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Hard question. Mrs. Slocombe, Dorthy Sbornack, Hyacinth Bucket: which to brunch, bestie, blow-off?

Ooooh good one. Um. Mrs. Slocombe for brunch, Dorthy Sbornack for bestie and Hyacinth Bucket for blow-off, she’d have a problem with everything and I couldn’t stand listening to her harp on about Sheridan without just screaming that he’s gay in her face

Sometimes my book habit reminds me a bit of that Are You Being Served? episode where Mrs. Slocombe is suddenly and inexplicably obsessed with Mr. Humphries and copes with his lack of response by turning to the bottle and, inevitably, hiding her gin stash in suspicious places throughout the ladies’ department. (Incidentally, it’s one of the funniest episodes in the series with a hysterically unexpected ending to boot, so do check it out.) My habit is books, of course, not booze, but I’m still surprised (and a little mortified) by the secret stashes that result.

This pile is secreted in the tiny cupboard/closet behind my bedroom door and I’m not 100% sure it’s not indicative of a different sort of problem. :/ A good chunk of these were for my prenatal massage and doula classes but the rest have I’ve slowly amassed over the past few months, in theory because they’re relevant to birth work, but quite possibly also because I’m having a very difficult time accepting the fact that I can never have children. :( I found the twins books around the time that I was finishing Embracing the Season and justified the purchase (I think they were 59 cents each) as fic research, but to be honest, there were twins on both sides of my family (my mother’s mother and father’s brother both had twin siblings who died shortly after birth and my father had twin aunts). The next ones were supposed to be mine. :(