mrs. and mr. sophie devereaux

anonymous asked:

what do you think Nate and Sophie are doing now that they left the team?

The same thing they do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Keeping Up With the Devereauxs, A Short Point Form:

  • Have you seen Sophie’s ring? John Rogers p. much implied Nate is broke.
  • [insert elaborate wedding job episode here]
  • Sophie brings home the caviar.
  • Nate’s turned into a house-husband. He cooks, he cleans, he picks up after Sophie. Has din-din on the table when she gets home from her theatre company.
  • They go for weeks without milk though, waiting for the other to break. Sadistic bastards.
  • Nate takes Sophie to Home Depot and talk about mundane things like home renovation.
  • They could very well hire someone to do it for them, but they don’t stay long enough in one place to call it home.
  • Sophie gets restless and Nate doesn’t want to begrudge her of her happiness—they travel as often as they can—for pleasure and sometimes for business.
  • They fall in and out of love with cities and countries, but they always find themselves back in Portland, Boston, London or Paris.
  • Nate gets restless too, he needs to do things, so he picks up odd hobbies and interests.
  • Sophie wonders if it was really the right time, not them being together but the change of pace. They’re hedonistic and addicts, really, so it takes them a while to adjust to a much quieter life.
  • They’re too young to be retired but old enough to know better. But they understand that they are building a future together one that’s long and full… and less about having guns pointed at them.
  • Trouble and mystery does seem to find them at opportune times. It peppers their marriage with excitement.
  • Now that they don’t have the team breathing down their necks they are probably having A LOT OF SEX. Nate is still terrible at foreplay. YEAH, BABY, LET’S DO THAT THING ALL THE RIGHT WAYS. I AM A REAL GOOD SEX PERSON.
  • Parker gets them a puppy one Christmas… named Parker Jr.
  • They have Skype dates with the team.
  • Double dates with Maggie and Sterling (✿◠ ‿ ◠ )
  • They don’t talk about jobs—until Hardison brings it up to gloat (oh, my sweet summer child).
  • Have I mentioned faking deaths and pre-arranging funerals?
  • Knocking back a few cocktails. Sipping 100 year old wine in a claw foot tub in a secluded villa on St. Barts.
  • The usual world domination and going on a voyage of mutual discovery.