mrs. coach


He pushes open the gate, heart rate just starting to return to its baseline. Bitty’s kneeling in the dirt, tending to his vegetable patch. He wipes his sweaty face with his shirt as Bits says, “Hey, honey.” Bitty stands, jeans slightly muddy, and crosses his arms. “Jack.” Jack looks at him expectantly. He rolls his eyes and points with the trowel behind Jack. Jack spins and find a tiny muddy puppy at his heels.


“Hon, we’ll have to check missing pets,” Bitty warns. But he’s smiling, knowing Jack’s got a horrible habit of taking in strays. Jack’s already got the puppy cradled to his chest, cooing some nonsense at it. “And you’re not letting that dog run around in my clean house until you rinse him off.”

Jack grins at him, knowing Bitty’s caved already. Besides, what’s one more animal in the menagerie?

He strides to Bits and kisses him properly. “I’ll get the dog bathed while you think of what to name him.”

“Just once, I don’t let you name a guinea pig and now I’m the official name picker?”


“Jack, you need a shower.” Bitty pecks a kiss on Jack’s cheek and then pushes him towards the house.

“You gonna join me?”

“I don’t think my knees can do that anymore, sweetheart,” Bitty says regretfully, “but if you make it quick with the puppy, I’ll be in the bedroom.”

“Deal.” Jack kisses Bitty one more time and then jogs off to scrub down a wriggly puppy. From the way Jack’s talking to it, Bitty suspects it’ll be a while. That’s okay though. Since Jack retired, they’ve got all the time in the world to spend together.





Hot Coach

He Was Hot In A Skin Tight Uniform When He Played, And Now That He Is The Linebackers’ Coach For The Texans, Mike Vrabel Is Still Sizzling!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Update numero tres:

Hello. I am tired. Here are some wackos I love dearly. They’re still not done, BUT MOSTLY DONE.

I made Boyd into the Milkman. Because…. why WOULDN’T I make Boyd into the Milkman? And as is the way of the rainbow squirts I sliced my finger while removing his star badge. The Milkman deserves and accepts blood sacrifice as it is pure like milk from the udder.

The One With The Radio Show

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Summary: After joining the school radio show for extra credit, Isaac falls for you and uses the morning announcements as an opportunity to let you know… with the whole school as an audience.

A/N: i’m so sad we aren’t going to see as much of stiles in the new season of teen wolf! aren’t you guys?

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“Extra credit, Mr Lahey-” Coach Finstock’s voice booms across the locker room, “-Is the only way you’ll be able to stay on the team. You’re poor academic achievements means I can’t keep you on the team otherwise and it’d be a real pity if I had to let you go.” Coach Finstock glares at him as though he has no other option but to get extra credit. Isaac feared dropping off the team to get better grades would mean getting his eyes gouged out.

“Well, what can I do for extra credit?” Isaac grumbles, shutting his locker.

“I am glad you asked,” Coach says enthusiastically, “Let me introduce you to someone,” he says, signalling for Isaac to follow him into his office.

At the sound of the door opening you stand up, waiting irritably for the Coach to address you.

“I’ve been here for an hour,” you say not so politely.

“Yes, well you can blame Mr. Lahey’s long showers for that,” Coach shrugs, “Y/N, this is Isaac. Isaac this is y/n.”

You nod to acknowledge him, staring at the coach with furrowed brows, “What exactly am I doing here?”

“Well, Isaac here needs extra credit and I’ve come to an agreement with the vice principal. I’ve been notified that there’s a vacancy on the school radio station?”

“We don’t just take anyone,” you say quickly, eyeing Isaac. You were aware of his reputation, mainly because of the many times you’d had to interrupt the morning portion of the show to tell him to go to the principal’s office over the intercom. He’d seemingly changed since integrating himself into Scott McCall’s group but you weren’t going to take any chances.

“Well, that’s not up to you because the vice principal has already OK’d it,” Coach says with a smile, pushing Isaac in your direction, “Go show him where the room is and sort him out. If he does something wrong you can come complain to me,” he reassures you.

“Like you’d do anything about it,” you grumble, walking out. You could hear Isaac’s heavy footsteps following behind you and despite walking faster, he caught up walking at exactly the same pace.

“Damn long legs,” you huff, turning to face him, “This is our room. There are currently four people on the team, you make five. There’s Taylor, Gabriella, Tyler and I.”

You unlock the room and wait for him to walk in before following, “We set up at 7am. As you know we do the notices while everyone is homeroom. We also do music over lunch and a show afterschool on Thursdays.”

“Why would you do a show after school?”

You sigh without answering, “If you just show up for the 7am at least 2 days a week, I’ll tell the Coach you’re doing fine. You don’t have to show up for lunch or the after show.”

“I can show up for all of it,” he shrugs. You swallow hard and smile, “Yes, but you don’t need to. You have no experience with this stuff and we actually take this show seriously. Lunch is music and Thursday’s show is important; we talk about important stuff.”

“I know about important stuff,” he grins, “And I have a great taste in music.”

You could tell he was just trying to psyche you out and you roll your eyes, not taking the bait. There was no way someone like Isaac would want to spend all his time doing a radio show.

“Right… look, 7am, okay?”

He nods, trailing his fingers over the soundboard.

“Don’t touch that,” you huff, slapping his hand away. He smiles as though amused and sits back in a chair, reclining, “So what do you do here?”

“A little bit of everything. Morning announcements-“

“So that’s you I always hear calling my name out,” he smirks.

“It’s not voluntary, trust me,” you scoff, “I also do music on some breaks and usually the Thursday show.”

“What exactly is on the Thursday show?” he asks.

“Guess you’ll have to listen in sometime,” you say. You nudge him, “Alright, let’s get out of here. You’ll remember this room, yes?”

“Yes,” he rolls his eyes, “See you tomorrow at 7.”

“Sure.” You watch him walk down the hallway, 90% sure he wouldn’t even arrive at school until 10am.

Over 2 weeks, you and Isaac had kind of fallen into a pattern. A pattern which entailed light flirting every morning and the two of you volunteering to take the lunch shift.

Most people on the team had picked up and given up arguing over shifts. They’d rather let the two of you have it then have to deal with third wheeling, seeing that even if only one you got the shift, the other would show up too.

“Lunch today?” Isaac asks, nudging you slightly as he walks in.

“I can’t,” you sigh guiltily, “I have something to do.”

He smirks, eyeing you curiously as he listens to your heart race, “What?”

“Just like a tryout,” you shrug, fiddling with the coffee machine. He catches your hand, “For what?”

“Cheerleading, okay?!”

Isaac snorts, “You’re trying out for cheerleading?!”

“Shut up,” you slap his arm playfully, “I have to get more extra-curricular’s!”

“Oh, so this is an extra credit kind of thing,” he teases.

“Oh please, don’t try put us on the same level. I’m way better than you.” You poke your tongue out and he rolls his eyes, “I cannot imagine you as a cheerleader.”

“Why not?” you ask, suddenly self-conscious.

“Because you’re you – you’re nerdy and dorky and literally live in this radio room!”

You could feel heat rising in your cheeks, “That’s not true!”

“It so is – if I hadn’t been forced into this extra credit thing I probably never would have met you - I mean, it’s not like you go to parties or anything.”

You could hear your heart hammering in your ears. You weren’t sure if you were hurt or angry that he thought these things about you.

“Right,” you huff, “No way a loser like me could have ever been associated with you unless you were forced into it.”

Isaac’s smile drops, “That’s not what I meant.”

“Whatever,” you grumble, “Anyways, if I make the team we have our first practice tomorrow morning so I’ll need you to cover the morning notices for me but if that’s too much for you to commit to, don’t worry -  my loser ass probably won’t make it anyway.”

You turn on your heels, rushing out of the room.

Sure it had only been two weeks but you were sure there was something between the two of you. But was that all he had thought of you? The geeky girl helping him with his extra credit, not worth anything to him in any other place or time?

Sure, you had had your own opinions of him before you actually got to know him but once you had, you hadn’t stuck to them.

But maybe he was just a cocky, arrogant asshole. Maybe you were right about him from the beginning.

Taking gymnastics for most of your childhood had paid off at cheerleading tryouts but left you so sore you could barely move. Having cheerleading practice the following morning didn’t help either.

You head to the field in uniform – kind of excited about having a whole new side to you, away from the station which had  basically been your life for the past two years.

You wander whether Isaac was actually taking the morning notices but then shrug it off – even if he wasn’t, he’d have to face the consequences with the coach and vice principal – it wasn’t your problem. He wasn’t your problem.

“Alright girls,” Kayla calls out, clapping her hands together loudly, “Welcome to squad newbies and welcome back returning members! This years-“

Before she can continue, the loud, screeching sound of feedback from the intercom speakers echo across the field.

“Here are your morning announcements,” you hear Isaac’s voice boom. You feel a wave of relief wash over you knowing that he actually took your shift.

“Students must be reminded that the tutoring centre is filling up and anyone who wants a tutor must sign up by the weeks end,” he sighs and sucks in a deep breath, “Freshman, please pulls your noses out of the maps and look for your classes with your eyes – it’s not that hard.”

That definitely wasn’t in the script.

“Let’s see,” he continues, “Uhhh – here we go: Isaac Lahey, please report to the principal’s office,” he chuckles over the intercom, “I guess that’s my cue to leave but before I do…

You could practically hear the self-satisfied smirk in his voice.

“I made the mistake of insulting one of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented girls I know this morning.”

Your eyes widen.

“Now, let me be clear – this girl is Y/N Y/L/N”

The cheerleading team turns towards you – some giggling, others annoyed the notices were interrupting practice time.

“Excuse me,” you mumble in embarrassment, running across the field back into the main building.

“She is gorgeous, I mean, she’s hot but she’s also funny and kind. She does this twitchy thing with her nose when she’s annoyed.” You could hear him going on as you ran through the halls – a few people staring and others laughing. You were too embarrassed to even stop and tell them to shove it.

“But, the point is, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you like that, I mean, if it isn’t obvious enough, I’m crazy about you. I skip lunch to hang out with you and I got here at 7am to set up the station – if that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is,” he continues, “I hope you’re enjoying cheerleading practice if you’re listening.”

You could see the radio stations room’s door at the other end of the hall and speed up, dodging people as you pass the lockers.

“I’m sure you’ll do great… and I’m sure you look great. God, imagine you in a cheerleading uniform. Your ass in-“

“ISAAC!” you yell, throwing the door open.

He smirks at the sight of you, his pen in-between his teeth. He pulls it out and wiggles it between his forefinger and thumb, “Am I doing a good job?”

“You are so dead!”

You knew your cheeks were bright red and that you probably looked like a pissed off toddler, but no one could see you here. If you had to tackle him to the floor to teach him a lesson, you would.

“What?” he laughs, standing up and pulling the chair between the two of you, dodging you each time you lunged for him.

“What do you mean ‘what’?! This is the school radio show not the 0800 pervert line!

He chuckles, jumping across the room while you rush after him, “I was paying you a compliment! Telling you how beautiful I think you are!”

“Isaac!” you grunt, his shirt inches away from your grasp, “You were trying to embarrass me!”

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed!” he laughs, jumping over a table.

“I hate you!”

You were laughing now too, out of breath. He turns around and walks over to you as you double over and when you stand up, he’s inches away from you.

“No. You like me,” he says, “A lot.”

If your heartbeat and chemo signals hadn’t given you away, the look on your face would have.

“So? You like me! You just told them entire school!”

“Yes, I did,” he says proudly. He puts an arm around your waist, leaning in slowly. You close the distance between the two of you, standing on your tiptoes and winding your arms around his neck.

“Ahem,” the vice principal clears her throat in the doorway, “I think it’s time you ended the morning announcements, don’t you?”

You stare at the microphone in shock, realizing it had been on the entire time the two of you were chasing each other around and sucking face. Isaac, on the other hand, wasn’t so bothered.

“And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentleman,” he says into the mic before cutting the feed.

I would just love it if Jack and Bitty’s first kiss is in a kitchen while Bitty is baking (haus kitchen, jack’s kitchen in providence, heck even bitty’s house in georgia I don’t care)

and like they’re very excited because #kissing so they’re kind of ignoring the world around them and maybe Jack has already hoisted Bitty up to sit on the counter (cause this is 1000% gonna happen eventually so)

BUT the oven timer goes off

and Jack is like no stay ignore it for just another minute but Bitty pushes him away like EXCUSE ME who do you think I am sir I can’t let my pie/cobbler/biscuits/bread/whatever burn come on?????

so Bitty shoves Jack away (gently bc it’s still Jack and he still likes him) and is suddenly in bakermode and checks on whats in the oven and like pokes it to make sure its done and maybe it’s not so he puts back in and sets the timer again and only then he turns his attention back to Jack like “you’ve got two minutes use it wisely” 

so Jack scoops him up again and def uses that time wisely


You might not believe it but you’ve got a lot in common, you really do
you both love me and I love both of you

okay folks it's time for an incomplete list of things I love about jack zimmermann PART SIX

-drippy bangs!!!!
-tiny lil smile 
-he helps bitty study by giving him kisses as a reward for enough right answers
-backwards cap
-the way he just throws bitty over his shoulder fireman style
-he just wants his boyf to be happy and supported
-big loving pupils 
-a “fool”
-his arm around the back of bitty’s seat
-rock lord

Jack never uses Bitty’s first name, for the rest of their lives. After a while he switches from Bittle to Bitty, as that’s the name he always used in his head, but then he starts to wonder if he should use Eric instead. He asks Bitty, after they get together, if he would prefer that Jack called him Eric, and Bitty says no. It would sound weird, he says. None of his Samwell friends call him Eric, and he doesn’t associate that name with Jack. He hardly associates that name with himself, even, as no one really calls him that except his professors and people who don’t know him. Jack is relieved because he really prefers Bitty to Eric.

He still uses Eric when he introduces Bitty to people, and in more official situations, but he sticks to the nickname for the most part. (When he isn’t using pet names, of course, which he actually loves doing but he only really does in private. Babe, love, and various French endearments that just come out when they’re in the kitchen together or early in the morning.)

okay but that moment where jack just looks at bitty before kissing him has destroyed me

jack is seeing bitty for the first time after realizing that his feelings were a thing? He’s seeing bitty and all the stuff that he’s been feeling all this time is making sense and maybe it’s a little overwhelming and maybe jack had even planned to say a little something, anything, but seeing bitty he just couldn’t come up with the right words and just

kisses him instead cause that’s easier that’s something he can do