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ad astra per aspera (a rough road leads to the stars)

@flange5 is terrible because she likes to send me headcanons for headcanons:

Because I am terrible, I’m imagining Tony buying Steve a star every year after he gets out of the ice. Even during the CW. Even after he ‘dies.’ He actually does it twice the year of the brain delete because, well, he doesn’t remember the first time. 

He doesn’t tell Steve. Ever. Especially now that Steve will barely speak to him after the incursions and everything else. But he just can’t help himself. It still feels like such a great metaphor, you know? The perfect light he can’t touch but which is all the better for that. There’s something almost therapeutic about putting Steve’s name, variations of it, his epithets, nicknames, even the stupid things the baddies called him in fights years ago, on the stars. 

Steve actually finds out when it comes up on an astronomy show as a bit of trivia. Even though Tony’s been doing it anonymously, and the show doesn’t say who it was, floating the idea of maybe a fan club or something, when they call him to ask for a comment, he knows immediately, and he doesn’t even know what he says. It must be vaguely acceptable, because they go away.

Your choice where it goes from there, whether Steve at first gets mad and sees it as an attempt to manipulate or buy his way, or if he recognizes it, or if he just misses his friend. 

Or buys him a star and sees if Tony notices. 

I have this total vision of them sending messages in a bottle via stars, neither of them admitting that this is them tentatively rebuilding their friendship. Meanwhile, a few astronomers are following it on twitter, not knowing who is having this epic conversation, but completely shipping it. 

Eventually, they actually have to meet bc heroing, and it’s harder, but they are able to do it.

And later they can literally tell people, should they choose, that (hee) their relationship is written in the stars.

It literally brought tears to my eyes and so I just had to try writing SOMETHING for it. 

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Valentine's Day Rhodey/Tony

Happy Valentine’s day, followers :)

I normally don’t do anything at all for V-day. The boyfriend and I have too much going on this week (a birthday an our anniversary) so we don’t celebrate, but that doesn’t mean my favourite dumb armoured heroes get left out. Have some Valentine’s Rhodey/Tony short fic.

TItle: Untitled (I’m open to any suggestions ;) )
Universe: MCU
Rating: Mature(-ish) (vague references to sexual acts)
Characters: James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Tony Stark
Pairing: James “Rhodey” Rhodes/Tony Stark

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ok but like, we all know i have a thing for tony liking formula 1, right. to the point where i actually enjoy watching cars running in circles exclusively because i think it’s such a tony stark sport

(and currently i’m on a kick because the russian grand prix is tomorrow at 7 AM so bear with me)

so i’d totally frame an iron man arc like. TONY HAS THIS VIP PASS FOR THE ITALIAN GRAND PRIX. the thing’s in a month or something. and he’s super excited. like we open the arc with him somehow expressing his enthusiasm over cars and engines and grease and speed and shit. “oh no yikes bambi do you think we can reschedule the friday meeting to thursday? i’m heading to monza on friday” “oh god don’t go on a rant about the racing thing again” “GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA AT THE AUTRODOMO NAZIONALE MONZA, MRS. BAMBINA ARBOGAST :DDD” like literally everyone around him knows he’s excited

BUT THEN, IRON MAN SHIT HAPPENS. and it’s one of those long-winded missions. and in every single god damn issue of this arc tony’s like “oh no listen we gotta wrap this up  before the 6th” and “oh no you don’t understand i need to finish watching the re-run of the belgian race this is crucial” and “oh god i’m not gonna make it back on time am i” and “OH COME ON IF I’M GONNA DIE ANYWHERE IT’S GONNA BE AT THE TRACK IN MONZA”


he actually doesn’t make it and it’s an actual sad “the mission is more important than my personal desires” thing 

and sure he could get tickets for the next one but he’s so let down and the monza track is his favorite and. sigh. “there’s always next year. i guess” he tells people on monday while highlights from the race play on the muted TV screen in his office

BAMBI IMMEDIATELY PROCURES VIP PASSES FOR THE GRAND PRIX IN SINGAPORE THAT’S IN TWO WEEKS. she keeps it a secret from tony and doesn’t tell him until the day he’s like “wait why are we squeezing every thing on tuesday?? i’ve got literally nothing going on wednesday thursday and friday, what is this” and that’s when he’s informed that he has a flight to singapore on wednesday so he has time to go to all the practices plus qualifying plus the race and like “i realize that this is not your favorite track but i figured you shouldn’t have to wait a whole year” and tony’s like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [STARRY EYES] oh p l e a s e the marina bay circuit is My Actual Second Favorite Since Always !!!!!!” 

and that’s only half a lie, because technically monaco was his second favorite since it’s so entrenched in the city, but now that a friend did this for him marina bay automatically takes that spot and monaco is bumped down to third, and anyway, THE SINGAPORE RACE IS A NIGHT TIME RACE, BAMBI, DID YOU KNOW THAT, THE AESTHETICS ARE JUST SO FANTASTIC and does he wear his mercedes polo shirt or his ferrari polo shirt i mean mercedes is on a roll but he’s such a ferrari guy????

he goes wearing his ferrari polo shirt and the ferrari driver wins


Goodboss!Tony Stark strikes again.

If you want to know why fans of older IM comics are so turned off by the rampant dudebro-ism and ‘Tony Stark is a manchild who can’t be bothered to deal with his own company and needs a mommy-girlfriend so his businesses don’t fall apart’ tropes that have flourished in Marvel’s writing department for the last decade or so, look no further. 

Iron Man vol 1, #256 (1990)

@onemuseleft asked for Steve/Tony + grab (one character grabbing the other and kissing them) 

“That was the dumbest stunt you’ve ever pulled, Rogers.”

“Nice to see you too, Tony,” Steve drawled, not even wincing as the medic continues stitching up the gash on his forehead.  The medic seems to sense the tension between the two men because she works impossibly faster, finishing the last stitch and packing her supplies in the blink of an eye.  

Steve murmurs a sincere “thank you” to the medic before she scurries off, and then he turns his gaze on Tony. “You okay?”

“Shut up,” Tony snaps. “Just–For once, I wish you’d just listen to me when I–”

“If you’re asking for an apology, you’re not getting one,” Steve says resolutely.

Tony clenches his fists at his sides. “Why are you so goddamn stubborn?”

“Why are you making such a big deal out of this?” Steve counters.  He stands up, towering over Tony, and Tony gets even more irritated.

“I’m not–Okay, fine.”  Tony jabs a finger at Steve’s chest. “You asked if I was okay?  Well, I’m not.  I’m not fucking okay because you almost died.”

The corner of Steve’s mouth ticks upwards. “But I didn’t.”

“You could’ve,” Tony mutters. “Just as easily as anyone else.  You aren’t invincible.”

Steve sighs. “I know, but you’re safe, and that’s all that really matters to me.”

Tony swears he feels his already weak heart stop when he hears the admission.  It’s not fair, he thinks.  They had been dancing around each other for years, and the universe has decided that now is the right time for–

“I’m sorry for making you worry, but I’m not sorry for what I did,” Steve says quietly. “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.”

Tony shakes his head and furiously fights back the wave of tears threatening to fall. “I’m not worth it.”

“You’re wrong.”

Tony laughs bitterly. “If I had a nickel for every time I heard that–”

“Wouldn’t matter.  You’d still have more money than you know what to do with.”

Tony feels Steve’s hand on his arm, and he lets the other man turn him back around, but Tony resolutely does not meet his eyes.  “I have… I need to go.  Mrs. Arbogast is going to have my head if I miss my meeting again and–”


The quiet way that Steve says his name is what finally makes Tony look back up, but he doesn’t even get the chance to get lost in the brilliant blues of Steve’s eyes because Steve hauls him closer and kisses him.

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wingheadshellhead  asked:

MELISSA I AM. SO. RHODEY BEING THE FIRST ONE IN LINE TO GIVE STEVE THE TALK WHEN THEY FIRST STARTED DATING AND GEARING HIMSELF UP FOR EXACTLY THIS HAPPENING. whether it was steve (bc captain america his ass he's not all sunshine and rainbows contrary to what tony believes) or tony self-sabotaging. and he's seEN TONY and how much tony loves steve and he knows this is The Guy that tony may never ever get over and now steve's broken his heart

@onemuseleft and @flange5 this will probably be of interest to you too 

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