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Fanfic- Code Red: The Search for Mr. Snuggles-Part 1/1

Title: Code Red: The Search for Mr. Snuggles

Author: Steph aka CaptainSwanLuver
Pairing: Killian/Emma
Characters: Killian, Emma
Category: Humor/Romance
Spoilers: Nope

Summary: Emma and Killian have faced many challenging situations, but nothing compares to the search for their 4 year old daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. (Written for the CS Hiatus Challenge on Tumblr)

Note:  This was written for the picture prompt of a little girl in bed holding a white bear for the @cshiatuschallenge on Tumblr.   Hope you enjoy it! ~Steph

…Code Red: The Search for Mr. Snuggles- Part 1/1…

“Emma!” Killian called his wife from the kitchen. “We’ve got a Code Red on our hands! This is not a drill!”

Emma appeared in the doorway a moment later. “Oh no. Not again.”

He nodded. “Aye, I’m afraid so.”

“How long has he been missing?”


“Where is she now?”

“In her room crying inconsolably.  Bedtime was a quite a challenge,” he said with a shake of his head. “I greatly regret trading bathtime with you tonight.”

Emma sighed heavily. Mr. Snuggles was their 4 year old daughter Ella’s favorite stuffed animal. It was a white bear that she received from her grandparents when she was just a baby. She didn’t go anywhere without it. And she couldn’t sleep unless he was safely within her arms.

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