mrs wealsey

this was oringinally tags i left on another post but

in book five when thendrals are pulling the charrages no one else could see them, and in book two harry hears voices from the castle walls no one else can,and in book six he hears screaming that no one else does. all the things are real but people didn’t believe him and thought he was hearing or seeing things

but image how cool it would be if there actually weren’t any voices and there actually wasn’t anything pulling the carriages

imagine if this wasn’t some super power and his friends weren’t wrong to not believe him

imagine psychotic harry trying to determine what was actually sent by voldemort in his visions and what wasn’t

image harry trying to figure out what is magic and what is just a hallucination

imagine this helping him bc he is able to determine what’s real and not so he knows when mr. weasley is attacked and does save him and he knows what’s not real and doesn’t try to go after the globe so serious is still alive because no one had to come save them

imagine this hurting him because he thinks dementors are figments of his imagination but even when he discovers they’re real he still doubts them all the time esp. bc draco dressed up like one and he doesn’t want to hurt a real person imagine him coming just a little too late to save dudley

imagine psychotic harry with both magic and hallucinations

imagine representation for mentally ill people for ppl with more than just depression or anxiety

imagine representation for mentally ill people that isn’t demeaning or showing them as scary which isn’t there just to make things harder for the antagonist and psychotic people who aren’t the villains

imagine a psychotic person who is the hero of all the wizarding world

just psychotic harry potter