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How Arrow Season 5 Should End if The Writers Had Any Sense

- Oliver outed as Green Arrow and being accepted & honored by the city, them agreeing to keep his secret, while continuing to be Mayor.

- Felicity ,with the help of Curtis, working together to create Smoak Tech, using the bio-stimulate used to help Felicity walk again as their first marketable product. Felicity would be CEO & Curtis could be VP

- Diggle being made head of security for Smoak Tech, finally allowing him to take some leadership role outside of the team & serving as an official liaison between Argus & team Arrow.

- Dinah finally suiting up as Black Canary and accepting the role (maybe a scene with her visiting Laurel’s grave and promising to do right by the name and legacy of the Black Canary/Canary). Possibly introducing a potential love interest or friend for her that is a fellow cop (male or female b/c it would be awesome for her to be canonically bisexual) or showing her deciding to want to bond more w/ Felicity and Thea.

- Rene working to get his daughter back with the help of Curtis, showing his commitment to a stable lifestyle through his work at the mayor’s office. Also getting guidance from Diggle on being a father while also working on the team.

-Curtis having new found hope after having helped defeat Prometheus & through his work helping found Smoak Tech, making a real commitment to fix & fight for his relationship w/ his husband.

- Lance, with the help of Dinah, making it his mission to do everything in his power to stop Black Siren from ruining the positive legacy Laurel left behind as Black Canary, while also having hope that he can somehow save her from her dark tendencies .

- Thea, having returned from her soul searching, realizes she hasn’t been living her life for herself in quite a while. She goes back to working for the mayor’s office but firmly let’s Oliver know that she will not take on all his responsibilities but rather help him learn how to properly juggle his night life and his work as mayor.

- An Olicity reconciliation, both of them having addressed how they could have better handled the break up, with Oliver formally having apologized for lying to her. Felicity vowing to help Oliver find a way to have a proper relationship with his son & Oliver promising to see a professional about his PTSD, hoping to learn how to fully trust the people closest to him. Felicity agreeing to also seek help with her own abandonment and trust issues, so that they can have a stronger, healthier, & happier relationship.

My Compass

Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when it comes time for Felicity to move to Las Vegas, neither of them know how to handle it. 

This is part one of a three part mini-verse. Enjoy! 

Starling City 1998

Felicity’s heart feels like it’s going to burst out of her chest and her stomach clenches as she works to hold back hysterical sobs. Her hand trembles as she knocks on the door of Oliver’s ridiculous house.

The bitter part of her wants to rip the huge, overly expensive door knocker off of the door, tear up the insane amount of poinsettias on the walkway, and tear down all of the Christmas lights from the building.

Why is it some families are blessed with so much while others have so little?

Why is it Oliver can grow up in a literal castle while she has to move 1,200 miles away just so that her mother can get food on the table.

It’s the first night of Hanukkah. She’s supposed to be praying around the menorah and eating latkes. She’s supposed to be arguing with her mother about the fact that she feels she’s outgrown the dreidel. She’s not supposed to be on her best friend’s doorstep trying not to have a breakdown.

It’s not fair. She doesn’t want to move.

She can’t.

She won’t.

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Love at First Note - 2

part 1

•He started coming back… coming from the world he so loved
•Coming back from the world that loved him back
•Coming back from the world of music
•Coming back to the real world…
•Coming back to the world that despised him
•Coming back to the world he so resented… he came back
•He had started playing his violin again to get rid of his nightmares and memories because even after 2 years the war was still fresh in his mind
•His mother had suggested this to him while she helped him come down from the third nightmare that night
•It certainly did not wipe away the memories and mistakes but it helped
•Draco, coming down from his musical high, opened his eyes slowly, inhaled the smell of the attic
•As he got adjusted to the light in the room he came across sparkling emerald eyes looking right at him
•He could never mistake those eyes to be anyone else’s other than Potter’s (fresh pickled toad and all)
•Once he adjusted to the light the realized the eyes were extra bright because they were about to overflow
•Harry Potter- Savior of the Wizarding World had heard him, Draco Malfoy- Ex Death Eater, play his violin and was now close to tears ??!!
•He couldn’t help but feel a bit smug albiet mixed with a sense of awkwardness and shyness
•Shyness and awkwardness because his audience had always only consisted his parents and Mrs. Twune
•"Potter are you quite alright ? Kneazle got your tongue ??“ Draco couldn’t help but ask
•"You wish Malfoy” Potter said wiping away his tears and putting on his defiant face that Draco knew so well
•Afterall that face had frequented his nightmares of the fiendfyre
•Suddenly, “That was marvelous Draco !! You have not lost your magic at all ! Even after these 4 years your music had the power to bring me close to tears”
•Draco, and by the looks of it Potter too, had forgotten about Mrs. Twune
•"Thank you Thea. This couldn’t have happened without you. Afterall you were the one who taught me" Draco said smiling.
•All this while, it seemed Potter was trying to compose himself.
•Draco couldn’t help but be reminded of Potter’s tear filled eyes
•Draco had never thought that anyone would ever look at him like THAT
•Like what he did could be good
•Like his own two hands could do anything that would not end up being a mistake
•That there was some part of him that could be beautiful
•That he would be able to provide some form of happiness to someone
•Potter had looked at him like that
•While he had been lost in his thoughts he had started packing his violin into it’s case on autopilot
•As soon as he was done Mrs. Twune said, “Come Draco, Mr. Potter, let me show you out. It’s getting quite late”
•Just as Mrs. Twune closed the doors after having exchanged goodbyes with both of them Potter turned towards him
•Draco was nervous about what Potter would ask him because Potter obviouly had questions
•He really hoped it was nothing related to the war because the purpose of playing today would be ruined and he did not want nightmares, thank you very much.
•"Want to grab a cup of tea or coffee with me sometime ??“ Potter asked unexpectedly.
•And Draco was shocked into saying yes





Thank you so much !😙😍❤

  • Olicity Fandom: *clueless about comicbooks*
  • Olicity Fandom: Laurel Lance is nothing like Black Canary, she is a fake canary!
  • also Olicity fandom: YES! Curtis is great as Mr. Terrific (even though he's nothing like his comicbook counterpart)
  • also Olicity Fandom: YES! Oliver is the true Green Arrow (you mean Fake Batman?)
  • also Olicity Fandom: Thea as Speedy is kickass (she just stole her name and has no coloration)
Hey Brother

A/N: well it’s May 2nd which is Sammy’s birthday!!!… And I felt this terrible urge to do something about it and voila! This fic was born. It was a rushed up thing and it’s raw and unbeta-ed, so all crap is my fault. I was inspired by the coke advertisement – idk… I find it way too cute. 

and Happie Birthday lil Sammy!!!
Warnings: none… its fluff, but there’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ mention of abuse and bullying, does that count?
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester (mentioned)
Word Count: 1k odd

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When you need a man of action
I’m ready to make my move
Like a shotgun shot, Johnny on the spot
There’s nothing I can’t do

Everything you’re looking for
You can find in me
I’ll be anything you want
Anyone you need (x)

When it comes to Laurel, it matters. But with anyone else, it doesn't.

People judge Laurel for not being canary like (but she’s literally the closest to her counter part than anyone else in the show). I seriously don’t get this non sense!

People don’t comment on Oliver, Roy, Curtis, Felicity, Thea (Mia), etc comparison to their comic counterparts (which are completely different), but when it comes to Laurel… it apparently “matters”. Like what the fuck.

Laurel looks far more similar to her counterpart than anyone else in the show, yet people discriminate her for not looking exactly like her comic counterpart. But when it comes to Oliver Queen, NO ONE SAYS A DAMN THING. Oliver acts and looks nothing like his comic counterpart. But when it comes to Laurel, it legit matters like what the fuck???

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#ArrowSeason4Trailer is more than perfect. .. #MrTerrific and #WhiteCanary are 2 of the things I was excited about ….. now #Olicity I mean what can I say? He is SMILING yes folks Oliver Queen is SMILING from ear to ear bcuz he’s going home and Felicity is waiting for him! He probably went for a 30 minutes jog around the neighborhood. But he’s still excited cuz he’s going back to his Felicity. … And my Queen, she looks amazing and flawless and bad ass. She’s perfect. I literally can’t wait till October I’ll go and watch the trailer for the 7th time. P.s. these gifs aren’t mine.I found them online and on Twitter and tumblr so if it’s yours and you want me to give you credit just ask xoxo

Media Darling (3591 words) by wagamiller

“We are gonna brush up on those answers before the first press conference. Obviously.”

Felicity makes good on her promise, with a little help from Thea.

Post-ep for 4x04

The bottle of wine they’ve been sharing is almost empty when the girls decide, via some sort of silent conversation with just their eyes, that it’s time to turn on him.

“Mr Queen.” Thea raises a closed fist to her lips, as if it’s a microphone. “What do you say to those who think you’re not qualified to run for mayor?”

“Mr Queen, Mr Queen!” Felicity joins in, calling his name as if she’s clamouring for his attention in a crowded room, one thing that she’d never, ever, actually need to do. “You’re not a politician. Why are you running for Mayor?”

“What–” Oliver pauses with his beer bottle halfway to his lips, looking warily between Felicity and Thea, taking in the identical mischievous grins on their faces. “Sorry, what’s going on?”

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It's Okay to Be Afraid (but things will never be the same)

(The post that started it all. And the two drabbles that happen after this.)

Felicity groaned into her pillow, rolling over in the tangled nest of her blankets and slapping at her nightstand, fingers groping for her cell phone. If she could just find it and shut up that incessant buzzing, maybe she wouldn’t have to open her eyes.

Her hand caught the offensive device and pulled it onto her chest, just as the vibrations stopped. She sighed, smiling sleepily; she’d only fallen into bed a couple of hours ago. Surely, whatever it was could wait.

Probably just Tommy being annoying.

Surely Oliver and Diggle weren’t having an Arrow emergency. They’d just wrapped up their latest case and split to go home to their own beds. Whatever it was could hold til they’d all had some sleep.

Felicity lay in the darkness, breathing evening out as she reassured herself back into slumber–but then her phone lit up again, buzzing jarringly in the cage of her fingers and against her sternum.

Swearing viciously, she pushed herself into a grumpy slump against the pillows and headboard, glaring through her lashes at Diggle’s name and smirking photo. Sighing irritably, she hit the answer button, put the phone to her ear, and grouched, “You better be bleeding out or something, John Diggle, I was having a really good dream about the backs of my eyelids.”

“Oliver was in an accident,” was the brisk, rough-voiced reply, each word bitten off sharply, like he didn’t have time to linger over the syllables.

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Fic Prompt: "You'll come bail me out, right?"

Submitted by veryplatoniccircunstances.

“You’ll come bail me out, right?”

Up until that point, Thea hadn’t been listening to the conversation between her brother and his assistant until Felicity had uttered that phrase in a low voice she obviously wasn’t meant to hear. Thea’s head shot up from where she sat on the couch in the outer office of Oliver’s executive suite at QC.

She’d spent a decent amount of time here now that her brother was the “heir to the throne” as Roy liked to put it. But seeing the way he’d interacted with Felicity always drew her attention. Thea knew she was his Executive Assistant, but sometimes it felt like they were more. Today was one of those days.

“Felicity, don’t worry. If you need any help, just call me,” Oliver replied as they stepped out of his office together. “Oh, hey, Speedy! What are you doing here?” he said once he spotted his sister waiting.

“We were supposed to have lunch this afternoon, but if you need to be somewhere else, I can reschedule,” Thea snidely replied as her arms folded across her chest. Glancing over at Felicity, she could see the terrified look on her face.

“No, no, I was just going to walk Felicity downstairs. Let me get my coat,” Oliver said with that easy smile she could tell he was putting on as a front.

Whatever the hell was going on between the two of them, Thea was determined to find out. But for the moment, she stayed mute as her brother helped his assistant into her coat first before putting on his and led the two women out of the office.

“So, what were you thinking about doing for lunch?” Oliver asked as if trying to steer clear of any conversation about Felicity while they rode down to the lobby, but the tension in the elevator was palpable.

“You pick,” Thea simply answered.



Beside him, Felicity remained mute. It was odd to see her so quiet. From the moment they’d first met in Walter’s hospital room the previous spring, Thea knew her to be a talker. This was completely out of character, though. What had Felicity Smoak so spooked? As she pondered the question, the elevator chimed it’s arrival to the bottom floor and the doors opened.

Felicity was quick to scurry out first, Oliver followed closely behind as his hand came to rest against the small of her back. They walked out of the building together until they reached a waiting car, the driver none other than Oliver’s bodyguard, Mr. Diggle. Thea stood intrigued by what happened next. Oliver helped Felicity into the car, giving her hand a supportive squeeze before closing the door and rapping on the roof to let Mr. Diggle know he could pull away.

Stepping up beside her brother, Thea elbowed him in the side and asked, “What was that all about?”

It was as if he’d forgotten she was even there. Oliver’s head whipped around to stare down at her, the expression on his face unreadable. “Felicity’s mother and sister are in town shopping for wedding dresses,” he replied, but something about his answer felt off to her.

“Right,” Thea nodded skeptically, but she didn’t push. She’d find out sooner or later because there was no way their heated looks at each other didn’t mean something more.