mrs wakeman

So yeah this was the best concert I have ever been to so far. I’m biased bc Yes is my all time favourite band, but even my brother, who doesn’t like the kind of music, said he was impressed and really enjoyed the show. These guys are like 70 and they’ve blown the audience away, they have so much energy and play so incredibly well! The opening act was Riverside and theu sucked ass is all I can say: good musicians but no chemistry, no guts whatsoever. I sat there freezing my ass off waiting for Yes (ARW but they now use the name Yes feat. ARW and I think it’s 100% justified). The moment they arrived on stage you could literally feel they are a Band, not “just” a collection of musicians, but a real band, an entity if you will (yes, even Lee Pomeroy and Louis Molino III). They know what they’re doing and they love it and love each other. Especially when Jon arrived and Cinema has flown into Perpetual Change… Such a tiny old man yet so much energy and love of life! Incredible! I love him so much. His voice is strong as ever as well. And he is so, so tiny! He had a small platform behind the mic stand. I loved when he was dancing around his two huge-ass bandmates, haha! God I want to hug Jon so badly. Trevor Rabin was totally slaying on the guitar. No video or recording I’ve ever heard does him justice, what I’ve heard live was so unbelievably Good and Powerful!! I had my jaw dropped almost all the time. Rick bumped into assorted bandmates at least twice because Big Heckin’ Cape, but his fingers are still fast as ten fucks and he is still the Moog wizard we all know and love. I wish Rick and Trev would say something but what they created through sound was so very beautiful! I don’t know too much about either Lee or Louis but they both had their own solo moments (Lee during Fish) and they are also incredibly skilled and passionate musicians. What else I liked is that the venue was a perfect place for a Yes show because it’s an amphitheatre sorrounded by nature and you could see the night sky so nice so during the middle part of Awaken (which was an absolutely epic version) I was looking at the stars and thought, BOY, this sure is SOMETHING! Isn’t it amazing, music done well by passionate musicians can open up so many channels in your mind and heart! Holy shit! Heart of the Sunrise was so intense, too - actually I have to say, the entire show was incredibly engaging from start to finish and the encore, Roundabout, where I lost my shit and had to stand up and dance but I was so full of feels and adrenaline I almost tripped over and had to sit back down for a second 😂 I’m only a bit sad I had to take public transport ‘cause I had no time to look for Jon or any of the boys after the show to at least tell them they gave me and probably many others the best two hours of my life even though they’ve probably heard that a million times before (and I would probably pass out or some shit if I met any of them considering how I was literally shaking just from seeing the tiny man and his giant friends smile from 30 metres away) (but I’ve just sent an email to Jon bc I’m trash)
Also I met this old-ish couple on the train station who were also coming back from the show and we talked about Yes, KC and other progs and stuff.
Some good Jon moments include: “You’re all wonderful! Wow, you’re all so beautiful!” repeated four times in a row,
Jon pronouncing “moog” the wrong way, which was adorable: “Mr Rick Wakeman on the Moog. Moog… Moooooooooog! Yay!”, him bouncing A LOT on his tiny leggy and running around the stage pointing at his bandmates and dancing around his big friends, Trevor giving Jon a big bear hug, Rick accidentally bumping into assorted bandmates twice because his cape is long and gets stuck to things, Lee jumping a lot and bumping into Trevor and Louis discretely providing some backing vocals here and there. This is so long but I still probably forgot some things but I love Yes so much!!! (Trevor singing Lift Me Up = the good shit) Also Jon saying “It’s alright… Life is Good”