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  • Mr. Darcy: A woman must have a thorough understanding of music, singing, drawing, dancing, all the modern languages; she must have something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, and expressions; she must also improve her mind by extensive reading.
  • Mrs. Allen: I like when a man finds me a seat and also has an understanding of muslin.
Bat -Aunt: Part 4

AN: The celebration continues with an update to BAT-AUNT!!!!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

    “You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty damn impressive.”

    “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.”

    “I didn’t think it was possible.”

    “Can we bring her on full time?”

    You ignore the voices on the other side of the room in favor of your brother. The idiot was bound and determined to get out of his hospital bed, and you were ready to tackle him if he tried.

    His glare was impressive. You could admit that. It was cold and menacing, and if you had been anyone else he’d probably be up and walking around. But you aren’t anyone else, you’re his sister. You’d seen the man when he’d had chicken pox, and was covered in pink dots.

    Moving your hands to your hips, you intensify your own glare, “You are not moving from that bed, Bruce Wayne.”

    “Who’s going to stop me?”

    You cross your arms, “Are you really going to make me say it?”
    “I dare you.”

    You narrow your eyes, “I’ll tell Alfred.”

    He throws his hands in the air, and you hear Richard whisper, “We should probably separate them.”

    You and Bruce ignore him, “You’re going to run and tell Alfred? What, are we three? You are such a snitch!”

    “If I’m a snitch it’s because you made me that way. It’s common sense that you stay in bed after an alien poison nearly ends your freaking life!”

    “But it didn’t!”

    “It ALMOST did. The key word is ALMOST! What kind of detective are you?”

    “What are you doing on my space station anyway?”

    Your eyes widen, “Your spaceship? My company is the one that paid for it! I’m the one who found it in the budget, and hid it under a space exploratory program!”

    “I have just as much stock as you do!”

    “YES, BUT I RUN IT! I’m the one pulling fourteen hour days, and making sure there’s money for the bills and so that you can work out your issues on the scum of Gotham.”

    “I focus energy on running the charities and PROTECTING THE CITY!”

    “You’re a weirdo in a bat costume!”


    The cough makes you both freeze. It’s a sound you’ve heard countless times over the years, and you can’t help but wince as you turn around. In unison, you and Bruce say, “Good Morning Alfred.”

    The butler’s voice is cordial as he says, “Good morning Master Bruce, Miss Y/N. I trust everything is going well.”

    You nod, “Fine, we’re just fine.”

    Richard’s head pops out from behind Alfred and mouths the word, “Liar.”

    “I’d expect nothing less. After all, the two of you were raised to love and respect each other. And both being adults are far too old for the childish bickering of your youth.”

You both wince at the subtle scolding. “Now then Master Bruce I trust you’ll remain in bed, yes? I’d hate to have to drag Ms. Lee away from her clinic. And Miss Y/N time for bed yes? You’ve been working quite a bit lately and I think a good night’s rest will do you well.”

    You nod, as you begin walking out. You stop next to Richard and mouth the word, “Tattletale” at him.

    He mouths back your age. With a scowl you make your way back to the zeta tube.

    Three hours later finds you back in your office, in uncomfortable heels, dying for aspirin. “Wow three aspirin. Big headache?”

    You swallow the pills and take a drink of water before responding, “Correct, my brother is the biggest headache I’ve got. The idiot nearly got himself killed while skiing in some far off place.”  


    You roll your eyes, “A daredevil who’s determined to give me a heart attack before I turn thirty.” You slump into your chair, “And I’m so far behind on all my work it’s ridiculous. If I asked nicely would you go ahead and end my misery Hilda?”

    Your assistant smiles at you, “And put myself out of the best job I’ve ever had? I think not.”

    You shrug, “It was worth a shot.”

    She smiles, “I managed to space out all the meetings you had to miss through the week. It leaves you jam packed and with the pair of us working some late nights, but by midweek next week we’ll be back on schedule.”

    “Only a month behind then?”

    She smirks, “Maybe even twenty days.”

    You smile, “How’s your girlfriend?”

    She sighs, “Amazing, as always. She precooked all my meals for the week.”

    You grin, “Ahh to be young and in love.”

    “You’re only twenty one ma’am.”

    You wave your hand, “And at this point forever single.”

    “Not a chance, the boys flock to you.”

    “Until they realize I’m not just a pretty face but a stone, cold corporate bitch.”

    “And damn proud of it.”

    You smile as Hilda slips out the door. You relax a bit further into your chair, before getting to work.

It’s nearly midnight, before you take a break. You’d sent Hilda home hours ago, and you’re exhausted to the bone, but you can’t bring yourself to go home. Alfred had called earlier in the day to let you know that he and Dick would be staying at the station to keep an eye on Bruce. And a giant, empty manor was not an appealing thought.

You’d had many childhood fears, but the one you hadn’t grown out of was being home alone. It was big and empty, and in your opinion you were better off in the middle of the city than at home alone.

It’s a little after one, when you get the call. The news makes you consider slamming your head against your desk. Instead, you trudge down to the research and development department; heels and all.

You listen to the head of your security detail the situation, you ignore him in favor of the wounded. You can hear the ambulances in the distance, and even if there wasn’t blood everywhere, you know the situation is dire.

And with no options left, you retreat to your office and call the one man you can think. He answers almost immediately. You smile at the friendliness, “Hello Mr. Allen, I was wondering if I could get your assistance on something.”

Angel - Barry Allen imagine

Barry Allen x female reader

Word Count: 1967

Fluff for this Valentine day Tuesday

Summary: (Y/N) has received a love letter. The problem, she doesn’t know who sent it. The other problem, she is already in love with someone else


Within seconds you stole my attention
Skin so perfect, a golden complexion
More than beautiful girl, you’re a work of art
Oh, my, I cannot believe my eyes
Oh, my, pinch me, am I dreamin’, am I?
Oh, my, did you fall from the skies?

I can’t see your wings, but girl, you’re an angel
Oh, my, my angel
You’re so out of this world, you’re hiding your halo
Oh, oh, my angel
Oh, my, my angel
Won’t you be mine? My angel
I can’t see your wings, but girl, you’re an angel
Oh, my angel

Your heart melted once more when you read those words for what seemed the millionth time today.
“You are reading that thing again?” Caitlin asked
“Yeah” you sighed dreamfully “I can’t help it. Every time I use the phone I have, no, need to read it”
“It’s a shame you don’t know who sent it” she commented while sipping her coffee.
“I’m kind of bumped about it too. I mean, they could have written an initial or,  I don’t know, something at least!” You said exasperated.
Since the letter arrived on Valentines day, attached to a bouquet of flowers with no remitent, you had been thinking of who the person might be. However, no one seemed to fit in the description. And to be honest, you were a little bit scared to reveal the identity, since your heart already belonged to another person.

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So Barry and Iris have done every trope at least twice (confessions of love, first kisses, proposals), let’s keep that up with their wedding. 

I want the Legends, Team Arrow, and Team Supergirl to come to CC for the wedding. I want all the females being Iris’s bridesmaids. I wanted freaking Linda to be the maid of honor. I want Oliver talking to Barry about how he was wrong saying guys like them don’t get the girl. I want some end of the world thing to happen as Iris is walking down the aisle and they all run outside to see what it is. I want Barry to pull Iris close because god fucking damn it he can and will protect her. I want the villians to be fucking good and I want there to a shit ton of fighting. I want Barry to almost die and Iris go off on someone (preferably Oliver because why the fuck not) about how he is the love of her life, she almost died with Savitar, but she would not lose him on their wedding day. 

I want everyone fighting tooth and nail. I want them to save the day. Then I want there to be a scene where Barry and Iris are holding hands, exchanging vows, (mostly coming from Iris because Barry tells her his every other episode at this point). I want there to be an after party scene where Cisco makes a speech about Barry being a stubborn ass and Iris not being much better, and god help all of them should they ever have kids. 

Then I want it to end with Barry and Iris waving people goodbye. She looks at him with the biggest grin and says,” So what happens now, Flash?”

And he says,” Whatever comes next, Mrs. West-Allen.”

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