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SWEENEY TODD 2016 Korean production
another cast profile pictures

They are using this pics for the cast board.
I prefer them ;)

Sweeney Todd  Cho Seung woo / Yang Jun mo (Double)

Mrs. Lovett Ock Joo hyun / Jeon Mi do  (Double) 

Johanna Lee Ji hye / Lee Ji soo   (Double)

Judge Turpin Seo Young joo

Anthony Yoon So ho

Tobias Lee Seung won / Kim Sung chul   (Double)

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SWEENEY TODD 2016 Korean cast

Sweeney Todd  Cho Seung woo / Yang Jun mo (Double)

Mrs. Lovett  Ock Joo hyun / Jeon Mi do  (Double)

Judge Turpin  Seo Young joo

Anthony  Yoon So ho

Tobias  Lee Seung won / Kim Sung chul   (Double)

Johanna  Lee Ji hye / Lee Ji soo   (Double)

Kouri rewatches Sense8 2.04

  • Lito’s dramatic freak-out in the museum will forever be one of the best parts of this show
  • As much as I love Bug and I’m glad he got clued in and his reaction was hilarious, I can’t believe we got to see his reaction but we didn’t get to see Hernando and Dani’s (presuming that Lito does actually clue them in at the end of this season, like he says he’s going to).
  • Poor Kala and Capheus just want to live in peace
  • This might just be the chemistry nerd in me but it amuses me that they say an androgen booster would inhibit emotional connection, since androgens are just male hormones…
  • Lito: “I think maybe he was a lover” like everyone else has not already figured this out lmao
  • “The only thing I hate more than rhetorical questions are stupid rhetorical questions” I aspire to give as few fucks as Mrs. Cho when I get old
  • I love this scene with Lito and Raoul’s father. I hoped it meant Lito was going to take a more active role in the larger mystery. As much as I adored Lito’s storyline in season 2, I’m still really sad he didn’t.
  • Seriously though can you imagine the degree of WTF Raoul’s dad must have felt watching this creepy-ass video after Raoul disappeared
  • The first time I watched this, I assumed that Detective Mun was Woo-Jin, from Sun’s flashback about her first time, but then I noticed that his first name is Kwon-Ho and now I’m just confused.
  • I still have no idea what’s going on with Jonas but I’ve gathered that nobody does so that’s okay.

Alex: “Hi, is this Mrs Cho? It’s Alex. Hi…how…how are you?”

Dahlia: “Oh for goodness sake! Alex, put it on speakerphone!”

Alex looks at Dahlia in alarm, but does as requested and puts the call on speaker phone. She can hear the rustling of bed sheets. Perhaps her mother was asleep for once.

Dahlia: “Mum! I’m in labour! Please, I need you here! Alex and I don’t know what to do!”

Poppy: “Oh Sweet Plumbobs! Dahlia, we’ll be there as soon as we can! Hold tight, Sweetpea!”

Dahlia: “Thanks, Mum, but I don’t think it’s possible to hold on right now!”