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See? You’re so drawn to it, you don’t even realise the danger. Fire blinds us. Just like darkness. But darkness blinds with absence. With loss. Fire blinds with beauty. It wants all the beauty for itself. That’s why you must be careful… careful of getting burned.

[ All Nathan Prescott scenes + analysis // Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 2: Brave New World ]


I proudly present…

Recreation of Max’s Journal - Episode 3!

Being in the flow again, I already recreated all of Max’s entries out of Episode 3 - Chaos Theory! I found some new methods regarding paintings and I think, these are the best entries I created yet! Still, there are two episodes left… more updates will follow soon!

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anonymous asked:

hi, I love your videos and wondered what you think about the theory that sean sexually abused nathan? in the main game theres been a few hints, including the deleted scenes (max literally calls nathan "seans bitch"), and also the fact sean spends sooo much money on nathan even tho hes obviously disappointed in him. hush money is smth strongly associated with sexual abuse, and rarely with other forms. Ive never seen a video about this theory and maybe u think its bull, but would love ur opinion

First of all, thank you :D and second of all, I agree with that theory. 

When it comes to the dialogue (Max calling Nathan “Sean’s bitch” in deleted audio, Nathan calling his own dad “big daddy” in deleted audio, and Max calling Nathan’s father his “sugar daddy” in ep3), I do think, to some extent, some of this could be due to a language barrier / poor writing that a lot of the rest of the dialogue suffers from. 

Even without this dialogue though, you’re right, I still think the evidence is there (and the dialogue adds to it). I remember back in the day there was a lot (well, ‘a lot’ for the ‘Nathan sub-fandom’ on Tumblr at least) of circling of how Nathan covered his crotch when he was in the presence of Jefferson (notably in the Principal’s office). Jefferson and Nathan’s entire dynamic is suspect in itself; when Jefferson “mentored” other characters (like Rachel and Kate…), I get the impression that the relationships there were less than innocent sexually (especially for Rachel). I actually did a mini theory video on Jefferson and Nathan’s “father-son” relationship, and how evidence of it being sexual (i.e. of Nathan being raped…) is perhaps brought up in the nightmare scene.

I know that Jefferson’s character (and a lot of LiS) is inspired by Top of the Lake (it’s referenced in Jefferson’s numberplate) which, if you didn’t know is… (((SPOILER)))… revolved around a paedophile ring. The links between that and the darkroom in LiS are rather clear, though LiS, in the end, seemed a bit touch-and-go with the whole rape part.

But given that, originally, it seems Jefferson and Sean Prescott were running this kidnapping ring together, and Nathan really was their “bitch” doing some of the dirty work, it’s plausible that Nathan’s father reared him to accept Jefferson and Nathan’s “father-son relationship” as a normal “father-son relationship”. Given the nature of the ‘family business’ Nathan was raised to participate in, father-son sexual exploitation is not out of the picture. 

I’m certainly no expert on the after effects of this, but I know body image issues can certainly be a part of them and people have brought up before how Nathan wears about 3 layers of shirt wherever he goes covering his entire body (though of course this is not indicative of abuse in its own right) and he was buying extra-strength diet pills on his computer (though, talking storywise, I do think the devs may have intended those to be the laxatives Nathan cut his drugs with). 

Another common symptom, apparently, is ‘odd’ sexual behaviour at a young age – obviously Nathan in LiS is 18 years old so sexual expression is absolutely normal, but he certainly does hammer it into himself to the point it covers most of the walls in his room (that is, BDSM and fetish porn, and also pictures of people with tumors (?) though I don’t think that set is sexual). 

But maybe the most telling symptom of all, that is constantly brought up through LiS (well, at least to me, because I rather obsessively look out for these things…), is Nathan’s severe aversion to touch. Now that can really develop through no abuse or other kinds of abuse itself – and Nathan definitely was abused by his father and possibly other family members, it may just not have been sexual. But, for good measure, we can see him pull out the gun when Chloe pushes him and touches him arm for the second time in the bathroom, he headbutts Warren when he touches Nathan on the arm, he loosely grabs Max by the neck when she touches both of his arms from behind, he (as said) covers his crotch in the presence of Jefferson, and, even in Before the Storm, we see him violently shove Samantha off of him and react viscerally to Drew patting his face.

Not to be crude, but – Jefferson says their relationship “was kind of… touching for awhile.” I’m sure it was :/

(You’ve inspired me to make another theory video so I shall have that on the way soon! There is more I’ve missed and I know it, so I’ll come back to you soon!)


[Life is Strange] & [Life is Strange: Before the Storm] - How Nathan was framed for Rachel’s murder & how he tried to save the darkroom victims

Why did Nathan warn the Principal that Rachel was trafficking Frank’s drugs into Blackwell? 

Why did Nathan warn the Principal about “Rachel in the darkroom”?

Why was Nathan’s entry for Jefferson’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ contest a photo of a man, much like himself, digging up a grave?

What might be revealed in Before the Storm?

Watch to find out…