mrs wealsey

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in book five when thendrals are pulling the charrages no one else could see them, and in book two harry hears voices from the castle walls no one else can,and in book six he hears screaming that no one else does. all the things are real but people didn’t believe him and thought he was hearing or seeing things

but image how cool it would be if there actually weren’t any voices and there actually wasn’t anything pulling the carriages

imagine if this wasn’t some super power and his friends weren’t wrong to not believe him

imagine psychotic harry trying to determine what was actually sent by voldemort in his visions and what wasn’t

image harry trying to figure out what is magic and what is just a hallucination

imagine this helping him bc he is able to determine what’s real and not so he knows when mr. weasley is attacked and does save him and he knows what’s not real and doesn’t try to go after the globe so serious is still alive because no one had to come save them

imagine this hurting him because he thinks dementors are figments of his imagination but even when he discovers they’re real he still doubts them all the time esp. bc draco dressed up like one and he doesn’t want to hurt a real person imagine him coming just a little too late to save dudley

imagine psychotic harry with both magic and hallucinations

imagine representation for mentally ill people for ppl with more than just depression or anxiety

imagine representation for mentally ill people that isn’t demeaning or showing them as scary which isn’t there just to make things harder for the antagonist and psychotic people who aren’t the villains

imagine a psychotic person who is the hero of all the wizarding world

just psychotic harry potter

sirius and lupin headcanons 

  • so order of phoenix right like you can bet your butt that sirius and lupin are alone a lot together
  • and i like to think that even though they love each other, it took them a long time to get familiar again with one another, like they are always best friends but becoming lovers again (especially for sirius after azkaban) gets getting used to
  • because even though it feels right it just takes time for sirius but lupin is patient
  • so anyway 
  • their relationship is a secret; only dumbledore and mr and mrs wealsey know about it
  • so when everyone is asleep and lupin “goes home” sirius sneaks him back in and they go to his room, and for a couple of nights during the summer they just kiss a lot and maybe touch each other and lupin tells sirius how much he missed him 
  • they talk about james and lily a lot. sirius allows himself to cry at these moments, because harry isnt there and lupin knows, he knows how he feels and the two of them hold each other and sirius closes his eyes and sees james, and he knows james would be happy for them
  • the night they make love for the first time in so long, its magic and soft, because this is right and sirius is finally okay and lupin has him back 
  • christmas is such a thing because lupin gives him a book and it is such a lupin thing to do and sirius goes into his closet and takes out his leather jacket “do you remember this one?” he asks and remus throws his head back and laughs and lupin so rarely laughs so hard these days “its the one you wore summer of our sixth year” and sirius winks “you liked this one the best” and he gives it to remus and says “i want you to have it” its odd and sentimental because theres no reason to give it to remus, but remus remembers the number of make out sessions and late night walks and ice cream dates theyve had with this jacket being worn
  • lupin comes home after a full moon, ragged and torn and tired, and god he looks awful and he just slumps into sirius’ arms, and sirius murmurs loving things in his ear and god he wishes he could just make lupin feel better
  • one soft night lupin says “it could be like this you know, you and me, forever” sirius nods and kisses him “i think we spent enough time apart”
  • a few days later, sirius dies at the hands of his cousin
  • lupin holds harry close and thats all he can do, because he has to think about harry, because its harry who is hurting. and harry didnt know about the two of them. harry just lost someone who was a brother, a best friend, a father and a godfather
  • lupin watches sirius body fall through the veil and the world is spinning and god he wants to die he wants to fall apart he wants to burn the world down he wants to fall into the abyss
  • he goes home that night and cries for hours, he holds the jacket close to his body and wishes to take himself out too because now hes lost it all. lily, james and sirius. 
  • he wears the jacket all day long, he sleeps in it, he goes in sirius’ room before the order clears out and takes his packet of cigarettes and pockets it. he finds pictures of the two of them, or with james and takes them with him as well
  • the book he gave to sirius is open on the floor, sirius was writing in the margins. one line is highlighted, some cheesy line about love, and over it sirius has written remus’ name
  • lupin cant breathe
  • one day he goes to see dumbledore, and he can only sit in the chair with his head and his hands “i cant understand what it means to live” and dumbledore says the only thing he can say “sirius would want you to live”
  • “i cannot live without him”
  • “you should know by now that he lives within you remus. he loves you, he is with you”
  • “im empty”
  • he goes to visit harry too, at some point during the holidays they sit together outside the weasley’s home and lupin has feelings for tonks but hasnt acted on them yet and no one knows about that either, not that it compares to this grief and guilt and undying love after so many years of friendship
  • harry is soft and sad “i miss him all the time” because only lupin understands really
  • lupin grabs harrys hand “i miss him too harry” and they can say nothing else because thats all there is