mrs weird

Ok I know this is kinda embarrassing but uuh iv’e been thinking ab a Spongebo-b + eddsworl au/crossover all week

Edd is Spongebob- (and Ringo is Gary!!!)

Matt is Patrick

Tom is Squidward- (Susan is a clarinet in this au lmao)

Tord is Sandy (still not 100% ab this one)

Bing is Plankton and Larry is Karen

and I was thinking Paul is Mr. Krabs and Patryck is The flying Dutchman maybe?

….plz help me place everybody else…

Sailor Moon casual cosplay week, and here I am only owning mostly black clothes… Options were limited. But I always liked this outfit of Hotaru’s, and my grey-purple scarf serendipitously shrank in the dryer, so it was perfect! I think this look transfers really well to real life; maybe I’ll rock it again when it warms up outside :D

Made the rose pin out of academic papers again.

Nonbinary people with specific limits on what is misgendering and what isn’t are excellent!

You’re excellent if she/her is fine, but being called ma’am makes you bristle!

You’re excellent if he/him is good, but ‘gentleman’ and ‘Mr.’ make you feel weird!

You’re excellent if they/them is your pronoun of choice, and you’re just fine being called ma’am, but miss isn’t something you’d touch with a ten foot pole!

You’re excellent if it’s the other way around! You’re excellent if your misgendering is specific!




Basically what he was saying is “hi I am Mr.Alfred”, it sounds weird and funny.