mrs tommo

jenna brandonsaaders asked me for the opening to the au we’ve chatficced where brandon saad is a kindergarten teacher and duncs and seabs raise a kid together. i’m painfully aware this has an audience of maybe three (kristen, i’m counting on you boosting my numbers) but i’m definitely gonna continue it


Brandon loves all his children equally. He has to, that’s how his job works. He can’t have favourites.

If he did, though, it would be Tommo Keith.

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4. How He Proposes (With Pictures)

Harry - Harry had taken you out on a date to a local Chinese restaurant. It was very formal, you were in your best dress and Harry was all dressed up in a tux. When you had both finished eating, the waiter brought fortune cookies. “Make sure to read your fortune.” he winked to you. “Um okay.” You said, and cracked open your cookie. A ring fell out and you gasped. “Read your fortune.” You heard Harry say. “Will you marry me?” You read aloud. “Oh yes Harry, I will!” You said through happy tears and reached over the table, hugging him.

Niall - “I got you that cupcake I promised.” Niall called from downstairs. “Coming!” You ran down the stairs and hugged Niall. You had wanted a cupcake from your favorite local bakery and he had insisted upon going alone. “Here it is princess.” He chuckled and handed you a box. You opened the box and saw your favorite type of cupcake, the ones with oreos stuck in the icing, and pink icing which read Will You Marry Me? “Will you marry me?” Niall asked as he grabbed the ring and dropped on one knee. “How could I say no? Yes!” You shrieked and he placed the ring on your finger. “I can’t wait to be Mrs.Horan.” You smiled, admiring your ring.

Liam - You had just arrived at the beach, where Liam told you he had something special to show you. “Y/N over this way!” He shouted as he noticed you. You quickly ran over to him. “Stop!” He held up his hand. “I don’t want you to step on it.” “Step on what?” You wondered but followed his gaze. Only a few inches from your feet was a sand drawn heart and in the middle Liam had written “Marry Me?” “Liam..” You mumbled speechless. “Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!” Liam spun you around in the air and set  you down with a kiss. “I’m the luckiest guy on the planet.”

Louis - “Babe I got my new tattoos.” Louis announced as he walked through the door. “Oh yeah? Let me see!” For some reason Louis wanted the tattoos to be a surprise and you had been wondering all day what they were. Louis grinned mischievously and held out his arms to you. On each of his wrists it said Marry Me? You stood in shock for a moment and Louis lost his smile. “I take that as a no?” You shook your head. “No, I was just speechless. Of course you goofball I’ll marry you!” You told him and kissed him. “I love you so much, Mrs. Tommo.” Louis chuckled.

Zayn -  You were re-reading the last book in you and Zayn’s favorite book series, Harry Potter. As you turned the page you noticed a ring laying across it tied to a green ribbon. Zayn came up behind you and placed the ring on your finger. “Y/N will you marry me?” He asked softly. “Yes, a million times yes!” You shrieked and kissed him.

A/N: So I LOVE this pref and I think all of these are such cute and sweet ways to propose!