mrs. cleaver

Truth or dare?…
And be honest with me.
Am I the marrying type? Why yes or no. I dare you to tell me the truth?….
You see it is a strange position to be someone’s love and someone’s lover as well. I do not know what this society values anymore when it comes to a wife. Is a wife antiquated? Is she valued? Does she have a price tag?
Are we looking for June Cleaver or Mrs. Robinson?
Is the lover relevant yet? Can we acknowledge their impact in our lives now?
Does a lover get a place in someone’s life?
Or are they just a side chick. Equivalent to a side dish I presume.
Can this girl be the same chick?
Or does she have to continue to compartmentalize?
I mean I am admittedly a sexually liberated woman and I come with my own set of complexity. But is it worth it. Am I worth it? Or am I just a good time? Am I just an escape? Or is there a middle ground I am somehow missing? I have been asking this question to men for quite some time now. I am always curious as to the water temperature of the room. I am also curious as to where the social conscience is currently flowing at. 😏🤓
I get really interesting responses back when I talk about these things with men.
And so I have heard that you all don’t talk much on here, so if you want to take that as just some research I have done on my journey and draw your own conclusions from it, well done. And if you want to comment and contribute a bit more to my overall insight and knowledge by answering the question of whether or not a girl like me is the marrying type and why?….
Well. Even better 😉


Orlando Jones is best known for playing smart-mouthed, Eddie Haskell – opposite Tom Mison as Beaver and Nicole Beharie as Mrs. Cleaver – on the classic ‘50s family TV series “Leave it to Beaver.” Guess what he looks like now!