Slytherin asking someone on a date was usually a piece of cake. You just go there - some light touches on the shoulder, a couple of compliments, daring eyes and that’s pretty much it. Usually it was a piece of cake, but this wasn’t the case now.

Because Cedric Diggory was not just any guy. He was your crush for quite some time and as much as you wanted to go there and ask him out, you just didn’t dare to do it, because what if he gets all anxious about it? He just wasn’t like any of the guys you’ve been on dates with.

He seemed to be the prefect genteman, very kind, very thoughtful and well you were new to this type of boys, but what could you do about it? Something in him was pulling you like a magnet, and you quite liked it. You adored his sweet, funny and compassionate character and so you were determined to do something about it.

Lately you’ve been moving the chessboard pieces, slowly but surely. You allowed yourself you glance at him and let your eyes linger on him for a little bit longer and when your looks lock he’d quicky turn his head, but you were observant enough to notice the little smile that appeared on his lips, every time.

And those small gestures you made towards him, were definitely helping out, because whenever you were around he was gaining more and more confidence to look at your eyes for some moments and to offer you a smile when you walk past him in the corridors. He wanted to ask you out, but seeing you so comfident, so beautiful and always with someone from your house around you, he didn’t find it too easy to come and talk as openly, as when he’s around his friends, who all knew him as a funny, outgoing guy.

In fact very often his thoughts were so messy when you were around, last time he heard his friend say something as stupid as “Read a girl who dates books.”, thinking it would be the perfect pick up line. The bad part was that this got stuck in his head and when professor Sprout asked him a question he just spat the stupid joke, whithout even thinking about it. And the worst part? You were right in front of him - on the other side of the table.

Yeah, so that was embarrassing.

However, things were about to change for both of you.
One night when you both couldn’t sleep. You were aimlessly wandering around the corridors, your head full of unnecessary thoughts. Turning around the corner you bumped into a familiar figure and your breath hitched when you met the eyes of the person who’s been constantly on your mind for the past few days.

“Oh! ______! What - what are you doing here so late?”- he stumbled over his words, asking the one thing he thought suitable for the situation, since he was a Head Boy. “Just walking around, couldn’t really sleep.”- you found his godly feautures very beautiful under the pale moonlight.

“So, do you want to walk with me?”- you asked, not really giving a second thought about it. Going with the flow - that’s what you decided to do. He nodded his head and you continued on in silence, which you thought, had to be ended immediately, because silence is torture when you’re alone with your crush - probably the only person at the moment, with whom you wanted to talk until the next sun rise.

He thought about what to say for a few moments and just when you were finally about to make a joke about what happened with Seamus in Potions today, he took the opportunity and spoke up - “I think I have something to tell you.”- his voice wavered and some cold drops of sweat rolled down on the back of his neck.

He was nervous, for he had fancied you for such a long time, but right now, facing this unbelievable opportunity, he had to confess to you his feelings. A girl like you was not something he could just walk past and forget, he had to man up, or he would loose this golden opportunity.

“Is that so?”- you questioned, confusion spreading over your face. What could he possibly confess to you? 

He stopped in front of you, a soft, but determined expression on his face. “I would like it if…if you want to come to the Ball with me.” - for the first time you were the one who barely managed to keep her eyes locked with his. You suddenly realized how close you two are, how his eyes were looking down at you with adoration and his hand had found it’s way to yours, taking it in it’s warm embrace.

You gasped, but soon enough the happiness showed on your face and a bright smile blossomed over your feautures. “I’d love to!”- you exclaimed, thinking whether you’re dreaming or not.

“I’m actually surprised that you asked me, I thought you didn’t really like me in that way?”- that was a little white lie on your side though, you were very positive he shared your feelings by the shy and long looks he was giving when thinking you weren’t watching. He shook his head and licked his dry lips “No, I do like you, I have..for some time, but I never found the right time to come and actually tell you. You’re different, it sounds cheesy, I know, I can feel there’s so much more to everything I alredy find so lovely about you ”- his nervousness was so charming.

You took a single step towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder, quite close to his neck, so you barely felt his soft hair. Your bright gaze never left him, while he didn’t dare to move, feeling so enchanted by you.
“Well, it took you some time-” you playfuly tried to sound as if it took him several years to ask you out, but with a wide smile on, you didn’t fool him and he chuckled.

Boy, this made your who body tense and shiver from the vibrations of his voice that echoed through you. He noticed you were looking at him, mesmerised and withought a second thought, he leaned down, slightly hesistant at first And so your lips met in a very gentle, warm kiss. He left you all mushy feeling and blushing and so you just clicked your tongue on the roof of your mouth. “Well you know, having feelings is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch.

All he did was pecking your lips again -”Slytherin, or not, you never seemed like one, believe me, I would not be standing here if it was otherwise.”

It was nearly impossible not to feel flattered by such words, but your personality was almost screaming from all the emotions you were feeling at once. So you took a step back, and looked at him daringly “Are we gonna hold hands, or what?”. He exhaled a puff of air and reached for your hand, kissing the back of it - and catching you by surprise once again.

“You’re getting bolder by the second, Mr. Diggory, I am not sure if I fully know what I got myself into!”- you whispered with raised eyebrows, and he twirled you around, catching you in his arms. “I suppose, you ’re in for a surprise then”

the girl and her plants {Cedric Diggory x Reader}


SUMMARY: Shy Hufflepuff reader, who keeps to her plants and her books catches the eye of a certain Cedric Diggory.

WORD COUNT: 3153 I really love Cedric sorry. 

Cedric Diggory x Fem! Reader

She sat down, taking in the smell of the room, the wet dirt from the plants and old worn parchment in front of her. She loved the smells and felt like she was really at home. She sat in the Hufflepuff basement reading about Herbology. It was her favorite subject, and she was very gifted. She didn’t speak much and always kept her head down. She wasn’t noticed much, she was in the same year as Harry Potter. “The Boy Who Lived,” They labeled him everyone was focused on him, waiting for him to do something and live up to the legacy people had threaded around him. Herbology was really the only time she talked, which she seldom did. She preferred to keep to her plants and books. The only people she talked to were, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. They were her best friends and her only ones at that. They were both in different houses which explains why she spent so much time alone in the common room. She didn’t really have any friends in Hufflepuff. She was sure she could get some if she tried, they were all fairly kind. She was just so shy, and kept to herself. She walked into her favorite class, and greeted Professor Sprout, as you can guess, she was very early. She was eager to learn, although she knew more than most in her year.

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Flying high pt. 2

AN: Will the reader be able to save her relationship with Cedric in time?
Pairings: Cedric X reader
Character: Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None


You sighed, folding your arms over your chest as the anger slowly seeped away.

“We lost the match.” You explained, “We played for three hours straight in the worst conditions of all time and we lost! And then Ced has the audacity to go and blame himself for it all.” You started pacing, barely looking at the stern woman, “And I’m so angry! I’m so angry and I have no idea why.” Slowly, you stopped walking and just squeezed yourself tighter, “I think I might’ve been mean to him. Really mean.”

McGonagall nodded, “Can I be quite frank with you Miss Y/L/N?”

“Of course Professor.”

The teacher pursed her lips, as though thinking hard before speaking.

“Your relationship with Mr Diggory, what exactly is the nature of it?”

You blushed a faint pink, never having imagined that you would be having this conversation with your Transfiguration professor.

“We’re friends. Best friends.” You answered, “Just friends though.”

“Hmm.” McGonagall answered, “Well that just isn’t true, so if you are asking for my advice I would recommend that up you toughen up and deal with your feelings before they start dealing with you.”

Your eyes widened with surprise and you could’ve sworn that you saw a faint twitch at the corner of McGonagall’s mouth.

“Well don’t just stand there gawking. Go make amends with Mr Diggory.”

You nodded mutely and started to leave, only turning back at the doorway.

“Professor what about the birds? Should I-“

McGonagall waved you away again, “I’ll take care of the birds Miss Y/L/N, I think I’ll count this as the submission of your homework assignment.” You nodded and started to leave, “Oh and Miss Y/L/N?” The professor called.

“Professor?” You answered.

McGonagall gave you a gentle smile and tilted her head to the side slightly, “Next time, try and control that temper of yours.”

You smiled sheepishly, nodded and headed back into the corridor.

“Professor?” You asked impulsively, sticking your head back into the class.

“What now Miss Y/L/N?” McGonagall sighed.

“Do all our teachers know about our personal lives?”

“Of course,” McGonagall replied, “we were young once too.”

You nodded and ducked away after thanking the professor one more time, and half running to find Cedric. Talking to the professor had made you realize that you hadn’t been angry at Cedric for loosing the match, or for having a team talk, you were mad at yourself for letting him take the blame. What you were angry about wasn’t Cedric, it was the knowledge that he really was, deep down, a better person than you were, and the fear that you weren’t good enough for him. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that that was what had been holding you back from really being with Cedric for years. You knew that he’d been holding back for your sake, protecting your wishes and your heart at the expense of his own, as usual.

You rounded a corner, hearing Cedric’s voice coming from the library, a huge smile already playing on your cheeks, and froze.
Cho Chang had her arms around Cedric’s neck and her fingers were playing with his hair. His hands were on her hips and he was talking to her in a low voice. Your smile slipped and you heard a noise halfway between a gasp and the word ‘oh’ slip from between your lips.
Cedric turned and, when his eyes found yours, he froze.

“Y/N I-“

You shook your head, already backing away with an overly fake smile, “No, sorry I’ll just talk to you-yeah my bad, sorry.” You mumbled, feeling your heart drop further and further into the floor.

As you hurried back to the Hufflepuff common room, you tried to come to terms with why you’d just seen. You weren’t an idiot, you knew that Cedric was attractive, you knew he’d been with girls before, but you’d never seen it. Cedric had always been careful to avoid getting with anyone around you, and you’d done the same, really it was just bad luck that you’d seen it this time.

But you had and, even though you knew that it shouldn’t change anything, it did and you weren’t sure how you were going to recover from the sharp stabbing pain in your chest. As you slammed the door to the girl’s dormitory shut, you felt your eyes fill up with tears and you slid down onto the floor to bury your head in your arms.

You loved him. You loved Cedric Diggory and, of course, you’d gone and blown it. You’d spent so much time wrapped up in things that meant nothing that you’d pushed away the man you were supposed to spend your life with and it felt like shit.

You cried for what felt like hours, but was probably only a few minutes before you heard the tentative knock on the dormitory door.

“Y/N/N?” Cedric asked gently through the thick wood, “Y/N/N can you come out here and talk?”

“Go away.” You tried to snap, even though it came out as more of a plea.

You heard Cedric sigh, and the soft thump that meant he’d pressed his forehead against the door.

“I’m going to wait out here. Please come out.” He asked quietly, sounding more tired than you’d ever heard.

You felt your heart contract with guilt. Even now, you were hurting him to protect yourself and you couldn’t bear knowing that. After a few more minutes you wiped your eyes and opened the door.
Cedric was sitting a few feet from the door, his back pressed to the wall and his eyes closed. He looked beautiful, you thought to yourself, he always had and it broke your heart to think that you’d never told him. His eyes opened slowly and he gave you a small smile, patting the ground next to him for you to sit down.

“I really didn’t think you were coming out.” Cedric said after a few moments of silence.

“Neither did I.” You answered.

Cedric nodded, “So about today-“

You put your hand over his mouth and tried not to shiver at the feeling of his lips on your skin.

“Ced, you don’t need to say anything.” You started, “I’ve been a right pray and I just want to get this off my chest okay?”

Cedric nodded, his eyes trained on yours while hour hand covered his mouth.

“After the quidditch match I was furious, but not with you, I was furious with myself.” You explained, shocking yourself with how calm you sounded, “You’ve always been…everything to me and listening to you take the blame for the whole team’s failure just made me mad and I took it out on you, I’m really sorry about that.” You paused and looked nervously at Cedric, who nodded to encourage you, “For my whole life I’ve been terrified that I wasn’t good enough for you because you’re this amazing, perfect person-no shut up you are-and I’ve always been a bit of a bitch. I don’t think I really realized how much that was affecting me until today but basically-the thing is I-“ Cedric covered your hand with his, his eyes burning into yours with a powerful combination of hope and incredulousness, “when I saw you with Cho-“

“Y/N wait.” Cedric interrupted, pulling your hand away from his mouth gently, “I’ve got something to say too.” He laced his fingers with yours, which wasn’t unusual but still made you shiver slightly, “You know that I care about you, hell the whole school has watched me be in love with you for as long as I’ve known what love was and so, whatever you think happened with Cho, it didn’t. She found me sitting in the library, sobbing my eyes out like a giant baby and she comforted me, that’s all.” He sighed and looked down sadly, “I know that you don’t want to ruin things with us, but you’re my person; I love you, I really do and I’m not going anywhere.”
You felt your chest fill slowly with something warm that felt like pure light and you smiled softly at your best friend.

“That’s the thing though Ced,” you told him, “I’m a little bit in love with you too.”

Cedric froze, swallowing hard, “Really?”

You nodded, still smiling, “Of course.”

Cedric cupped your face in his hands, his breath coming faster than before.

“Say it again.” He demanded.

“I love you.”


You giggled, “I love you.

“Again.” Cedric smiled

“Oh my God, I love you Cedric Diggory!” You called, “I love you, I love you, I love you. I always have and I always will! Is that enough?”

Instead of answering, Cedric pulled your face to his and kissed you, pouring years of suppressed desire into one, heart-stoppingly perfect kiss. His lips moved perfectly with yours and, as his fingers wound into your hair, you sighed in pure contentment. This was right. This was perfect. This was what a kiss should feel like.

“Please tell me that you’re sure about this Y/N/N,” Cedric breathed when you broke apart, “because I don’t think I could handle never getting to kiss you like that again.”

“Then I’d suggest you get to it Mr Diggory,” you teased, “because I’m not done with you yet.”

“God I love you.”

Do you ever just get really sad about the deaths in Harry Potter?

How long did Mrs Diggory cry herself to sleep?

Did Winky miss Dobby?

What if Hedwig had owl friends, did they miss her?

How long did Andromeda want to shut herself away, but realised she couldn’t, because she was the only one left to raise Teddy?

How long George leave sentences unfinished because there used to be someone there to finish them?

How long did Molly call George ‘Fred’ by accident, only to cry for three hours about it?

How did they cope? With looking at the pictures and knowing they’d never hear their laughs or their voices or even their angry yells?

How did the survivors survive?


Sunshine ((Cedric x Reader))

summary: cedric is extremely cute to wake up to the morning after your wedding

requested: Okay so can I just say that cedric one u wrote was PERFECTTT? <3 and that if u wanted to write a sweet fluffy fic about the morning after their wedding I don’t think anyone would stop u? :P cedric is just so dreamy lol! I’m rly looking forward to the rest of ur writing!

warnings: none (possibly some swearing)

pairing: cedric x reader

prompt(s): none

a/n: you don’t have to read the part before this in order for this short to make sense, but if you’d like to check it out you can do that here

also, again, i’m sorry for how long this took. my school always enjoys stressing everyone out before spring break soooo that’s been my life for most of this week. but i only have four days left so that’s great- requests should be posted soon for those of you that are waiting :) (they’re also open if you’re interested lol)


You roll over, expecting to be met with soft bed, but thumping to the floor instead. You’re eyes fly open, letting out a groan, and attempting to stand up, but being too tangled in the blankets to do so. 

“Y/N?” Cedric’s head peaks over the side of the bed, looking concerned. His mouth twitches when he takes you in, and you hold eye contact for a few beats, until he can’t hold it in any longer and bursts into laughter. He rolls onto his back from laughing so hard, which makes you roll your eyes, a small blush taking over your face. 

You struggle your way out of the blankets, picking up his shirt from the floor and sliding it over your head before joining him in bed. “Thanks for your help, Ced.” you grumble, still slightly dazed from your sudden wake up. 

“Aw baby, I’m sorry.” he pulls you towards him so that you’re cradled to his chest. “Are you hurt?”

“My pride is,” you huff playfully, furrowing deeper into him, as he presses a kiss to your forehead. 

“I was going to try to wake up earlier than you- you know, make breakfast and other husbandly things, but it looks like the floor beat me to it.” he informs you, his eyes glinting playfully at you. “But… I suppose I could kiss it better.”

You giggle as he peppers your face with kisses, pushing his face away so you can look at him. He leans into your hand, and the sunlight streaming through the window makes his eyes look gorgeous. You lean up to peck his lips, before dropping back down to the bed. “You know, I definitely wouldn’t mind breakfast and other husbandly things right about now… I mean, better late then never, right?”  

He laughs, pecking your lips one more time before crawling out of bed. “I’ll get right on that, Mrs. Diggory.

Your stomach flips as he grins at you. “I’ll be waiting, Mr. Diggory.”

sorry if this was short but aw. cedric is such an underrated character gah

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Scared ~ George Weasley imagine

Hey I loved your George imagine! It was brilliant! Could I have one? Where I’m sort of a FemHarry and we’re at the Quidditch World Cup and the death eaters are destroying the tents and George looks after me and then kisses me? Love your imagines:-)


You were at the Burrow, sitting on the couch, unable to contain your excitement. The Weasley’s had invited you to watch the Quidditch World Cup with them. You’ve always wanted to watch the World Cup, and now you finally could. You, Hermione, and Ginny packed up your backpacks, and waited for everyone to come downstairs

“Alright, is everyone here? Hermione, (Y/N), Ginny, Ron, Harry, Fred, and George? Okay! Lets get going!” Mr. Weasley announced

Your heart leaped when you heard George’s name. You’ve had a crush on him since your first year at Hogwarts, and he still has no idea. Hermione and Ginny always told you to tell him, and even though you said you would, you never did. 

Everyone walked outside and made their way into a forest near the house. You strolled with Hermione and Ginny, and all they talked about was you and George. Luckily, he was farther ahead with the group of boys.

“Come on, (Y/N)! How long are you going to keep putting this off?” Ginny said. “You’ll never know if he likes you back unless you tell him” Hermione added. “Ugh, calm down, will you? I’m positive he doesn’t like me. Whenever I talk to him he always goes on about this girl he likes. And its obviously not me. George is my best friend, and that’s all he’ll ever think of me” You said, crossing your arms. A sudden feeling of sadness washed over you. You tried to change the subject.

“Come on, let’s go catch up” You said, breaking the silence. You jogged up to the rest of the group, leaving Hermione and Ginny grinning at each other. Because they both knew that George liked you, and that you were the girl he always went on about.

The group reached a hill, and on top of the hill, sat an old boot. “What’s that piece of rubbish?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows. George came up behind you and put his arm around your shoulder, making you blush. “That’s not just any piece of rubbish. This is a portkey” He said, pointing to the boot. You gave George a confused look. “Come on. Hold onto it, and don’t let go until Dad says so” He said, chuckling at your confusion. Everyone gathered around in a circle around the boot, and placed a hand on it. 

Suddenly, everything was spinning. You felt like you were going to throw up if this lasted a minute longer. “Let go!” Mr. Weasley yelled. Everyone let go, and dropped onto the hard ground, while Cedric, Mr. Diggory, and Mr. Weasley all landed safely. You groaned, your head still spinning, struggling to get up. “Need a hand?” Someone asked you. It was George.

“Thanks” You said, taking his hand. He pulled you up back onto your feet, but due to your lingering dizziness, you stumbled into George. You two were only inches away, you were both gazing into each other’s eyes. After what felt like forever, your gaze broke. “Come on. We don’t want to lose the group” He said, giving you a smile. You nodded and you both ran up to the rest of the group.

The campground was a madhouse. But in a good way. Everyone was cheering on for their team, dancing, and performing magic tricks. Mr. Weasley showed everyone to the tent. On the outside, it was quite small. “How are we all going to fit into that thing?” You asked. George looked at you, and smirked. “Magic” He said.

You stepped into the tent, and although it was small on the outside, the interior was huge! You couldn’t even believe it! You laughed as everyone ran excitedly through the tent. Ron, of course, first ran into the kitchen. “Alright everyone! Let’s get ready for the game!” Mr. Weasley shouted. You all cheered.

~After the game~

You, Hermione, Harry, and the Weasley’s all returned from the game, and you had to admit, you were glad you went. Simply spending time with everyone put you into a good mood. Fred, George, and Ron were singing random songs, and Ron went on a rant about how amazing Viktor Krum was.

Outside the tent, you heard screams, and something that sounded like a firework. 

“Sounds like the Irish have got their pride on” George said. Ron, Fred, You, and George all broke out into a pillow fight. “Stop it! Stop” Mr. Weasley said, grabbing the pillows. 

“It’s not the Irish" 

Everyone ran outside the tent. He was right. Deatheaters were everywhere, wreaking havoc. There was fire and a lot of people screaming. 

"Fred! Ginny is your responsibility! George, watch over (Y/N)! Everyone, back to the portkey!” Mr. Weasley yelled over the screams. 

George wasted no time. He quickly grabbed your hand and you two ran. “Where’s the portkey?!” You asked. “I haven’t the slightest clue!” George answered. You both ran behind a tent and hid so George could think.

“George? I’m scared” You said, your voice trembling. He looked up at you. He held your face in his hands and kissed you passionately. You were taken off guard, but you kissed him back. You stopped the kiss, and you both smiled. “Come on. I think I remember where it is” He said. He took your hand, and you both ran again.

Sure enough, he knew exactly where it was. The rest of the group made it at the same time you two did, and you all escaped.

~Back at the Burrow~

You had told Ginny and Hermione everything that happened. 

“I told you he liked you” Ginny smirked. 

“That was terrible timing, though. But at least you got the message!” Hermione laughed. 


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Preference 28: Baby Bump Pics


Harry bought you shirts that made you laugh even if it was a bad day. He also decided a funny bump picture needed to be sent to the whole family to keep them updated. 


You made a blog that showed everyone your progress, after you taught them how to use a computer of course. It quickly became one of Mrs. Weasley’s favorite things to do.


When you found out it was twins you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. You did some nice progress pictures, but when you got to be past your due date, you decided some funny pictures needed to be taken too. 


It was George’s idea, you tweaked it a bit so you could send it to your muggle family members too. It was silly but it made you laugh. 


After the first time to doctor said “Your baby is about the size of a pea,” you went out and bought a pea and took a picture. And it continued, and got a bit silly, but how could neville resist? It was cute, and had to do with you and plants.


Ced got you a shirt that you could cross the weeks off. You loved it and crossed a week off with every picture. 


You and Oliver had gone to a “magic” show with your parents, who were muggles. That’s where he got this brilliant idea. When you heard it you laughed so hard you fell of your chair, but you still loved it. And they turned out great. 


You and Draco also got a cross out shirt, but instead of it just being you, you included your first son in the pictures. He thought it was the coolest thing that he should have a baby brother, and behind the camera Draco just smiled. 

Complicated (Pt. 7)

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Summary: Life was good. You had your boyfriend Cedric and best friend Oliver. But what happens when hidden feelings come to light?

Setting: Okay this all takes place during Sorcerer’s Stone, but I changed things around a bit so Oliver is a 5th year, Y/N and Cedric are 4th years (canon they’d be 3rd but for the sake of it I changed it a little)

Notes: This part is super short I’m sorry guys there just wasn’t much more to add, but epilogues will go up tomorrow morning! This is the last full part, I’m really glad you guys have liked it so far! Also if you guys have any requests for Oliver or Cedric send them in!

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|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6|

A couple days later you still hadn’t told anyone else what happened. You’d talked to Cedric and Oliver, both of them agreeing to give you some space to think until you were ready. Your friends questioned your sudden detachment from the boys but you merely shrugged it off, claiming that you were focusing on schoolwork and pulling your grades up.

At times, maintaining the space proved difficult. You bumped into Cedric a lot in the halls, the two of you sharing a fair amount of your classes. And Oliver, well you saw him every day, having to stand side-by-side with him while you lead the quidditch team through practice.

It was an odd feeling, not hanging out with either of them like you were so accustomed to. It would have been much more worthwhile if the distance actually helped to clear anything up. So far you were still at square one, knowing you felt something for each of them but still completely unsure of who you felt more for.

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Hysteria (Draco & Cedric X Reader Imagine)

Yo guys I’m back and half asleep! Here’s an HP imagine that I have no idea where I’m going with. I don’t know what I’ve become. Anyway.
Listen to this playlist during the smut, better if you don’t shuffle but whatev. -> x <-

Warnings: Smut af, very dirty talking, light cursing, small argument?
(Y/N) = your name
(Y/L/N) = your last name


Draco groaned as your hips ground together. “Jeez, (Y/N)! I never knew anyone outside of Slytherin could be so naughty.” He smirked, pulling you closer “Glad I finally gave you a chance.”

“Yeah, me too Malfoy.” You winked pulling off your shirt.

“(Y/L/N)..” He cooed in response, hands moving to your sides.

“Mm, I haven’t even done anything ye-”


“Okay, Draco, I’m-”

“(Y/L/N)!” Snape hollered, immediately pulling you from your daydream.


“Can you answer the question or not?” He hissed, his face now dangerously close to you. You tried to see the board at the front of the room, but couldn’t see past Snape without completely leaning around him. He scoffed and stood back up. “Well, maybe if you won’t pay attention in here, you will in detention!” And with that he turned his back to you “20 points from Ravenclaw” and continued teaching.

Letting out a soft groan you slammed your head on the desk. Your best friend, Cedric Diggory, chuckled from beside you. “Caught up in your own thoughts again I see?” He muttered, tapping your notebook. Raising your head slightly, you looked down to see that you had began drawing Malfoy. You quickly flipped the page and looked across the room to Draco, biting your lip.

“Yeah, I guess I was..”

Cedric chuckled again, but it was weak. His eyes grew sad as you continued to stare at the boy with platinum blonde hair. The boy he was nothing like.

He never understood what you saw in him anyways, Draco was rude to everyone in his path, and never even laid his eyes on you. And why would he? You were a Ravenclaw. Draco only had time to focus on Slytherin pride, or taking down Gryffindor. He could care less about any other house. Maybe that’s what drew you to him. The fact that he was practically untouchable to you.

“You’re staring again, (Y/L/N).” Cedric sighed out, shoving your arm out from holding your head. You caught yourself but kicked his leg as you turned to the front of the room. “Hey,” He smiled “I’m just trying to help.”

“Alright, Diggory.”

“I mean, hey if you don’t want my help. Go ahead and be caught staring at him. It’ll only push you further from your destination..”

“Okay!” You stated, slightly raising your voice. “Thanks..”

“Yeah, what a weak thank-”

“Mr. Diggory.” Snape growled “if your conversation is so important, you can finish it with (Y/N) when you join for detention.”

“Yes, sir..” Cedric sighed, returning to his notes.

“Great. Now I owe you big time.”

Finally after what seemed like an eternity Snape dismissed the class in his monotone voice. Everyone got their stuff to leave, but you and Cedric. Hermione patted your shoulder softly as she exited the room last.

“Now.” Snape cleared his throat “Normally I would make you all stay here under no circumstances.”

You all?

“But considering today is a Slytherin quidditch match, and Draco is on the team.”

You quickly turned to see Draco, smirking from his seat. You didn’t even notice he was still here.

“You three will show up here first thing in the morning. Dismissed.”

Grabbing your things, Cedric trailed behind you as you followed the gorgeous Malfoy boy out of the room.

“You know, you two really owe me big time.” Draco spoke, without stopping to look at the two of you.  

“But you’re only on quidditch to get back at Potter..” as soon as the words left my mouth, Draco whipped around causing me to nearly run into him.

“Shove it, (Y/L/N).” A devious smirk appeared on his face. He pulled off his scarf and put it behind your neck, pulling you even closer to him. “You can repay me, by rooting for Slytherin tonight, instead of Ravenclaw.”

His eyes kept their stare for a few moments, before turning toward Cedric “You too, Diggory.”

Then he disappeared down the hall, leaving you with his scarf and a confused/angry Cedric. You quickly pulled off your Ravenclaw scarf and shoved it in your binder. “Let’s go, Ced!”

“..wait what?! You’re seriously gonna go root for Slytherin?! You’ve rooted for Ravenclaw since you were a baby!”

He was nearly shouting at this point.

“What’s your problem, Cedric? Draco did get us out of detention for the game, we can at least pretend for one little game.”

Cedric scoffed, snatching your scarf from your binder. “Yeah, talk to me when you’re done losing your mind.”

And with that he stormed off in the opposite direction of Draco.

What the fuck was his problem? It was one game! Besides, if it weren’t for Malfoy, you two would be stuck with Snape for the game! Whatever.  He needs to get over himself..

You shook the thoughts from your head and jogged down the hall in the direction Draco went, headed for the Slytherin side of the field.

When you arrived, you found a seat at the front and ignored the few people taunting you and asking what you were doing on the wrong side.

When the game started, Draco immediately found you and winked. You nearly melted right then and there. What was this sudden liking he took to you?  You swore he hated you. Well, then again he was never really rude to you, but he did seem to ignore you even existed.

At the end, Ravenclaw managed to pull through with a win. Of course you were actually super excited, you pretended to be upset. As soon as it ended you got up and ran to where the players exited the field and waited for Draco. You knew he would be pissed, but you still wanted to tell him it was a good game.

As he came out you started to approach him,  but he already locked eyes with you and had made his way to you. You opened your mouth to speak but he roughly grabbed your upper arm and began dragging you off. It didn’t really hurt, it just shocked you as he silently pulled you into unknown places.

But fuck did he look hot. His hair was a mess, and the way the sweat beaded off his face. He wasn’t sweaty enough to be off putting, just enough to look shiny. And you could nearly feel the anger radiating off of him. It was for sure a turn on.

“Where are we going?” You asked with a small voice as you realised you were now outside in a very unfamiliar area. He ignored your question and continued walking. Eventually you turned a corner and froze as Draco paused to look around, and then shoved you into what you could only explain as a crevice, a dark opening in the wall.

“Here.” He muttered,  pressing you against the wall. You weren’t really scared, though you probably should have been considering that you were in fact aware of him being a Death Eater and that the tasks he had to perform were….

Suddenly his lips smashed into yours. The kiss was rough and needy and maybe even animalistic. You were taken by surprise and didn’t react for for moment, but eventually caught up to his speed and began making out with him. At some point both of your robe and scarf been shed, and his hand were under your shirt to grope your breasts.

You bit down on his lip, causing a groan to rip through him. His hand was on your throat, not to cause any damage just to keep you in place,  his other gripped your hip and he grinded against you.

“I notice you staring at me, you know.” He suddenly stated, locking eyes with you. This caused you to freeze up, what the fuck were you supposed to say? I have no idea what you’re talking about, Malfoy! Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it?

“It’s really cute.” He interrupted your thoughts with a smirk “And trust me, I stare right back.” Kisses began trailing across your jawline, making you tense up. “I wonder if your thoughts are as dirty as mine?” He moved his hand from your throat and under your skirt,  beginning to rub you over your panties. This of course earned a moan from you as your eyes fluttered shut.

“Do you imagine me pounding you into the bed until you’re begging for mercy? Because I do.”  He now moved under the thin cloth and pushed one finger into you. “I imagine the way you squirm under my touch. The way you sound moaning my name.” A hiss escaped you as he inserted a second finger. He then curled his fingers and made you moan loudly. “I bet innocent little (Y/N) has such naughty thoughts..” Your eyes shot open when he called you innocent.

You abruptly shoved him back against the opposite wall. A shocked expression covered his face as you dropped to your knees in front of him. You undid his belt and yanked down his pants and boxers at the same time,  causing him to groan as the cool air hit his hard dick. Making eye contact with him, you pumped him a few times and lightly kissed the tip, gathering the pre-cum. Before continuing you leaned back and pulled all of your hair into a quick messy bun. You returned to give him the attention he so much deserved. You licked a strip along his shaft and then took him in, starting shallow to tease him.

Of course he wasn’t taking this though, he grabbed your head and pushed you further onto him. He moaned softly and watched you hollow your cheeks and deep throat him. You took him as far as you could and continued to let him fuck your mouth until you felt him start to twitch. You went to pull off of him, but his fingers tangled into your hair and held you in place until he shot all of his seed into your mouth. “A-ah, fuck!” He moaned, tossing his head back.

You stood up, looked him in the eyes and opened your mouth to show you had swallowed all of him. “Shit. That’s so fucking sexy.”

Smirking, you wiped your lips and turned to leave, but he grabbed your wrist and twirled you back around to face him. “We’re not done here yet, sweetheart. You still haven’t got off.”

“It’s fine Draco” You giggled “I can handle, you’re the one who deserved it”

Malfoy growled and pinned you against the wall, a huge grin on his face. “What kind of gentleman would that make me?” He pulled down your skirt and began rubbing your clit. You moaned lightly as he leaned forward to whisper into your ear.  "My original plan was to give you head first, but since you turned the tables, that’ll have to wait.“ He nibbled on your earlobe lightly, removing your panties. “I need you. Now.”


Harry Potter x Cedric Diggory
Warnings: GoF spoilers, death

Dudley Dursley sneers menacingly from the doorway of Harry’s bedroom, his stout chin jutting out slightly, eyebrows raised. “Who’s Cedric?”

Harry stares at his cousin, lips parted as he snatches his glasses from his bedside table and situates them upon his face. “What?” he breathes as he sits up in bed, a twinge of nervousness swirling in his chest.

“You were talking in your sleep - shouting, actually,” Dudley retorts, tilting his head to the right and crossing his arms across his rather large chest. “Don’t kill Cedric, please!” he mimics, a smirk plastered on his lips. “Who’s Cedric, Harry? Your boyfriend?

Harry’s hands are tightly balled into fists at his sides.

Harry was properly introduced Cedric Diggory underneath the hot August sun.

With a wide, crooked smile and locks of brown hair falling onto his forehead, Cedric held out a hand in Harry’s direction. “Cedric Diggory.”

After pushing his glasses an inch up his nose and quickly swallowing the small lump in his throat, Harry grasped the taller boy’s hand, giving it a firm shake. “Harry Potter,” he responded, green eyes grinning up at him.


Harry was undoubtedly skeptical when he first heard about the use of a Portkey. He frowned at the old, ragged boot sitting in the grass, and then peered up at Mr. Weasley.

“So we just grab ahold of it?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Absolutely,” said Arthur, along with a large grin. “It’ll take us exactly where we need to go.”

Sighing, Harry took his place among the lot of them traveling with the old shoe. Once his slightly shaking fingers made contact with the torn leather, he suddenly felt as if he were spinning rapidly in circles, the ground gone from beneath him.

He glanced up for a moment, and was surprised to see Cedric looking in his direction, the momentum of wind causing his hair to fly all around his head. When their eyes met, the corner of Cedric’s mouth tugged upward, and Harry felt his chest tighten -

Mr. Weasley was yelling something, and Harry hadn’t caught the words.

He tore his eyes from Cedric and looked over at Arthur. “What?” he yelled, the swirling air loud in his ears.

“LET GO!” Arthur repeated, causing Harry to hurriedly yank his fingers from the boot, which sent him spiraling backward, the faint sound of Hermione’s scream the only thing he could hear.

Harry hit the ground with a harsh thud. Groaning, he glanced at the others that had landed in the same means, noticing that Arthur, Cedric, and Mr. Diggory weren’t present.

Shortly after, he spotted the three of them, floating down to the ground in ease and landing gently on their feet. Harry couldn’t deny the hint of embarrassment in the base of his throat at how easy that appeared to be for Cedric.

Then there was a hand outstretched toward him, long fingers not quivering in the slightest. Harry looked up to see Cedric, grinning at him, again.

“Thanks,” Harry muttered as he clutched his hand and Cedric pulled him up, almost effortlessly.

He watched Cedric join the rest of the group, already proceeding down the hill. Harry hesitated for a moment, before attempting to shake the smile of his face and catch up.


Nobody was truly surprised when Cedric Diggory’s name came shooting out of that goblet - Harry included. As his friends clapped Cedric on the back in congratulations, a smile so delicately poised on his face, Harry couldn’t help but look in his direction.

But when a fourth name protruded from that cup, chaos ensued. 

“Harry,” Dumbledore said, in the calmest voice he could muster. “Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?”

“No, sir, I didn’t,” he replied immediately, to which Fleur lightly scoffed and Viktor grimly turned away. Dumbledore sighed, exasperated, and retreated to his desk. He began to rifle through papers, probably to keep his hands busy to distract him from all the worry in his brain.

Harry felt someone step up beside him. Looking up, he saw Cedric peering down at him, a look of pity on his face. “I believe you, Harry,” he whispered, out of earshot of the rest of the people in the office.

Harry gave him the smallest hint of a smile. “Thanks, Cedric.”


Potter Stinks / Support Cedric Diggory

The two phrases that had been displayed on what felt like every Hufflepuff and Slytherin’s robes, in attempt to intimidate Harry, or otherwise, just bring him down.

After ignoring Draco Malfoy’s taunts about how long he’d last in the tournament, Harry stomped through the courtyard. He was passing a bench of laughing Hufflepuff students when he heard a rushed, “Harry! Wait up.”

He whipped around to see Cedric, dispatching from his friends and moving toward him, his robes bearing no button. He leaned down to reach Harry’s level and said, “I asked them not to wear them.”

Harry glanced at him and responded, “Whatever.” 

Then he stalked back into the castle.


After Hagrid showed Harry the dragons intended to be used for the first task, he also learned that both Fleur and Viktor were aware as well.

He only thought it was justified to tell Cedric.

“Diggory!” he yelled across the corridor of the second floor, when he had spotted Cedric walking alone to class. 

“Yeah, Harry?” he replied, raising his eyebrow, once Harry had jogged over to no longer be in yelling distance.

“Dragons,” Harry blurted, nervously tugging on his scarlet tie.

Cedric’s face slightly scrunched, his eyebrows knotting together in confusion. “Huh?”

“The first task,” Harry clarified, standing up straighter. “It’s something to do with dragons.”

The features on Cedric’s face relaxed, and Harry couldn’t help but stare at the sharpness of his jaw, the gentle curve of his lips. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” Harry was about to explain how he had found out, but ultimately decided to attempt to gain Cedric’s trust instead. “I’m sure.”

Cedric’s grey eyes narrowed, as the right side of his mouth upturned into a smirk. “Well thanks, Potter.”


The next few months flew by in a bit of a whirlwind. The instance of almost being killed by a Hungarian Horntail aside, Harry was feeling quite anxious, for quite a big reason.

The Yule Ball was approaching.

In all honesty, Harry wouldn’t mind attending with the tall, brown-haired Hufflepuff boy. But he knew he’d never have the courage, despite being a Gryffindor, to follow through in that plan.

So him and Ron searched, unluckily, for dates, gaining the feeling of hopelessness in the process. 

Finally, after a few weeks, Harry managed to get Parvati and Padma Patil to agree to attend with both him and Ron.

Although, on Christmas night, the sisters abandoned the boys at the dance, not long after the opening Champions’ dance. Harry and Ron sat at one of the tables, watching the dance floor in utter defeat.

Harry couldn’t stop staring at Cedric and Cho Chang. 

He sighed as Cedric twirled Cho, a giggle caught naturally between her teeth. The sight of Cedric’s smile alone caused Harry to suck in a short breath.

Ron turned his neck to look at his best friend. “You wanted to ask Cho, huh?”

“What?” Harry said, snapping out of his thoughts. He blinked rapidly as Ron searched his face.

“Cho Chang,” Ron reiterated, nodding his head toward her and Cedric. 

“Oh, right. Yeah,” Harry breathed, staring back at the dancers. “I wanted to go with her.”

His green eyes were glued to the couple’s hands, their fingers tightly linked together.


Even with Hermione’s help, Harry could not figure out what to do with that golden egg. It was supposed to be a clue about the second task, but Harry was getting nowhere. On the verge of giving up, feeling a profound amount of weight upon his shoulders, he walked through the castle grounds, when he heard an all too familiar voice calling his name.

Cedric clambered up to him, appearing slightly out of breath. “How are you, Harry?”

Confused, Harry scrunched his brows and curtly replied, “Spectacular.”

Cedric grinned, clearly not affected by Harry’s sarcasm. “You know the prefects bathroom, on the fifth floor?” 

Harry nodded, having no clue why he was on about restrooms, of all things.

Then Cedric leaned in, inches away from Harry’s left ear, and whispered, “It’s not the worst place for a bath.”

Harry’s eyes widened. “W-what?” he stuttered, running his tongue rapidly over his lips.

“Just take your egg, and… have a bath,” Cedric said, before smiling and turning around. Harry watched him walk away, eyebrows still raised in a bit of shock.


After the second task, Rita Skeeter published an article about The Thrilling Romance Between Harry Potter & Hermione Granger.

Harry scanned it one Tuesday morning in the Great Hall, taking in the ridiculous facts Rita had come up with and decided to showcase as the truth.

He instinctively glanced over at the Hufflepuff table, his eyes landing on Cedric. One of his friends was looking at the paper, and Cedric simply peered at at, a blank expression on his face.

Harry sucked in a breath, thrusting the paper at Hermione and biting into a piece of toast.


The third task was when everything changed.

Harry remembered nodding at Cedric before entering the maze, and his chest tightening when Cedric nodded back.

He remembered hearing the high pitched scream of Fleur Delacour, and sending up red sparks in her favor.

He remembered the glossy eyes of Viktor Krum, repeatedly throwing curses in Harry’s direction.

He remembered Cedric yelling, “Get down!” as he battled Viktor, eventually sending him flying to the ground. 

He remembered sprinting toward the light, Cedric hot on his heels. The two boys shoving each other, in attempt to get there before the other.

He remembered Cedric falling harshly to the floor, struggling against the vines. A mangled, “Harry!” which made Harry stop dead in his tracks.

He remembered running back to help; heavy breathing once they were both standing up again. 

“Thanks,” Cedric had breathed, looking down at Harry. 

“No problem,” he had replied, hand still grasping Cedric’s arm.

He remembered reaching the trophy. Neither of them had made the move to touch it. “You saved me, take it!” Cedric yelled, over the wind, which reminded Harry clearly of the first day they had met.

He remembered replying, “Together?”

And then everything went dark.

Harry would never forget those words, forever etched into his brain,

“Kill the spare.”

He remembered screaming Cedric’s name as he watched the light leave the boy’s eyes.

The rest seemed to happen so quickly.

Voldemort regaining his body, the gathering of Death Eaters. Battling the Dark Lord, watching Cedric’s ghostly body erupt from the end of Voldemort’s wand, along with his parents.

“Take my body back for me, Harry. Take my body back to my parents.”

He remembered getting away, clutching Cedric’s limp hand and grabbing the Portkey.

Last of all, Harry remembered returning to Hogwarts, Cedric’s dead body hitting the floor with a thud. He remembered sobbing into his chest, refusing to pry his hands off of him.

He remembered completely breaking down, the last time he saw Cedric Diggory.

Harry glares at his cousin, who still wears a smug look on his plump face.

Climbing out of bed and stopping right in front of Dudley’s face, he growls, “Shut up.”

And Harry pushes past him, walking out of his bedroom.

Gone (Cedric & Weasley Twins)

Requested- Could you write a Cedric imagine that takes place right before the final task of the tournament and then when Harry comes back with his body? Could the reader be his girlfriend but also best friends with the Weasley twins and they comfort her afterwards?? Thank you in advance 💕

- - -

You were walking side by side with your boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, in the empty hallway. Today was the day of the third and final task of the Triwizard Tournament, as he was one of the Hogwarts champions. The other was Harry Potter, a boy in his fourth year. You two met quite early in the morning as you requested.

“Cedric, I’m worried,” you started. “It’s the final task, which will be even more difficult than the previous two.”

“I’ll be alright. Don’t worry.” He held your hand and cupped your face with the spare hand, stroking your cheek.

“Are you sure?” You lowered your eye lids, “Oh I shouldn’t be talking to you about this, I’m discouraging you!” But still, you had a bad feeling that something would happen to him.

“No, no, you’re just worried.” Cedric said as you looked back at his pretty eyes. “I’ll be fine, y/n.”

“Then you better be,” you flung yourself onto his torso and hugged him hard. He kissed your hair and laid his chin on top of your head. He broke away to examine you. Closing his eyes, he leaned in and kissed you on the lips. The kiss was nothing like the other you shared. It was passionate, yet it sent chills to your back. It was addictive and made you clutch the back of his neck even tighter. You felt Cedric’s grip on your hips getting stronger, too.

You had to broke away from the kiss to gasp for air. He, too, was panting. But without a second thought, you grabbed his collar and kissed him one more time. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, y/n.”


It was moments before the final task, you wished Cedric good luck and gave him one last kiss before he left. You sat down at the audience seat with your best friends, Fred and George Weasley.

“Hey y/n, your boyfriend is waving at you!” George nudged you right onto your ribs.

“Ouch, George!” Nudging him right back, you searched for the sight of Cedric and waved back.

“He told me that you’re terrible in bed, by the way.” Fred grinned at you in a devious way.

“We haven’t even-”

You were interrupted by an announcement. “May the task begin!” Cedric entered the maze, right after Harry. Shortly, they both disappeared from your sight. Everyone on the stand was cheering as you glanced around. 

“Stop moving, the both of you, before I hex you!” You sneered at the two red haired boys beside you jokingly.

“Okay, okay!”

“Whatever you say, y/n!”

After about almost two hours, Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum were back, both failing to reach the Triwizard Cup.

“What’s taking so long?” You said in deep worry an hour afterwards.

“No idea,” Fred furrowed his eyebrows as George patted your shoulder to comfort you.

Soon, the Hogwarts champions appeared out of no where with the Cup, and the whole place was buried in roars of excitement. You stood up to get a clearer look, but people kept blocking you, so you walked towards the front row with the twins following you.

But you regretted your move instantly when you saw what was in front of you.

Harry was shouting with tears and anger across his face, Professor Dumbledore beside him. The audience quieted down as they realised what happened.

Cedric was laying motionless with his eyes open, and there wasn’t any sense of life in them.

You felt your legs go weak and fell onto the grass as you screamed, tears streaming down your face. George and Fred were holding you back by your both sides, trying to talk to you. But you did’t hear anything coming from them as you just wanted to go to Cedric’s side. Soon enough, you broke through and ran to him. 

“Cedric! Cedric! No!” Your throat was burning as though someone poured lava right through it. 

“Y/n- I- I couldn’t have saved him, it’s- it’s all my fault!” You heard Harry trying to explain. You knew it wasn’t the boy’s fault, so you shook your head several times as you were too weak to say anything. Your vision was blurred by your tears, and Harry spoke again, “he- he wanted me to bring him back, for- for his parents, and you.” 

You looked up at Harry and forced a smile to him. “Thank you,” the voice was barely hearable, but Harry nodded. You saw Mr. Diggory beside you, also in tears, you said your final “goodbye” and “I love you” to Cedric before the twins dragged you away.

They took you back into your dorm and allowed you to sit down on your bed. George wiped your tears away, and he and Fred hugged you in turns. You appreciated the fact that they did’t ask you stupid questions like “are you okay?” or “how are you feeling?” and et cetera. 

“We’re here with you, y/n.”

“We’ll leave if you want us to.”

“Don’t. Please stay.” You said hoarsely with your body still shaking.

“‘Course,” they said together.

You had no idea how things will all be different from now on, with him gone, but you knew that he wouldn’t want you to get upset over him. You remembered Cedric as all did, a boy you loved and always will, who was good, and kind, and brave.

Written in honour of Cedric Diggory xx *wands in the air*

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I’ve Got You~One-shot (Cedric Diggory)

A/N: If I say that something will be out tonight and then I post it at 2 am, was I lying???

Request: @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch:  Cedric x reader. They are dating. The reader is The second task but can’t swim. So when she breaks the water surface she starts to panic a bit.

Word Count: 1145

Warnings: Swearing, kinda drowning, panic


Originally posted by miones

Cedric and I had planned on spending the night together, mostly to distract him from the upcoming second task. Said event was currently beginning in 9 hours and 26 minutes. Yes, he was counting, proving just how nervous he was. We were in the courtyard just outside the transfiguration classroom. I brought him there hoping the fresh air and open space would help relax him. So far it had. It was just beginning to get dark and Cedric and I were sitting on a bench, talking about anything other than what was to happen the next day. I knew perfectly well that steering away from the topic was the best idea for not only my boyfriend, but for me as well. So far, I had heard him ramble on about the temperature of the black lake, how dangerous merpeople were, how dangerous all the creatures in the lake were, the creatures he never knew were in the lake before this, the ones he still didn’t know were in the lake and of course, whether or not the giant squid was friendly. I hated to sound ungrateful, or like I wasn’t proud of him for competing in this competition, but I was bored of all his nervous chatter. Thankfully, it had been a couple hours since he had brought up anything of the sort. I hoped that was a sign of some of his nerves disappearing.

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Today in fandoms: October 31st
  • 1981: Voldemort attacks James and Lily Potter in their house, but fails to kill their son Harry Potter and is instead defeated by the magic protecting him. Thus, the First Wizarding War ends.
  • 1991: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley save Hermione Granger from a Mountain Troll in the girl’s bathroom, released by Professor Quirrell as a diversion as he attempts to steal the Philosopher’s Stone. This event signals the start of their life-long friendship.
  • 1992: Sir Nicholas celebrates his 500th death day with Harry, Ron, and Hermione in attendance. Ginny Weasley, under the influence of Tom Riddle’s diary, opens the Chamber of Secrets and Filch’s cat Mrs. Norris is petrified by the basilisk.
  • 1993: Sirius Black enters Hogwarts Castle and attacks the Fat Lady.
  • 1994: The Goblet of Fire chooses Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour, and Viktor Krum as its Champions. However, Harry Potter is also announced as the unexpected fourth champion to mixed reactions from his peers.

Mr Diggory’s head rolled its eyes. ‘Says he heard an intruder in his yard. Says they were creeping towards the house, but they were ambushed by his dustbins.’

‘What did the dustbins do?’ asked Mr Weasley, scribbling frantically.

‘Made one hell of a noise and fired rubbish everywhere, as far as I can tell,’ said Mr Diggory. ‘Apparently one of them was still rocketing around when the please-men turned up –’ (GOF, chapter 11)

Kind of amusing, really, if you imagine somebody ambushed by dustbins, but then there is also this:

‘Arthur, you know Mad-Eye,’ said Mr Diggory’s head, rolling its eyes again. ‘Someone creeping into his yard at the dead of night? More likely there’s a very shellshocked cat wandering around somewhere, covered in potato peelings. (…) (GOF, chapter 11)

Alastor Moody seems to suffer from a severe case of PTSD, not unlike many soldiers who came back from the battlefield. It seems to me that the wizarding world isn’t exactly understanding when it comes to trauma survivors and doesn’t really deal with them well. (Mr Diggory wasn’t the only one with the reaction of this kind.) Paranoid, nutter - this is how he is usually seen.


“Mr. Diggory, if you would care to tear your eyes away from Miss/Mr y/n for one moment, you wouldn’t be missing this crucial information that will most certainly come up on your exam!” 

I looked up from my notes and over to my boyfriend, Cedric, who was sitting next to me. Our eyes met and he smirked. 

“Sorry, Professor.”

I grinned and returned to my paper as Cedric slipped his hand into mine under the table.