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swimmingfeelsinajohnlockianpool  asked:

Why is Mrs Hudson so angry with Mycroft during TLD?

Hey Lovely!

I would imagine it was because of Mycroft’s appalling treatment of his little brother and the man he loves. Family is important to Hudders, and Myc is a little less-than-nice to the both of them when John is “dealing with Mary’s death”. Would be my guess… honestly? I completely forgot Mycroft was in TLD until Mark was announced as submitting himself for an Emmy nomination the other day… his performance was just that memorable to me in it. 

Urg, I don’t want to leave you with an unsatisfying answer, so if any of my followers have any thoughts, those are welcome :)

kid-apocalypse  asked:

If each Batfam member recieved 1 superpower (which they couldn't refuse), who would get what?

this is hard, since their whole… Thing is not getting superpowers. And are these randomly assigned? Or are they “they can choose one superpower”? Because I think most of them would choose stealth or mind reading at this point, tbh, but if we gotta give ‘em things that’d fit their personality/randomly…..

Random Superpower Generator says for Bruce:

“Your powers are near-invulnerability to physical damage, learning the complete history of an object by touching it, teleportation, and camoflaging your body.”

…now that’s just fucking OP right there. He’d hate it and love it at the same time. It makes solving shit so much easier, but………. oh my god it’d take the fun out of it for him

he’d also be fucking miserable touching anything in his house.

Generator says for Dick:

“Your power is super navigation skills.”

…I think he’d take that pretty well.

It’d def help when he was younger and kept getting kidnapped and shit. “Dick! Where are you!?” “ehh….. take a turn at the Kmart on 5th and there’s a little rundown place. I’m in the basement on the fourth room from the staircase.” Boyo’s life just got so much easier.

Generator says for Jason

“Your power is altering your appearance.”

Now i’m just laughing. Can you imagine how much of an asshole Jason would be with this power? Mad at Bruce? Changes into his younger form. Mad at someone else? Change into their face and speak in their voice and mock them for it. Mad at himself? Turn into the Joker and…..

Oops. Got too dark there.

Generator says for Tim:

“Your powers are controlling earth and shooting energy beams.”


“what makes you qualified to be Robin?” “eh. [SHOOTS ENERGY BEAMS]”

“Hey guys this is your new leader Tim” “hi tim” “hi guys [earth rumbles] shit sorry that was my stomach”

Generator says for Steph:

“Your powers are super speed and super intelligence.“

pls let Steph be adopted by Mr. Allen now

pls imagine Steph decking Tim at 50 miles per hour

Generator for Cass:

“Your powers are controlling water, eating anything, and seeing through solid objects.“

I feel like Cass would like this one. She makes water dance to soothe herself on rough days, or just entertain herself. It’s like drawing or video gaming for other people. Sometimes she uses them as dance partners. It’s funny to see through people’s (her siblings’) clothes and tell them what color underwear they’re wearing.


She would love munching on shit ok.

Everything is edible?

Eat all of it.

She’d love it.

Generator for Damian:

“Your power is manipulating light.“


damn, the generator is good today.

This boy’s been an assassin living in shadows his whole life. This power would a) hide him from others and make him a more fierce rumor, and b) make him do the metaphor thing where he’s all evil and shit

but it’d also give him his own power to change that.

Like Damian, it is a problem which is also a solution for itself.

But like, also. It’s a lot easier to draw and paint when you have proper lighting, so he prob uses it more for that, when he’s not brooding like his father.

He just doesn’t think about it as much when he’s doing that.

anonymous asked:

I'm confused. what is the meaning of Sherlock saying "oh, for gods sake give her some lines, she's perfectly capable of starving us" when Mary is first acting as a client?

OH, okay, I was so confused about what you were talking about until I went back and watched again.

So, remember this?:

HUDDERS: And I noticed you published another of your stories, Dr. Watson.

WATSON: Yes, ehm, did you enjoy it?

HUDDERS: (after an awkward pause) No.


HUDDERS: I never enjoy them.

WATSON: Why not?

HUDDERS: Well, I never say anything, do I? According to you, I just show people up the stairs and serve you breakfast!

WATSON: Well within the narrative, that is, broadly speaking, your function.


 And shortly after that, this exchange happens once it’s revealed there’s a woman in the flat:

HOLMES: (yelling to Mrs Hudson) Didn’t you ask her what she wanted?!

HUDDERS: (from downstairs) You ask her!

HOLMES: Why didn’t YOU ask her?!?

HUDDERS: How could I? What, with me not talking and everything!

(Sherlock walks back into the flat)

HOLMES: (to WATSON, exasperated) For God’s sake, give her some lines; she’s perfectly capable of starving us.

It’s a jab at Watson using her as a plot device in his stories, not at all talking about Mary. Quite funny, actually, because she’s being spiteful and fulfilling her role in Sherlock’s narrative in his head.

Fanfic- Code Red: The Search for Mr. Snuggles-Part 1/1

Title: Code Red: The Search for Mr. Snuggles

Author: Steph aka CaptainSwanLuver
Pairing: Killian/Emma
Characters: Killian, Emma
Category: Humor/Romance
Spoilers: Nope

Summary: Emma and Killian have faced many challenging situations, but nothing compares to the search for their 4 year old daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. (Written for the CS Hiatus Challenge on Tumblr)

Note:  This was written for the picture prompt of a little girl in bed holding a white bear for the @cshiatuschallenge on Tumblr.   Hope you enjoy it! ~Steph

…Code Red: The Search for Mr. Snuggles- Part 1/1…

“Emma!” Killian called his wife from the kitchen. “We’ve got a Code Red on our hands! This is not a drill!”

Emma appeared in the doorway a moment later. “Oh no. Not again.”

He nodded. “Aye, I’m afraid so.”

“How long has he been missing?”


“Where is she now?”

“In her room crying inconsolably.  Bedtime was a quite a challenge,” he said with a shake of his head. “I greatly regret trading bathtime with you tonight.”

Emma sighed heavily. Mr. Snuggles was their 4 year old daughter Ella’s favorite stuffed animal. It was a white bear that she received from her grandparents when she was just a baby. She didn’t go anywhere without it. And she couldn’t sleep unless he was safely within her arms.

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A thought about the scene of Sherlock looking distressed and shooting a gun in 221b—I’m wondering if he’s hallucinating and seeing Moriarty disguised as Mrs. Hudson/Mrs. Hudson turning into Moriarty, based on this picture Arwel Tweeted a while back and the following speculation that the photo is of Andrew Scott in Mrs. Hudson’s costume:

(submitted by @milkwagon)

Hmmm. Well, I don’t think we ever confirmed who this was… just that most of us thought it was not Una. But what an interesting connection…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.