mrs sumpter

I haven’t seen the back to back episode yet but I can see that you’re all begging for a season two.

Here’s what I propose:
Share your love. Everywhere. Share the love for the show on any & all social media platform. Tweet to ITV, email ITV, Tweet the writers, the crew, the cast, anyone. Tell them how much you love this show.

I don’t know how many of you know/watched Ripper Street, but I remember it ended the same way, on a cliffhanger & was promptly cancelled. Upon its cancellation, it caused a great uproar of upset amongst its viewers, that after endlessly campaigning, it were brought back by Amazon, and soon back on BBC One.

So I implore you all, keep pestering. Do anything you can. Fanart, fan videos, write letters, write tweets, post Instagram photos, write status’s.

Jekyll and Hyde is so deserving of a second series. So so so deserving.