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I've recently read Voyager for the first time, after watching the first two seasons of the TV program. Was enjoying it until I was introduced to Mr. Willoughby. I was disappointed when I saw recently that someone has been cast to play him. I suppose I was hoping the program would diverge from the book when it came to this seemingly ridiculous and useless character. I've enjoyed reading some of your blogs on the program and wonder what you think about this character and his contribution to plot.

Thanks for your ask physicalmarvel!

Oy! Mr. Willoughby!  I was hoping what you were hoping physicalmarvel–that the show runners would have made the decision to eliminate this character. There was so much they could have cut out of this book–why not Willoughby? Even his name is a problem!  Yes, I know that his real name Yi Tien Cho if mispronounced could sound like something unsavory in Gaelic. But Jamie could have asked him what other Chinese name he would prefer to be called. IMHO there was something patronizing about Jamie’s choosing an Anglo-Saxon surname for him. It sort of reminds me of when Jamie renames Claudel Fergus because he doesn’t consider Claudel to be a manly enough name. 🙄

And let’s not even discuss the foot fetish and the drunken episodes.

Yes, there are moments when Diana allows Yi Tien Cho to have some dignity, like when he tells Claire the story of his past life in China. Some of that dignity and the tragedy of the character is epitomized in this quote: 


But those moments of dignity and self-reflection for Yi Tien Cho are few and far between. I know Diana has defended this character claiming she was not stereotyping him but sadly much of the time he comes across to this reader as a bad stereotype of someone who is Chinese.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the Asian actor who is playing him might feel about certain aspects of the character! I only hope the screenwriters have made him less stereotypical than Diana wrote him. However, there was an allusion to Yi Tien Cho’s foot fetish and drunkeness in something Starz put out about Season 3. We also know the writers have kept the name “Mr. Willoughby.” So I don’t have a lot of hope for this character. Hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised by some changes we are not expecting. 

But that’s just how I feel. Other’s might feel differently.

Hakkai: A Spot of Tea

Preview image of a magazine sale set of items– the cleaning cloth of a glasses case, featuring of course, Mr. Glasses Hakkai. Sourced from the October 2015 issue of Zero Sum.What is he drinking anyways? Earl of Grey? English Breakfast? Plain old tea or Jasmine? The cup is too fancy for Japanese green team (I’m just saying…). I’d prefer raspberry flavored black tea. Honestly, I have the serious urge to drink tea now, so bye.

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