mrs. curtis

Some ladies are tough

while others are gentle.

Some ladies are subtle

while others are boisterous.

Some ladies take responsibility

while others need a little help.

Some ladies look boyish

while others are more ‘girly’.

Some ladies prefer to hide

while others want the whole world to know they’re here.

Some ladies are mysterious

while others are open and friendly.

And some ladies choose to work

while others prefer to stay at home.

But no matter if they’re young

or old

or in between

no matter how they choose to live

or who they choose to love

all ladies are important

and they should be treated as such.

mrs curtis: *holding her second born* honey what should we call him

mr curtis: sodapop

mrs curtis: 

years later

mrs curtis: *holding her third born* honey what should we call him?

mr curtis: ponyboy

mrs curtis: 

In honour of Black History Month coming up (October in the UK) I wanted to do a sorting of my favourite characters from TV, film and comic books. Representation matters. Diversity matters. I’m barely scratching the surface here, but these are some of my favourites.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis headcanons

- Darrel Shayne Curtis was born in June of 1924
- making him a Gemini
- he was named after his grandfather, not his father
- this really confused 10th grade Ponyboy, trying to do his genealogy project

- Dorothy Ellen Stevenson was born January 3rd, 1926
- making her a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon and Leo rising
- she was named after her mother, Dorothy, and grandmother, Ellen

- Dorothy went by ‘Dottie’ to tell the difference between her and her mother
- or 'Dodie’

- it’s the stock market crash that made them - and their families - greasers

- they were high school sweethearts

- they were married before Dot had even finished college
- let’s be honest, scholarships got that girl through college

- Darrel never went to college
- that’s why he wanted Darry to go to college so much, so his son could have the future he never did

- to distinguish the difference, their son was called Darry and the father Darrel
- it only got confusing when Mrs. Curtis got mad at her oldest son
- this happened a lot more than you’d think

- young!Mrs. Curtis wore jeans and flannels and tank tops
- Soda couldn’t look more like his mother if he tried

- Mrs. Curtis had ash blonde hair and blue eyes
- Sandy slightly resembled Mrs. Curtis
- so her hugs felt like home

- Mrs. Curtis always wanted to be a nurse or a teacher when she was growing up
- she had her life planned out at 12
- it went kinda how she wanted
- didn’t wanna die at 39 though

- she’s the best nurse
- whenever the boys got sick or hurt, she knew exactly what to do
- she has a mother and nurse’s touch

- all of their friends were jealous of their relationship
- they were a match made in heaven
- Darrel’s friends teased him about being whipped
- Dot’s friends wished they had a boyfriend like hers

anonymous asked:

can you do hcs or an imagine with dally being sick with an upset stomach and mrs curtis takes care of him :,)

I was going to make a fic out of this but I just don’t have the energy so here’s some headcanon stuff!!!!!!

-Mrs. Curtis is usually a pretty hands off “take a nap take some aspirin” kinda mom but whenever she’s dealing with someone else’s kind she feels like she’s kinda gotta step it up a little.

-She can always tell when Dally is sick. He’s usually a gigantic smartass but when he doesn’t feel well he doesn’t talk at all. Like at-all at-all.

-If he or Steve or Johnny has anything worse than the sniffles/a hangover she’ll take the day off to watch them.

-Mostly the day consists of Dally and Mrs. Curtis making fun of daytime television.

-Classic plastic puke bowl every family has.

-Unlimited ginger ale and cool cloths. Like a spa except it’s the ghetto and it’s your friend’s mom sponging puke off your face.

-Makes him some Campbell’s soup because that’s just what you do.

-She’s definitely the kinda person who kisses your forehead to see if you have a fever.

-He pretends to hate being doted over but honestly it’s a refreshing experience.

-Somebody usually has to fork over their bedroom for the sickie.

-She disinfects everything and he pretends to sneeze on things just to fuck with her.

-He’s always trying to antagonize her. She can usually tell when he’s feeling better because he’ll slowly stop being polite and meek and go directly back to his jackass self.


The 10 Things Dally has never told anyone… 

1. He wishes that his parent’s loved him like parents were supposed to love their children.
2. His mother cared about drugs more than she ever cared about him. 
3. Dally knows that if there is a Hell, he has a first class ticket there… and he is okay with that. 
4. When Dally met the gang, Mrs Curtis would treat him like her own son, it was the first time he had felt what love was truly like. The night she died he cried, he sobbed his heart out until he fell asleep. He still hasn’t gotten over her loss.
5. He doesn’t “make love” he fucks until he cannot feel a thing… he doesn’t know how to love someone, and his not quite sure that he ever will. 
6.The only person he has ever truly cared about is Johnny, but God, he just didn’t know how to love the kid. 
7. He prays every single night before he goes to bed, hoping that God hasn’t lost faith in him yet. His prayers always go unanswered.
8. He was in his first real gang at the age of 10, at age 12 he watched his best friend get shot in the stomach, he held his friend in his arms until the police arrived. He was carted away to juvenile detention. 
9. His first night in Juvie was the hardest. He cried the whole time. 
10. It turns out he loved Johnny. And he couldn’t stand to live in a world where an innocence like that was stolen. So he decided to die too.

For the Mr./Mrs. Curtis w/ Johnny anon

I accidentally deleted the ask some how but I remember that you wanted Mr. and Mrs. Curtis finding out about Johnny being abused headcannons, so here you are! Thank you for submitting, I LOVE getting these!

- Mrs. Curtis was the first to find out. She was walking to the park to meet up with one of her friends while the others were at home, and she happened to glance over at Johnny’s house and she saw Johnny’s dad beating him through the window. She had to hold back a deathly loud scream and the urge to break his neck. Johnny was 12 at the time.

- She ran back home in her high heels in tears, talking to Mr. Curtis once he got home. She locked herself in the bathroom to calm down so the children wouldn’t see her in that condition.

- Once Mr. Curtis arrived home from work, he went to the bathroom to take a shower, but was greeted by his wife, whom was a sobbing mess. He was angered because he wanted to know who either hurt her or one of their sons, but when she told him the reason, he was dumbfounded and shocked to the root.

- Mr. Curtis threatened to kill Johnny’s parents, but Mrs. Curtis begged him not to. She just called Mr. Cade and asked him if Johnny could stay with them for a week because they were going to do something with the kids, and he surprisingly agreed.

- Johnny was so confused as to why he was staying a week at the Curtis’, but he knew something was up when he saw how swollen Mrs. Curtis’s eyes were.

-The parents explained what Pony’s mother saw, and he tried denying it, but they saw right through his lies. That made Mr. Curtis even more mad, mad because his parents were beating him to the point where he had to deny it, that was how afraid they made him.

- Soda and Johnny were close friends before Pony and Johnny were. Sodapop was so excited when his parents told him that ‘Johnny was spending the night for the whooooolllleeee week!’.

- The Curtis parents stayed up all night that night, discussing what they should do. Mrs. Curtis didn’t want Johnny to be put in a boys’ home, but Mr. Curtis said that they’d adopt him. Mrs. Curtis liked that idea, but they both knew they could barely get by with the five of them.

- Mrs. Curtis told Darrel first because she knew he was mature enough. Darrel was upset, and within the week Johnny 'lived’ with them, he had grown very close to him.

- Pony began to get to learn more about Johnny also. That sparked their friendship.

- Mr. Curtis introduced Johnny to Dallas. They didn’t know each other at the time. Johnny was afraid of Dallas, but Dally knew him and Johnny would be close. He just gave off those vibes.

- Steve was introduced to Johnny too, and he let him play with his toy cars.

- Mr. Curtis confronted Mr. Cade the next time he saw it, and they got into a fist fight, which resulted in the arrest of both of them, but only for a few days.

- Mrs. Curtis bought Johnny a whole bunch of toys and clothes, which made Johnny cry and give her the biggest hug ever. She cried too.

- When Johnny asked Mr. Curtis for some cigarettes, he was given one spanking because 'Johnathan Andrew Cade you are too damn young to be smokin’, where’d you learn that from?’.

- Mr. Curtis apologized to him soon after because he bet that Johnny had bruises on his bum already from you know who.


10 Things Johnny has never told anyone…

1. He is awful jealous of Ponyboy, he knows just how much Darry has sacrificed to keep his family together, and Johnny craves to know a love like that.
2. Johnny has tried to kill himself, but he failed each time. 
3. His biggest fear is dying young, unloved and alone. 
4. Sylvia got him blind drunk to the point that he can hardly remember a single strand of information from the night before, but he woke up as naked as the day he was brought into this world. She used him. 
5. Dally found out and boy was he pissed, but never at Johnny. No, he was pissed off at Sylvia, and boy if she wasn’t a girl, he’d have broken every bone in her worthless body.
6. Johnny’s mother cared about her son once upon a time. Until he grew up looking like the man that beat her senseless every single day. She began to hate Johnny with every fiber of her being. She told this to Johnny and he bawled his eyes out. 
7. Johnny cried in Darry’s arms for hours on end the night they found him bloodied and broken, he begged Darry not to tell anyone. Darry didn’t utter a word about it.
8. When he was a child he would sit up in the trees and watch all the other little kids that had loving parent’s and he wondered why he wasn’t good enough to have a family like that. 
9. The first time he felt love was from someone he didn’t share blood with. Mrs Curtis had been getting quite attached to the small greaser and when he stayed the night she would tuck him into bed right next to Ponyboy and tell them a bed time story, and then she would kiss them both on their foreheads, telling them both just how much she loved and appreciated them. 
10. Each Christmas that passed he wouldn’t get a single thing, his parent’s always told him it was because he wasn’t good enough to get a present from Santa Claus.


Headcanon: #1 “Being best friends with Soda…”
Characters: Sodapop/Oc

*He will always give you his jacket the moment the weather becomes brisk.
*You both have an obsession with Elvis and go to the movie house to see his latest movies.
*You’re comfortable enough around him to get undressed in front of him.
*He gives you random little hugs when you’re least expecting it.
*He’d never admit this to anyone, but, sometimes he lets you braid his hair.
*You and Sodapop go to dances with Steve and Evie.
*You are awfully close with Darry and Ponyboy, and when Mr and Mrs Curtis were alive, you were close with them too.
*You had hated Sandy, you knew she was bad news from the moment you met her, and Sandy hated you too, she was always trying to stop Soda from seeing you, but Sodapop couldn’t go a day without speaking to you.
*On particularly hot days you and Sodapop will share a bath and talk about things that weren’t particularly important.
*He is always rude to your boyfriends because he knows they’re not good enough for his best friend.

Curtis Family Photo Album

((this is nerdy as hell, ignore me))

A rare photo of Dally that Mrs. Curtis managed to get

Darry, Soda, and Ponyboy at Soda 7th birthday

Johnny and Ponyboy on their first day of school

Darry and Soda during summer break

Darry, Soda, and Mrs. Curtis picking flowers

Dally’s 10th birthday party with the gang

Ponyboy and Johnny playing together (age 2 and 3)

Darry and Soda on Halloween

Mr. Curtis and Soda

Darry and Soda before just before school

Dally trying to hide from the camera (with Ponyboy in the background)

Darry, Soda, Ponyboy, Steve, and Angela hanging out


Darry get’s called down to the office…. (Sister fic)

You knew he was going to be pissed something awful, and by God, you dreaded to see the glare you knew he was sure to be giving you the moment he walked through those doors. 

“I know your parent’s have just died, Y/N.” The principle said with a soft, patronizing tone. “But that is not an excuse to hit somebody, especially a man, you are just lucky he was raised in a good home and doesn’t hit women.” 

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” You had risen from your seat, your hands on your hips as you stared down dangerously at him… but that was also the moment Darry decided to waltz through the room. 

“Y/N, you sit your ass down, you’re in enough goddamn trouble as it is.” You looked at your brother and you saw the venomous look in his eyes, and that was enough to get you to shut up. You knew you were in for a spanking, Darry had threatened you with it before. He still saw you as a child even though you were 17 years old. 

He sat down in the chair beside, all the while giving you his best glare. You knew he was pissed, he worked almost every day to provide for this family, and one day of work could make or break you.

“Thanks for coming, Mr Curtis. I was just saying to your sister that I know that she is under a lot stress because of the passing of your parents and I understand that, but it is not an excuse to hit another person, especially a man. She is lucky that the guy she hit was a fine fellow from a great family.” 

“A great family?” You sneered as you got up from your seat. “He is a piece of shit and you’re his uncle, what does that say about you?” 

“Y/N Curtis!” Darry snapped, not moving an inch from his seat, but his eyes met yours and you knew you urged yourself not to cringe, he meant business. You knew your ass was on the line- quite literally, but you didn’t care any more. 

“You’re lucky he isn’t pressing charges, young lady.” The principle spat. “Now take your seat so we can discuss your punishment like adults.” 

“Are you serious right now? He is lucky that I am not pressing charges for sexual harassment!” 

“Sexual harassment?” Darry asked, looking up at you with wide eyes and then at the snake of a man. “What exactly happened here, Mr Thomas? Because your receptionist told me it was all my sisters fault.” 

“He was snapping my bra straps down, hard might I add. I asked him to stop multiple times, and when he didn’t I hit him. He left bruises.” Mr Thomas’ face had gone bright red and he sank lower into his seat. 

“Can I see them?” Darry asked softly, apologetically almost. When you nodded, he got up from his seat and gently pulled your hair back over your shoulder. 

You felt him unzip your the top of your dress the slightest bit so he could see your back, and you could feel him tense up, a small gasp escaped his lips. 

“Have you seen her fucking back?” Darry spat at the cowering Mr Thomas. Your brother never swore, but this time he was beyond pissed. “There’s not just bruises, there are welt marks.” 

“Boys will be boys.” Mr Thomas muttered softly. “It doesn’t excuse her for hitting him-” 

“Is that the excuse we’re using now? “Boys will be boys?” Does that excuse another man raping a woman? Does that excuse another man beating on a woman? Does that excuse your nephew from sexually harassing my sister?”

“He didn’t sexually harass her-”

“That is exactly what he did. She didn’t want him to do it, she asked repeatedly for him to stop it, and she is the one getting sent to the office and suspended because “boys will be boys?” you’re the most repugnant person I have ever met.”

“I’m not going to suspend her this time-” 

“You’re right, you’re not. We are going down to the police station to press charges and I am going to the school board to have you fired, did you know the head is a woman? How do you think she is going to feel knowing that one of her staff members is allowing sexual assault?” 

“I- I’m sorry- I” 

“Let’s go, Y/N” Darry grabbed your hand gently and began to guide you out of the room, but you were staring at Mr Thomas, the usually proud man was unfolding before your eyes. His wide eyes were furiously tapping at the telephone to make a call, and small, short breaths were escaping his lips.

Darry walked you to the car and opened your door… but then he shut it and looked down at you. 

“Baby I’m so sorry.” He sighed, all signs of anger were gone. “When she called me in, I was so pissed off, I had every intention of spanking you when we got home. I didn’t think for a second that maybe something serious had happened or that it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry that I was so short-”

“You don’t have to apologize, I understand.” 

“I love you kid, they’re not going to get away with it, you dig?” He wrapped his arms around you, being careful not to touch your back. 

“I love you too.”

The Gang Before the Book

-The first time Darry got drunk, Pony helped sneak him back in
-Pony’s a bro
-Steve would wait outside Soda and Pony’s window
-Soda would sneak out
-They’d go to the drags
-Soda was upset when Pony was born
-He wanted a baby sister
-He changed his tune real quick when Pony’s first word was “Oda” (Soda)
-Darry bribed both Soda and Pony into walking with cookies
-Soda’s first word WAS cookie
-Cute little brat
-Pony had glasses as a kid
-Steve teased him relentlessly
-So he doesn’t wear them
-And doesn’t get along with Steve
-He and Johnny thought Dally was badass
-So they started smoking
-Darry about blew a gasket
-Pony found out he was fast as fuck when Soda started chasing him
-He was trying to tickle him
-“Soda no!”
-If Soda wasn’t there, Pony was totally okay cuddling with Two-Bit
-Two was totally okay with it too
-He was used to cuddling with his sister
-Mr. Curtis gave Pony a teddy bear to help him with his nightmares
-He still has it