mrs. brisby and justin

Four-legged Friend

Inspired by the end of that last episode of LoT

Mick showed up to breakfast late, which was not surprising. He didn’t greet anyone directly, except for the in general grunt of “g’morn,” and a slight nod to Jax as he plucked the serving fork from the younger man’s hand, helping himself to the plate of pancakes, which was again, par for the course after a late night. What was decidedly not normal was that he was not alone, exactly.

“Why’s everyone staring?” he demanded as he reached up and offered a piece of pancake the the gray rat perched on his shoulder.

“Why did you bring…vermin… to the breakfast table?” Martin Stein asked faintly.

“Mrs. Brisby’s not vermin,” Mick snapped, “so I don’t want to hear otherwise.”

“I’m sure she’s very clean,” Jax agreed, finally getting some pancakes and drenching them in melted butter. He was still clinging to the vain hope that “no fighting while there’s food” could be enforced with pleasantries. “But, uh—“

“You named the rat Mrs. Brisby?” Nate asked, trying and failing to hide a giggle behind his mug of coffee. Mick’s eyes went vaguely murderous. Murderous-lite.

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