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1) Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)- Dc

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2) Elena Fisher- Uncharted

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3) JJ- Criminal Minds

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4) Mrs Hudson- Sherlock

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5) Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)- Marvel

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6) Uhura- Star Trek

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8) Ellie- The Last of Us

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9) Clementine- Telltale’s The Walking Dead

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10) Alice Cullen- Twilight

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In moments of Silence (Jacob Black x Reader)

———————— Fandom: Twilight ———————— Warnings: almost gets into smut, mainly just kissing ———————— Summary: You are spending some quality too me with your boyfriend Jacob, when new events change your plans. ———————— Author’s note: First off! Paragraphing is off right now because my phone is stupid af, but it will be fixed tomorrow evening! hope you enjoy! It would be great for you all to check out my previous posts. Especially my new Jasper fanfic and my call for help with a masterlist. Thank you all! ————————

Life with the Cullen’s hadn’t always been the easiest, but due to recent events things seemed to be more difficult than ever.

You sat upright on the couch in the bright open area of the Cullen household, with a copy of your favorite book placed in your hands. Your family had all left for a small hunting trip that morning, but you had decided to stay behind on this one.

 It was supposed to rain today anyways, and you didn’t feel like getting into that today. As a result of your families absence you had the place to yourself in complete silence.

You nearly dropped your book to the ground, but your agile body remained in tact as you heard a loud knock at the door. You had walked over to see who might be there. In a half crouch position you peered through the curtains, only to see a a tall, tan, muscular body, dripping wet from the rain that had just began. A figure you could only assume to be the astounding, yet hated, Jacob Black. The same one that you had been able to call your “secret boyfriend” for nearly 3 months,

You opened the door and let him in. “Jacob, what are you doing here. You know our families don’t get along. Why would you think for a second that it would be safe to come here.”

  “Billy wanted me to stop by. He didn’t say much, he just wanted to know if Carlisle was out. I volunteered to come over, knowing that it would at least give me a chance to see you.” His arm moved behind your body, placing hand on your back and pulling you closer to him so that he could place a long, passionate kiss upon your lips.

  “Well you couldn’t have chosen a better time. As you can tell, my family isn’t home right now.”

  “I noticed. Where are they exactly? And how long do I have before I need to head back out?”

  “They left about an hour ago for a hunting trip. I doubt they will be back for a few more.”

 He smiled at your response, giving you another one of his most loving kisses. You kissed back as you placed your hand in his chest, which uncommonly was clothed much to your dismay. You scoffed as you realized that he was still soaked from being outside. “We need to get you dried off.”

“That would be nice.”

You walked him up to the second story of your home, and first into the bathroom where you could grab a towel.

  “Take off your clothes.” You demanded.

He coughed, shocked from your previous statement. “I’m sorry, what?”

  “Did we not just say we were going to get your dried off? If you hadn’t noticed that won’t work very well, with wet clothes on.”

“Oh, right.” He almost stuttered out. He went to undo each of the buttons on his shirt. You watched him intently as he did so. Only in the third button you decided to pitch in.

 “Let me help you out with that.” He smiled, his eyes growing wider with each button you touched. You let your fingertips gently trace his muscular torso as you worked your way up. Once the top button was undone he slid off the shirt and you looked into his eyes. You leaned down to place a kiss on his lips. You turned away, but he pulled you back for another.

 You decided to not pull away from this one. Instead of you moving, he stood up from his seat and pulled you closer to his body. His unclothed chest against your body. You hands roamed over his abs and up to his perfectly carved jawline. The kiss intensified with every second.

Only moments later his tongue had passed through your lips as it began to explore inside of your mouth. Jacobs hands ran down your back, sending a chill up your spine, they landed on your hips as he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

He walked you over to your bedroom. He made his way over to your bed, which wasn’t commonly used, but you sure were happy that you had for this situation.

He laid you down against a few pillows as he hovered above your body. His hands moved down your stomach and he found the hem of your shirt. He played with it between his fingers to tease you until he finally pulled it over your head. With that being that singular moment that broke your lustful kissing he took the time to speak.

 “I didn’t seem quite fair that I was the only one without clothes on, now did it?”

  “I don’t know, I enjoyed it quite a lot.”

  He chuckled. “Yes, well I’m sure that you did.”

  His hands hand now made their way to your jeans. He unzipped them and slid them off of your body.

 He worked his way back up and looked deep into your eyes. “Are you sure that you want this, (y/n)? I would never push you into something…”

You hushed him by pressing a finger to his lips. “I have never wanted anything more, not with anyone, only you Jacob.”

He continued to kiss you passionately after your remark. His mouth finding its way to your neck. He sucked hard on whatever spots he found to please you the most. His hands were roaming all of your body, as did yours to his, as he snaked them under your back to find the clasp of your bra.

  Nothing could have ruined this moment for you, except. “(Y/n)!” Your name was yelled in a deep voice from your doorway.

“Carlisle! Is that Jacob?” The two new voices in the room clearly belonged to your parents.

You rolled off the bed and into the floor. You got redressed as quickly as possible with your vampire speed.

Jacob stood up quickly.

  “What are you all doing home so early!” You asked. You had never seen Carlisle so infuriated before. You had never seen such a look on your mother’s face. A look that was a combination of anger, shock, and utter disappointment. Things that definitely did not mix well.

Carlisle had gotten from the doorway to the opposite wall of your room with Jacob pinned under his arm.

“Mr. Cullen! Please. Just give me a…”

  Carlisle cut him off. “You do not deserve anything. You are lucky that you aren’t already dead. That is my daughter in which…” Carlisle stopped his own sentence that time with a look of disgust on his face as he thought about the scenario his daughter was just taking part in.

You had ran over to try to stop him, but Esme had gotten to you too fast. She held you back, but you managed I yell out,“ Carlisle! Listen to me please! Everyone just calm down.”

Even during your words Carlisle had punched Jacob. The result of Carlisles strength and Jacob strong physique left a hole in your wall. You screamed at the contact.

Jacob fell down to the floor as Carlisle released his hold. Esme tried to hold you back, but to look of Jacob gave you the strongest desire to free her arms. You ran and dropped to his side. You ran your hands through his hair and examined his face. Thankfully, the collision of Carlisle’s fist and his face only give him a broken nose.

You stood up and angrily said,“ You know it isn’t very often that the doctor is the one causing the injuries.”

Esme followed back before Carlisle could speak. “Young lady, you should not talk like that to us!”

  “Young lady? Mother! I’m technically 79!”

  “I don’t care how old you are. You are our daughter. Not biologically, but every since you were turned we have taken you under our wing. Your our little girl! You are a Cullen! He is a Black! You are fraternizing with the enemy!” Carlisle spoke next.

“Jacob is not a bad guy! He isn’t like the others.” You fought back.

Jacob stood up from his position on the floor. “With all due respect sir, I would never do anything to hurt your daughter. I love her. I know you all don’t approve just yet, but I would love to talk things through. Anything I can do to gain your trust is worth it.” You kissed him.

Carlisle groaned. Esme spoke trying to release the tension. “Innocent until proven guilty. We have just the time as well. To answer your previous question (y/n), we had just come home to tell you that we were planning a baseball game for this afternoon. Jacob is welcome to join.”

  You smiled. You ran to hug your mother. “Thank you. Thank you.” You repeated.

  Esme spoke again. “If he survives tonight then he deserves everything. I doubt he will make it past the girls, just wait until he gets to the boys.”

  Carlisle laughed. “Mischievous darling. God, I love the way you think.” The couple shared a kiss then exited the room.

You held your head and turned to Jacob. “Up for a game of ball?” You asked with a smile.

You handed him his clothes. “I would be delighted, if I thought the baseball would be hit with the bat more than I would.”

You laughed. “Don’t worry. We can talk to them. They just have to give you a chance.”

He kissed you. “Your optimism could outshine the rain, but I’m afraid it can’t hold back the entire storm.”

You smiled. What a way he had with words. You would definitely be needing more where that came from later that evening.

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Paul Lahote One-Shot

Request: Can you do a little one-shot where the reader is Paul Lahote’s imprint and she has a job that requires her to visit the Cullens and he gets all angry and she has to calm im down? Just something cute and fluffy? Thank you! 

Title: My Girl 

Pairing: Paul x reader 

Type: Fluff (tiny bit of angsty stuff) 

Warnings: Cursing and some suggestive things Paul would undoubtedly say

A/N: Sorry! This one’s kinda short …

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My first post on this new Dragon Age blog of mine. :)

I only recently got into DA:I because a friend recommended it to me (I went from Mass Effect to Dragon Age very quickly lol), and instantly fell in love with Cassandra Pentaghast. I romance her in every single one of my playthroughs, and (although I haven’t actually played it yet), I was disappointed to find out that Cassandra and the Inquisitor don’t get married at the end of/at some point during Trespasser. (Thank the Maker for fanart/fanfiction, amiright?)

This is my mage Trevelyan Inquisitor, Apollo, with the bae Cassandra. Also bonus Leliana, fangirl!Josephine and Cullen in the background cause why the fuck not? Lol

Not enough time (Carlisle Cullen x Reader)

Fandom: Twilight — —Warnings: smut, fingering, oral (male on female) — —Summary: You have been terribly missing your husband Carlisle so you decide to surprise him at work when they get a little heated. — —Author’s note: Obviously I do not own these characters, the credit for that would go to queen Stephenie Meyer. Also, this is my first time writing Carlisle and also my first time (in a while) writing full on smut so I hope I did ok and that you enjoy it! Also, you can imagine this as a Carlisle x reader, or as a carlisle x Esme from her point of view.

The light shined through the glass wall of your bedroom and perfectly hit the empty side of the bed you normally shared with your husband, Carlisle. He had left earlier that morning for work. You loved how much he cared about his work, and you knew he loved you even more but sometimes it felt like you were rarely together. He would leave so early and stay at the hospital so late that even though you never slept, it felt like you had no time at all with him.

You got up from the spot on your unnecessary bed and walked out into your also unnecessary kitchen. Your “children” were at school and wouldn’t be home for a few more hours, so you made a quick decision to go and visit your husband. You were going to get what you wanted, no matter the odds.

You got dressed up in one of Carlisle’s favorite dresses on you. He had bought it for you for your birthday a few years back. It was a red lacy cocktail dress that was strapless and ended mid-thigh on your body. It was one of your sexier attires and you knew you could draw in Carlisle’s attention with it. You applied some makeup, curled your hair, grabbed an elegant black satin coverup, your favorite pair of heels and got into your car to leave.

You drove down the road thinking about what you were going to do. You couldn’t keep the thought of your husband out of your mind and before you know it you were at the entrance of the hospital. You smiled knowing that you were almost there and walked in.

The kind ladies at the counter had known well of you since you all arrived in forks. Everyone had been all over your hot husband, and you had to show up and set them straight. It was a big deal then and you hoped that they would have been over it by now, but alas they still held onto the grudge tightly.

“Oh, hello Mrs. Cullen. I’m afraid your husband is in surgery right now, but he should be out shortly. Should I page him to at least let him know you are here? I hope it isn’t urgent.” One of the receptionists, who you recognized as Jackie, noticed as soon as you walked in.

  “Oh there is no need for that. Just let him know I will be waiting in his office until he is able to meet me. That will be all.” You smiled kindly.

  “Well you look very… umm… fancy Mrs. Cullen. He hadn’t mentioned anything to us about needing to leave early…”

  You cut her annoying voice off by adding in,“ oh no. We don’t have plans until this evening, I just thought I would stop by and see him since I had some free time. Nothing for you to be concerned about.” You smiled and walked away to your husbands office. As you walked you could hear the whispers and practically feel the grimaces of the receptionists behind you.

You walked down the hall, turning heads of the male workers as you went by. You went over to the door you knew to be Carlisle’s office and you walked in. You sat down at his desk and propped up your heels on the counter. You only had to wait about 15 minutes until you heard the twist of the doorknob.

In quickly walked your husband, he shut the door behind himself and used his vampire speed to get over to you once he knew no one could see. Goodness he looked so sexy in his work attire.

You sat up and he put his hands on each check pulling you up from the chair you were in. He kissed you quickly then asked,“ Is everything alright? Are you ok? Is everyone else ok? Did something happen? I rushed through my surgery the best that I could and had an attending close up for me.”

“Shh… babe I’m fine. Everyone else is great. Must I have a reason to come and see my husband?” You asked and you placed a hand on his cheek then rubbing his shoulder.

  “Well I assume not. I rather enjoy your company I just thought…” Carlisle gave you a confused look. “Why exactly are you here?”

  “Well…,” you said as you took a step back. You slowly slid your coverup off of your shoulders and it hit the floor the same time Carlisle’s eyes grew two sizes larger than before. “I’ve been missing you so much Carlisle and I just thought that while you were at work you might need a little break.”

“Wow, umm… (y/n) you look absolutely stunning. Perhaps work can wait just a little bit.” He said as he hands found your hips and he pulled you into a tight passionate kiss. His hands roamed your body and slowly slid your dress up.

His mouth moved from your lips and attached to your neck kissing and sucking as he pleased. You let out a breath and began to undo his tie. He moved back and set you to his side. He began to clear everything off of his desk. He was done in seconds, then he turned to grab you.

His hands moved down your body and lifted you up to set you down in his desk. He slid up your dress and was happy to find that while he cleared off the desk you had taken of your panties. He spread your legs then looked up at you. You smirked at him while dangling the missing article of clothing between your fingers. He smirked back at and took them from your hand. “Mmmm… that’s my baby.” He said.

You began to unbutton his shirt and right as you completed your task he began his new one. His hand was on you, rubbing circles on your clit. You moaned at his touch that you had been longing for. His finger worked at you then found your entrance, and he pushed two fingers in. Pumping them in and out of you. Carlisle was working you to your max. You were almost there, and he backed away. You groaned his name and he smirked, but then knelt down to the ground.

He pulled you closer to him and before you could say a word his mouth was on you. He traced patterns over your clit with his tongue. He continued and licked a quick stripe up you. His tongue began to flick against you making you shake beneath him. You were getting close again and he adding his fingers back into the mix, pushing them in and out of your entrance. You had one hand in his hair and you used the other for balance. You moaned his name out as quiet as you could without being heard as he pushed you over the edge. You came on his hand and he licked your clean, bringing you down slowly from your high.

You both stood up and he pulled you in for one for kiss. “Nicely done, Dr. Cullen.” You smiled at him.

  “It was my pleasure. You deserve it with all you do for our family. I love you darling. As much as I would love to continue this, I must get back to work. I will see you this evening though, and there will be more where that came from. I love you so much. Thank you for the break.”

Carlisle kissed you and you smiled at his comment. You slid your panties back on along with your heels. Carlisle handed you your coverup and he slid it graciously up each arm and he hugged your body from behind. You tuned around to fix his tie and then you combed his hair back with a brush from your purse.

He gave you one last kiss and said,“ thank you dear. I shall see you this evening.” He smiled and winked then walked you to the door.

“Go save some lives now.” You smiled getting into your car.

“I will try my best. I love you.” He responded.

“I love you too.”

Carlisle walked away back into the hospital and you drove back to your home to get back into your mom attire before your kids got home.

You were both left with the thoughts of what just took place and the thoughts of what would come later. Neither of you could stay still the rest of the day.

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Carlisle & Esme’s kiss in BD part 2, reproduced backwards. ^-^ I made this GIF with screenshots, because this kiss of my fave Twilight couple didn’t last enough. ;D Hope you all like it! ♥


Fandom: Twilight

Pairing:  Japer Hale x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imagine-mix-fandoms

Requested By: hellonheels-x

Request:  Ok I got one! XD Imagine Y/N is a student at Forks High with a major interest in history, & gets paired with Jasper for an assignment. Despite being uncomfortable around humans, he can’t help bonding with her. After they’ve handed in the assignment, he asks her to dinner with his family at their home, with everyone trying to drop hints to Y/N that he likes her… And I leave the end to you :P xo

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1861-65 It Intrigues Me

Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader

Characters: Jasper Hale, Reader, Bella Swan, Charlie Swan (Briefly)

Warnings: Bad writing, just horrible writing, out of character Jasper???

A/N: I know absolutely nothing about the basics of the Civil War (I slept through history last year, to be honest), if the request was about WWII hell yea it would be more detailed, but that’s really the only part of history that fascinates me, so sorry if this was horrible. This is also pretty short and I’m sorry for how long this took me to write.

Request: Anonymous: “Could you write an imagine where the reader is Bella’s cousin and has her first day at Forks High after moving there from West Virginia? She catches Jasper’s attention with her knowledge of the Civil War in History class and it kinda moves from there? Sorry if this was too vague :/” @saracons87 : “I loved your Jasper imagine! Could you do one where the reader is new to Forks, she ends up being friends with Bella and she notices Jasper just like how Bella notices Edward, the reader is shy and nervous about being there, and maybe she has a class with Jasper”

Word Count: 1058

New school, new life, well sort of. I’m not necessarily new to Forks I used to visit every Christmas, to see my Uncle Charlie and cousin Bella, but as I got older, my dad and I stopped visiting about a year ago, and when he got in trouble, it’s the first place that came to mind when I had to stay with family. Looking out the window of the plane, I watch the landscape roll by, as the 7-hour flight continues. Plane’s are not my thing, ever since I was a little girl I had a fear of dying in a plane crash, stupid I know. Halfway through my mind wandering, I feel asleep my music blocking out the sounds in the cabin.

Everything was normal in the Cullen household, Bella came over almost every day if she wasn’t hanging around Jacob, and life was perfect. When Bella had announced her cousin was coming to live with her and her father, the Cullens, mainly Alice and Esme, wanted to meet her right away. The family had made a plan, the weekend after (Y/N) arrived, she would come over and meet the family. Bella made sure to tell her cousin that the Cullen’s were Vegetarians and that she should eat something before going over to meet the family, avoiding what had happened with Rosalie when Bella met the family.  
Adjusting to living with your uncle and cousin wasn’t as hard as you thought. You have your own room, not many rules, which makes sense since Charlie isn’t home most of the time. You’d barely been there a week, and you already felt at home, and that’s when Bella dumped the news on you that her boyfriend’s family wanted to meet you, and you didn’t understand why, but still agreed anyway. 

The day had finally come, I wasn’t necessarily excited about meeting Edwards family, I mean it’s Bella’s boyfriend, but getting to know some new people can’t be such a bad thing right? I lean back in the worn out leather seat of Bella’s truck, watching the scenery as she pulled onto the mile long gravel driveway. I’m snapped back into reality when I spot the house, full of huge glass windows, the size matching the number of occupants. A tall blonde man and shorter brunette women walk out of the house and wait on the stairs, my guess is Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Stepping out of the vehicle, I feel my nerves spike, and my heart beat starts racing. Following Bella to the couple seems complicated in my mind, my feet only wanting to run home or into the woods, away from the family, a strange feeling vibrating off them and the house.
“You must be (Y/N) Swan, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Carlisle and this is my wife Esme.” The blonde man holds out his hand, lightly and shakily I take his hand as he lightly shakes mine.

“The pleasure’s mine,” my voice soft and quiet, my nerves getting the best of me. Blushing slightly I tuck my hands into the pockets of my jeans. Esme smiles and leads us into the house, a smell of vanilla and herbs fill my senses as soon as I step through the threshold of the home. Heading up the stairs and into, I can only guess one of many, living space. Looking around I notice most of the decorations are modern, my eyes glance at the 5 siblings in the room. Already having met Edward, ruled that I’d only have to meet 4 more people. The short pixie haired girl, looks bubbly and sweet, while the blonde haired boy next to her looked distant, and in another world, his eyes focused on his shoes. A blonde haired girl looks at both Bella and me distastefully, while the brunette boy next to her isn’t paying attention to anyone but the tv.  The evening continues slowly, getting to know some of the family, other than Jasper and Rosalie both going to their rooms, after the introductions.

I had gotten lost finding my classes when Bella walked off with Edward. I soft sigh left my lips as I finally found my history class, quietly stepping into the room, I look around while making my way to the only open seat, next to Jasper. 

“Okay class, picking back up with the Civil War, who can tell me what caused the Civil War?” Mr. Davidson asked as he passed around the front of the room. My hand was the first to raise, as Jaspers raised a few seconds later. “(Y/N)!”

“The Civil War was caused by a few things not just the separate beliefs of slavery. One of those things being Farming vs. Industries. The south only had cotton as a means of finance, if the crops went bad they wouldn’t have money to survive. While in the north they had a more stable, financial industry that was expanding, making the north more sustainable if something were to happen to one or two businesses.” I gush, realizing how excited I got while, the heat moving up my neck and to my cheeks. Mr. Davidson looks incredibly pleased with the answer and continues the lesson, I zone out half way through the class. Only to glance to my side and see Jasper looking at me, a sense of pride in his eyes as he looks to me. He leans a little closer to me but stays far enough not to draw attention to us.

“I’m sorry for how I acted last weekend, it was incredibly rude of me, and I apologize for that,” Jasper whispers, his southern twang not as strong as it normally is. 

“It’s alright Jasper, I get shy and slightly awkward around new people too, it’s nothing to be sorry for.” A smile creeps onto his lips as he bites his tongue to keep from laughing out loud.

“Well alright Darlin’, how would you like to go out to the movies sometimes, there’s a documentary on the Civil War playing, and the way you answered Mr. Davidson, showed your fascination for the time period, I’ve also been meaning to see it”

“You’re an into the Civil War?” I give him a slightly excited and questioning look.

“You have no idea” The smirk lingers on his pale lips.

I Will Always Save You: Part 1

Emmett x Reader

Warnings: Depression, Insomnia, Self-hatred, abusive relationships, loss of family members (parents and grandparents), eventually fluff and happiness in one of the next ones

The circles under your eyes continued to get darker, this was your third day without sleep. “Sweetie, I need you to get up. School starts tomorrow and you have to go.” Your mom told you, you looked at her and sighed.

“I don’t understand why you’re making me go to this new school, I am a senior who knows nobody.” You told her, getting out of bed and taking your daily hour long shower. This was going to be the worst, you’ve been the new girl several times before, but never a place this small. You and your mom were on the run from the man that fathered you, but that’s not important right now.Tomorrow you were going to this place called Forks High School, that is four times smaller than the last place you went. 

“Mom, how is a smaller town safer. I’m going to be eighteen in less than a month, so I’ll be easier to find.” You told her, she looked up and smiled at you.

“Well, I know a few people here and it has been a while since we’ve been anywhere that we know someone. I thought it would be nice for a chance.” She said, but you just looked down holding back tears. Yea, she knew them, but you did not. You never got to know anyone because your father would ruin everything, he’d show up and we would run again, leaving you with no friends and only one family member, your phone only had two contacts: Mom and 911, that was it.

“Hey, there’s still plenty of light left to this day, do you want to get some new clothes?” Your mom asked you and you just shook your head no, “Okay sweetie, let me know when you need something.” That was your mom’s way of saying ‘I love you’, she never said the real thing. You finally got were in the bathroom, you stared at yourself in the mirror. The bags under your eyes, the purple turning to black, your face was even sunken in a little. The longer you looked at yourself the sicker you felt, so you decided to quit and jump in the scolding hot shower. You slid down the wall and sat allowing the water to run over you, trying to wash yourself away, but that would never work.

After you got out you got ready for bed, it was actually pitch black outside instead of that dull grey, even though you didn’t mind the constant grey and rain. You told your mom a goodnight and she always gives you a tight hug before bed, always scared it might be her last. This night you actually fell asleep because the exhaustion took over you, but once your eyes closed you saw it all, here is where I explain why you and your mother are on the run. You were tiny and helpless, you’ve already been beaten to where you couldn’t even stand and blood slowly dripped down your face, you saw your mom standing there with a gun to her head and your father was the one holding it. You tried screaming, but you weren’t able to. Your mother somehow escaped and picked you up and ran out of the house to your grandparents’, but he came to their house and you heard the sound of the gun going off then your grandma screaming and fighting your father telling you and your mom to leave, then you heard the next shot, but you and your mom were driving off in your grandparents’ car. 

You woke up screaming and crying, your mom rushes into your room, “Baby girl, what’s wrong, come here,” She said wrapping her arms around your weeping form, “It’s been a while since you’ve had that dream, happens every time we go some place new, doesn’t it?” She said with a small sympathetic smile on her face. She laid down on the bed with you and you guys talked until you both finally fell asleep.

“Come on, wake up! Time for school!” Your mom could be peppy when she wanted to be, she was always good at hiding her fear. You slowly got out of bed, then went to the bathroom to get ready, the circles weren’t as dark, but your eyes were puffy from the crying, and there was nothing you could do with your hair so you threw it up into a simple ponytail.

You didn’t have your own car so your mom drove you to school, she dropped you off in front of the office area, this school was tiny compared to your last one, at least you shouldn’t get lost this time. You walked inside and the woman already knew who you were, “Here’s your papers Ms. y/l/n. It even includes a map of the school, so you should be able to find every building, and if you need help finding something don’t hesitate to ask! Anybody will be willing to help you find your class.”

You found all of your classes before school started so you wouldn’t get lost, the classes before class went by quickly, you even managed to talk to a few people, but they were mainly nosy. Eventually it was lunch time, you got in there with no idea where to sit, so you sat alone, but a few people came to sit with you, excited about the new student. People kept trying to talk to you, but you mostly ignored them, you weren’t liking this whole small school thing. You happen to look up and catch a glimpse of some people sitting by themselves towards the corner. 

“Who are they?” You accidentally asked out loud.

“That’s the Cullens and Hales. Dr. Cullen and his wife adopted them. The pretty blondes are the Hales, Jasper and Rosalie Hale. Then all of the others are Cullens, the tiny weird girl is Alice, the emo looking guy is Edward, then the brute is Emmett. They’re all a little weird and they don’t talk to anybody.” Some girl answered you, then you heard one of the girls whisper, ‘she’d fit in perfectly over there, she’s kinda a freak.’ After that comment you got up and moved to an empty table, you didn’t feel like being around those people anymore.

The rest of the day seemed to drag, turns out one of the Cullens was in your class and he kept staring at you, you just figured you looked funny so you just looked down at your desk. Once school was over your mom was already waiting for you in the parking lot, you were on your way to the car, but ended up bumping into something big and falling on your butt.

You heard a deep laughter, “Sorry about that, I haven’t seen you here before.” He looked you up and down, “Hi, I’m Emmett Cullen.”

“Hi, I’m y/n. My mom’s waiting on me or I’d talk more, I’ve got to go.” You said to him, trying hard not to sound rude.

“Nice meeting you, y/n. I hope we can speak more tomorrow.” Emmett said to you then walked in the opposite direction.

Your mom did the basic asking how your day was, did you make any friends, how was your classes, and so on. The night passed by and you actually fell asleep with no dreams that night. When you woke up in the morning your eyes weren’t puffy and the dark circles were a little lighter. 

A few weeks passed and school was the same everyday, you talked to nobody till the very end of the day when Emmett Cullen would ask you about your day, you’d answer, he left so you left. I guess you could call him a friend even. Then your mom would go over her same questions, you didn’t mind it because you liked routine, you were even a little less sad than usual. You even forgot to look in the mirror and tell yourself how horrible you were, you were beginning to ever like Forks.

You woke up in the middle of the night hearing your mother screaming, so you got up and got the gun your mother got you out from your bedside table. You ran to her room and you saw him, your father over top of your mother. She was trying to fight back, but his knee was pressed against her chest. You raised the gun and shot a warning round into the ceiling, but all it did was for him to look back and come after you. Before he got to you something tackled him and knocked him to the ground. The eyes that looked into yours was Emmett Cullen’s, your father was knocked out on the floor, so Emmett went over and checked on your mom, then came over and hugged you.

“Are you okay? I need to call the police, but I need to know if you are okay.” Emmett asked backing up and looking you over.

“Yea, what are you doing here? I mean, I’m grateful, but….” You just quit talking and sat down on the floor. Emmett sat down next to you. 

“I’ll explain later, but first I need to call the police, okay?” You just shook your head, then Emmett was standing up talking on the phone. The police showed up and talked to you all and Emmett never left your side. Chief Swan came over to talk to you.

“Hi, y/n, I’m Chief Swan and I need to know what happened here tonight, we need to take your mom to the hospital for some injuries, who is this man on the floor?” When he asked that you didn’t really want to answer him.

“That’s my father. I don’t know how he found us, I thought we were safe this time.” After you said that you started sobbing about to fall to your knees, but someone caught you and was holding you. “Is my mom okay?” You asked through the tears.

“She’ll be okay, come with me and I’ll take you to the hospital so you can be with her, Mr. Cullen I need you to come with me to so I can ask you some questions.” Chief Swan said, so Emmett and you walked to the Chief’s car and he took you all down the road. The ride to the hospital was quiet, you didn’t feel like talking, you just wanted to be with your mom, you just wanted to make sure she was okay.

The night was long an you had nurses coming in and out updating you about your mom, Emmett and Chief Swan eventually came back into the room.They both sat down with you. You expected the Chief to ask you more questions, but he just sat there next to you and occasionally patted your back, he was a kind man. Eventually the Doctor came out, he looked at Emmett and you saw it, the remorse in his eyes. 

“Hello, I’m Dr. Cullen, y/n can I speak with you alone?” He asked. You got up and followed him, “Your mother has very serious injuries the amount of force against her chest caused a lot of damage and her being choked caused a lack of oxygen to the brain, she’s….” You interrupted him.

“Just tell me, is my mother going to survive?” You asked him and before he answered you saw the sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, but she won’t make it through the night. Is there anybody you can call?” He asked, not realizing you were completely alone in this world. You just walked away from him, you walked out of the hospital doors, not realizing someone was following you. Once you were outside you screamed, you screamed until you lost your voice and your power. You fell to your knees, then he was there.

“Why did you save me?” You asked him, your voice almost too horse to hear.

“I will always save you.” Emmett said, slowly pulling you into his arms. 

Happy Birthday, Peter Cullen!

Mr Cullen, I know you will never see and read this, but I’d still like to quickly express my appreciation. I absolutely adore your work, especially Optimus Prime. I know you get that a lot, but one more time can’t hurt. The voice you gave this character is perfect, wonderfully balancing stern authority with loveable sympathy, and the fandom will never be able to thank you enough. Thank you for playing this role for so many years, you have brought us all so much joy. I wish you only the best and a happy birthday, good Sir.

Oh, and just for fun, my favorite Optimus quote is “Somebody’s got to turn off that volcano!”

(Is it still the 28th over there? I hope I made it!)

‘Lip Bite’

Cullen, you continue to be my male-muse, getting this lazy artist to finally work on improving her facial expression drawings.

Enjoy this lip-biting Cullen, cuz there’s only so much the in-game graphics can express and I’m pretty sure Cullen biting his lip isn’t one of them, so behold! My gift to fellow fans of this Commander and Gentleman.