mrs. dewitt

Mrs. DeWitt: “What sort of time do you call this to arrive! I have told you numerous times I do not stand lateness. It’s inconsiderate”

Ester: “I’m sorry madam. It was such a nice day out that I lost track of time, it won’t happen again.”

Augustina: “Make sure it doesn’t. If I am to spend some of my last hours on earth teaching you, I won’t do them waiting. Now get your coat off and we will start.” 

Ester: “Thank you, thank you!”


I played BioShock Infinite… OMFG I love Booker Dewitt and I’m so sad for him TT Poor Mr Dewitt ! 

Moreover, I find Sebastian Castellanos (The Evil Within/Psycho Break) look like Booker. I then imagined good friends in the same space-time.
Yes, again a crossover :D
Dewitt: Blablablablablablablablablabla […] 
Castellanos: Booker, shut up … 

video game aesthetic meme: [7/?] : elizabeth comstock - bioshock infinite

Elizabeth:  “Hello!  Ooh, this is wonderful!  Ooh, come dance with me Mr. DeWitt!”
Booker:  “I don’t dance.”
Elizabeth:  “Why? What could be better than this?”