mrs weird

Humans are weird #2

The first time I visited Earth, it was unsanctioned. I’d heard the legends of a man with a ‘pure soul’. A gentle man who had the power to soothe troubled minds and twisted hearts with naught but his words and his smile.

I hoped he was true. I needed him to be true.

I landed my craft in a wooded area, outside the border of his hometown. I wore a hood to hide my appearance and went out searching. Why the hood you ask? Back in those days, human violence against other species was, not exactly commonplace, but common enough to be worried.

I figured that if such a man were true, people would be drawn to him and his calming nature. All I had to do was keep walking until I found them. However, I found no such crowds, and so instead, had to follow every human I came across, waiting for a sign they were him. No luck.

While I was following one human, I was suddenly accosted by another. A large fellow had noticed me and asked, in a rather loud manner, why I was stalking people. He grabbed me, and before I could react, he lowered my hood. After a moment’s shock, Disgust and Anger shined in his eyes, but luckily, the initial shock at my appearance, meant his grip had loosened. I ran away, knocking him over in the process. As I ran, I pulled my hood back up. I didn’t stop running until I was sure I had lost any and all pursuers.

As I rested to catch my breath, I noticed that I had found myself in a small neighbourhood. I believe many would’ve described it as ‘quaint’. I was ready to return to my craft and lost hope that this man even existed. As I started to move, I almost knocked into someone, an older gentlemen with an air of content about him. While attempting to avoid him, I tripped and my hood fell. With horror I realised that if the man wanted to hurt me, I was in no position to stop him.

He simply turned to me, held out his hand and said, “Hello there. I’ve not seen you around the neighbourhood before. I’m Fred Rogers. Let me help you up.”

I’m not properly back from my hiatus. I’m just checking in to post something for no one other but @nightofthefury-3d. :)

Happy belated Birthday, Mr Fury! c: You’re such an amazing person, and there is no way I deserve all the things you offered me <3 ( (sorry my gift is so sketchy <3)


here’s some old stuff i drew (they made me practice) right before i worked on mr. peabody and sherman show’s season 4 ; v ; (i was a layout artist).
i’ll hopefully bounce back soon to draw more stuff (maybe some more ovw and mass effect who knows)
…i just remembered my supervisor telling me i drew so much LOL i felt so much pressure that time

Sailor Moon casual cosplay week, and here I am only owning mostly black clothes… Options were limited. But I always liked this outfit of Hotaru’s, and my grey-purple scarf serendipitously shrank in the dryer, so it was perfect! I think this look transfers really well to real life; maybe I’ll rock it again when it warms up outside :D

Made the rose pin out of academic papers again.

Accidentally Pro

The Setup

I was in college, recently married, and looking for a part-time job. Luckily, a friend of mine (let’s call her Kay) had just been hired as a secretary at “Weird & Associates”, and suggested I apply for a job there as well. Mr. Weird was looking for a tech - someone to test the various junk he bought at auction to later sell. I was hired right off the bat. Now, the entire company consisted of Mr. Weird, a sales guy, the new secretary Kay, and myself. Mr. Weird was excited about expanding his business, as he was (hypothetically) making bank selling computer junk.

For a while, everything was awesome; the work was interesting, Mr. Weird was easy enough to get along with, and I could work basically whenever I wanted as long as I wrote down my hours (useful, since I was also attending classes). After the first week, Mr. Weird paid Kay and I, by pulling out a wad of cash and peeling off a hundred dollar bill for each of us. Part time for a week worked out to basically that, so it was only slightly suspicious. That was, of course, the last money I saw. From him, anyway.

Things started going downhill after that. We moved to a bigger warehouse, but the sales guy quit. When she realized she wasn’t going to be paid “above board”, Kay quit too, under the guise of needing more time to study. I’m stubborn, though, and not only needed the money, but didn’t have a lot of other options for work. I learned that my boss had no idea what he was doing, and would over-promise what work he could actually do - or, rather, what work I could do, as I was the only person with any skills at all. He picked up a job for DeepPockets, a local business, and sold them some servers. Unluckily, DeepPockets decided to hold off paying Mr. Weird until the software he set up actually worked. Mr. Weird decided that if he wasn’t being paid enough, then I didn’t get paid at all, and gave me a speech about how his family was eating nothing but rice and beans, which sounded delicious, but was at odds with the fast food cup in his drink-holder. Finally, he decided to do some renovations on his warehouse, and had me digging ditches in the boiling heat. That was the final straw - I don’t do construction when my job title is computer tech.

The Revenge

Taking Mr. Weird to court for the money he owed me would be a waste of time. My “time card” was nothing but an index card with hours worked written on it in pencil, and apart from that and a handshake, nothing tied me to “Weird and Associates”. It was only $600 or so. Besides, there was a better way.

Over the course of a week, I cleared out all my personal items, and put in for a week of vacation. Just before I headed out of town for the weekend, I got a call from Mr. Weird, who begged me to look in on DeepPockets, since I was “basically their sysadmin”. Biting back my comments, I agreed. I was headed there anyway, though he didn’t know that. I asked the owner of DeepPockets if he wouldn’t mind cutting me a check for services rendered, as my boss hadn’t actually paid me in a month or so. It was a win/win deal; DeepPockets got to pay me directly at college student rates for the work, and I got paid more than I would have, which was enough to cover my unpaid hours. Now, that’s as far as I had planned it; if it ended there, it would be /r/regularrevenge at best. Mr. Weird was upset, but I was done working for him, I got paid, and DeepPockets cut their losses and ditched him.

While I had no more contact with Mr. Weird, his family was close with Kay’s family, and Kay was good friends with my wife, which meant I got to hear the beautiful epilogue, the cherry on top that pushed this into /r/ProRevenge.

Mr. Weird, without a tech or a sales guy, couldn’t make a single red cent, and thus his business folded (sadly, I missed the auction where he sold off all the computer junk). Without income, he lost his house and had to move in with his in-laws. Lucky for him, his father-in-law worked in construction, and got him a “real job”… digging ditches in the summer heat.