androgynousbirdfun  asked:

Tell me your top 5 on-screen kisses.

This one was surprisingly hard.

1. I would feel disloyal not to say Wesley and Princess Buttercup. The book even says it was the purest, most passionate, etc., and they’re both so very pretty.

2. Doyle and Cordelia, Angel, “Hero.” Again, once you know about it it’s hard to not put it at the top of lists.

3. Jess and Rory, Gilmore Girls, I think the season 2 finale?? Anyway it’s abrupt but sweet and neither one wants to be the first away only it’s just so surprising.

4. Mr. Nobly and Miss Erstwhile, Austenland. They just have this sweet quiet making out thing going on and it’s adorable. I am utter trash for this movie.

5. Xander and Cordelia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that one episode with the three assassins. The shock of the kiss is one thing, the musical flourish just puts it over the top.